Joe Higuchi, Japan’s Great Communicator

Funk’s Corner – Joe Higuchi, Japan’s Great Communicator

When in the fall of 1972 my Father, Dory Funk Sr. agreed to supply American wrestling talent for Giant Baba’s new company All Japan Pro Wrestling. The middleman or the “Go Between” person in the negotiation was Joe Higuchi.

Joe Higuchi spoke English well and had excellent communication skills. Joe was one of the best referees in the business. Today we teach many of his techniques in our referee training program. (A good referee is the communicator between what goes on in the ring and the wrestling fans.) (A good referee should have a flair for the dramatic.)

Joe was well liked by foreign wrestlers coming to Japan and was often called upon to communicate for American wrestlers for everything from ordering food in Japan’s restaurants to communicating their concerns to the wrestling office.

Joe was most liked because he looked after the wrestlers when they were far from home in a strange country with a different culture.

Joe Higuchi can be seen on our website as referee in a match from Japan between Jumbo Tsuruta and myself at

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