John Cena discusses a heel turn


Courtesy of writer Aaron Grant:

We’re live on the WWE Network with Chris Jericho and WWE United States Champion John Cena, who has a shiner from his match with Stardust. Jericho brings up the “five moves of doom” jab and say Cena broke out some new moves in his match on RAW. They joke that they’re not sure if they can call his springboard backwards stunner a “Stunner.” Jericho asks about Cena being US Champion and not being in the main event. Cena says he never got wrapped up in being in the main event so it doesn’t bother him. He talks about being able to help guys like Dean Ambrose and Cody Rhodes with the United States Title by letting them get some time and putting their “business card” out there.

Jericho jokes and asks what would Cena have done if he issued the open challenge and Funaki came out. Cena talks about riding in his early WWE days with guys like Funaki, Tajiri and The Bashams. Jericho asks about his relationship with Vince McMahon in 2015. Cena says their vision is the same, sometimes they’re different creatively. Cena says he loves the company. People say they love the pro wrestling business but he loves the company. Cena says he’s bee lucky enough to surround himself with people like Vince his whole life and he’s taken a liking to how Vince does things. Cena says his legitimate goal is taking WWE to places they haven’t been like China and India. He wants to leave WWE 100 times better than it was when he walked in.

Cena admits he does still get yelled at sometimes but everyone does. Cena says that just shows the passion that Vince still has. Cena praises Vince for still being on top of things 31 WrestleManias later. Cena re-tells the story about the first time he met Vince and Vince wanted his hair cut. Jericho brings up Cena being able to do backwards promos and they both try to do it. Cena says that showed back then that he wasn’t afraid to take a chance fo success. Cena says WWE has so many talents but he thinks some are afraid to take a chance. Cena says he “loved, loved” Vince’s brass ring comment from a few months back. Cena says he was a fan of the Attitude Era just as much as the rest of us and WWE has new rules now but you still have to take a chance. Cena talks about looking up to William Regal years ago and becoming a fan of the European style that guys like Regal and Finlay worked. Cena had a dark match one time and said it stunk the place up. He came backstage and asked Regal for feedback and Regal told him to get a real pair of boots so he would at least look like a wrestler.

They talk Cena being in OVW with Brock Lesnar, Batista and Randy Orton. Cena says walking into a training session at that OVW class was like walking into a crazy Matrix scene. Cena praises all three of them and brings up Shelton Benjamin, Sylvester Terkay, Ron Waterman, Rico and others. They talk more about Cena’s early days and then his dad, who was at WrestleMania 31. Jericho asks if Cena ever took any performance enhancing drugs and he says no. Cena says he was fortunate to be around good people in his bodybuilding career. Cena says all his competitions were drug tested. Cena says people always think athletes who are ripped like he was are on steroids but that’s indicates that’s just how it’s going to be. Cena say he got that big in high school and has been big ever since. They talk about being on the road together and Jericho says Cena is the only guy that could drink him under the table. Cena says they had a lot of good times. Jericho says the Mt. Rushmore of WWE in the modern era has been Steve Austin, The Rock, Hulk Hogan and Cena. Cena doesn’t know who would be the faces now. Cena says when fans scream they want something new but get something that’s company-packaged new then it’s no good. He uses Roman Reigns as an example. Cena says Reigns is an absolute star and puts him over. Cena says it’s going to be weird from here on out when talking about fans wanting something new but rejecting it. Jericho says it seems like everything has changed. Cena says don’t let the mood change fool you, there will be a face of the company coming up, then someone after that and so on. Cena says the next front man will be the guy with enough balls to take the right chances.

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