Interview with Ohio Indy girl Nevaeh recently had the privilege of setting down with Ohio pro wrestling favorite Nevaeh. Nevaeh has been wrestling for over 2 1/2 years and continues to build a reputation as one of the top female wrestlers in the Buckeye State.

William B. West: When and what first drew you to professional wrestling?

Nevaeh: Back in high school…it was something so new and different.

William B. West: Who trained you and where did you train?

Nevaeh: I trained at the HWA in Cincy, Ohio and there were a handful of people who have helped me out.

William B. West: Was the training more or less difficult than you imagined?

Nevaeh: A lot more difficult.

William B. West: Who are some of you major influences in the business?

Nevaeh: Eddie G (RIP) Mr Perfect and Jake Crist.

William B. West: Besides the rigors of being a pro wrestler, you also are a mom. How difficult is it to balance being a mother and the travel required to be a pro wrestler?

Nevaeh: It is extremely hard. My family is so helpful and I couldn’t ask for anything more, but I just miss my little girl so much sometimes.

William B. West: Who are some of your favorite opponents?

Nevaeh: Anyone I can beat. lol I don’t have any in particular.

William B. West: If you could have a dream match who would you wrestle?

Nevaeh: I honestly don’t follow female wrestling much and wouldn’t want to get in there and wrestle a guy. I don’t konw tho I used to watch Ivory a lot and Victoria is also amazing.

William B. West: Which do you enjoy most being the good girl, or bad girl and why?

Nevaeh: Bad…it fits my personality more.

William B. West: Any advice for young women wanting to get into wrestling?

Nevaeh: Hit hard… No joking…have the heart and dedication.

William B. West: It seems when people talk about the top female wrestlers in Ohio your name comes up more and more, the HWA recently released a Ladies First DVD with you prominently featured on the cover. Are you satisfied with where you’re at in the business? What are you future goals in the wrestling? TNA? WWE?

Nevaeh: I think everyones ultimate goal is WWE. Whether people admit it or not…that’s when you’ve made it so to speak. I’m flattered that you called me a top female tho…thank you.

William B. West: Thank you again for stopping by to talk with us, do you have anything you would like to add or plug?

Nevaeh: “Clouds are enormous but they all have a top it’s up to someone with a dream to come and reach them” Thanks for your time.

Nevaeh will be defending her OCW Women’s Championship Saturday March 8th at OCW’s “Ladies Night 2″, for more info go to, your source for Ohio Indy Wrestling news!

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