Kenny McKnight talks about recent WWE chaos

After taking a break to deal with some personal problems, I’m finally back. I must admit that I’ve not been following very closely over the past few weeks, but I’ve gone back and looked into everything that I missed out on and I’ve got a few things to comment on. For the sake of keeping this article from getting too far out of control, I am going to only comment on WWE land for now, saving my ppv pics for TNA’s Bound For Glory for my next piece.
So, we’ve had a chaotic few ppvs, and after a walkout, Triple H has been replaced by my John Laurinatis. We also got to see the WWE Championship hop to John Cena for two weeks before Del Rio was able to steal it back with the help of a good lock and a pipe. Things are really chaotic, but not necessarily the kind of chaos that is good for business.

It is becoming obvious that WWE is starting to really get into a new movement to try and put some new faces into the big storylines, which is a very good thing. The inclusion of Miz and Truth as of late has made for some entertaining television. The walkout and the sheer number of people involved in pushing for it was a fresh change. But there are some holes in the story that must be addressed.
John Cena is getting yet another WWE Championship match at Vengeance, while CM Punk is teaming up with Triple H to take on Awesome Truth. I just have to ask why John Cena is getting this spot AGAIN. The fans that dislike Cena largely feel the way they do because he is always in the main event picture as either the champion or the challenger. Cena does not need the title to be relevant. Del Rio needs to be made to look like a strong champion. If he were to get a clean victory over Cena, or at least dominate him the way he did Edge in their feud, it would do wonders for his career.
Triple H and CM Punk have gone from hating each other to teaming up. I would be completely against this idea, but the two have made it clear that they do not like each other, and are only working together to take out a common enemy. I’ve read complaints about CM Punk not being treated as a main event guy, but I have to disagree. He is being teamed up with one of the top stars in WWE history. They are selling CM Punk as being every bit as good as Triple H is.
Speaking of CM Punk for a moment, Anybody that thinks his push is ending should try to understand that CM Punk is one of the top merchandise sellers that the WWE has right now. Vince McMahon cares more about making money than ANYTHING else, and therefore, as long as Punk is able to keep himself relevant and selling merchandise, he will have nothing to fear regarding a push. Punk has been a focal point of Raw ever since the infamous worked shoot he cut leading to the Money in the Bank ppv.
This past Monday’s episode of Raw had an exciting opening segment, but it seemed to quickly go downhill from there. Triple H getting the support of Cena, Punk, and Sheamus was a solid way to get fans behind those men, and the impromptu match was really exciting. I was hoping that they would let them go for a good twenty minutes before something happened, but Vince McMahon made his return to tv to end the match and ruin the evening. Before I go on, I must point out that the expression on CM Punk’s face and his response to being asked to be timekeeper and commentator was priceless.
So Triple H is relieved of his duties as C.O.O. and Mr. Laurinatis is brought in as the interim Raw GM. When did the laptop resign of get fired? I don’t remember the laptop being future endeavored. We were then treated to the announcement that CM Punk was not going to be in the title match, and that the men who were fired by Triple H and that had everyone worried, were brought back to the company like everything was just fine. I still wonder how both Sin Cara 1 and 2 were able to suddenly be rallied together in the midst of their feud to engage in the walkout.
There are far more questions right now than answers. One still must wonder where Kevin Nash is. Laurinatis has the ability to rehire him now and let CM Punk face him in the near future, so expect that to keep Punk out of the title picture for the next few months. I don’t see this as their way to keep him away from the belt forever though. I have a suspicion that CM Punk is being built up for a possible WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania.
As it stands, I’m interested to see what happens with this big conspiracy theory, but some things already are starting to seem a bit too obvious, so lets hope for a good swerve to keep things fresh and fun.

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