Join the GLOW Girls for the AfterGLOW Fan Party at Sea


Join the famous GLOW Girls for the AfterGLOW fan party at sea. This hugely popular TV show of the 1980’s still has a strong and loyal following and if you spend any time with these girls you will know why. They are beautiful, smart, fun, and funny. They will ensure your trip is the most memorable vacation you have ever taken.

And while you’re at it join the theme of the 80’s with music, and costumes from the decade of the 80’s. Big hair and bigger personalities. Join our 1980’s PROM, 80’s Music dance clubs, and on this cruise the Valentine’s Day dance. This is the cruise for everyone, and at such great rates, and offers you can’t go wrong. Ask your CRUISE PLANNERS agents about what special offers Norwegian is tempting us with now. It can be anything from FREE drink and Alcohol Packages (not a small number but unlimited), FREE Specialty Dining, FREE Wi-Fi, FREE Pre-PAID Gratuities, or Friends and Family go FREE. And it’s your choice, or choose them all. It’s up to you!

Check this link for all the details.

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