Kane stars in ‘See No Evil 2’


By Scott Fishman, Miami Herald writer:

It was eight years ago when Kane went from striking fear into the hearts of WWE fans and opponents to drawing scares on the big screen in the movie “See No Evil.”

Now his character Jacob Goodnight returns for another round in “See No Evil 2.”

After its predecessor’s theatrical release grossed $15 million at the box office, the movie’s DVD sales more than tripled that number in a matter of weeks. With multiple airings on television, “See No Evil” has the makings of a cult classic. Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs, was happy with the project’s success.

“You never know what to expect,” he said. “Of course, that was WWE Films first movie so we certainly didn’t know what to expect. The thing about WWE that is so awesome is the global reach. That is one of the things, where it did so well in so many geographical territories. I would attribute that again to WWE being a global brand. I don’t necessarily think I was hugely surprised it did well, but it certainly was a lot better than being surprised the other way.”

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