Lucha Show

It has been heralded as one of the best PPVs of 1998 and as Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara’s magnum opus – the 1998 WWF Survivor Series featuring the Deadly Game Tournament! This IS the topic of the latest episode of the Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Wrestling Show and on this first half, we spend a great amount of time detailing and recapping all of the major storylines of the era, including an in depth look at Austin vs. McMahon, the rise of the Rock, the manipulation of the Mick Foley, the Brothers of Destruction’s involvement, and MUCH MORE. PLUS, The REAL MAN’S MAN Regal debuts, Shane McMahon the LOWLY REFEREE, Jeff Jarrett finds his niche, and of course – the MVP of this show – the late great Raymond Traylor. The WWE was on FIRE at the height of the Monday Night War! Relive it with the Lucha Bros! P.S. We talked about Foley/Snow on part II cause we skipped over it on accident, so stay tuned for that next week! MORE NEXT WEEK! Cause its a DEADLY GAME!!!!! DEADLY GAME!

Listen to the podcast here!