Kurt Angle Not Returning to WWE

Ever since Kurt Angle left WWE, he’s been asked the question if he’ll ever return to WWE, and he made his decision very clear during a recent interview.

 During a recent interview, Kurt Angle revealed that his contract is set to expire some time in August/September, but he made sure to mention that he will not be leaving TNA to head to WWE. Instead, he boldly stated that he plans to retire with the company.

Although it’s always great to look at Kurt Angle’s loyalty to TNA, you have to understand that retiring in TNA isn’t the best option. The company isn’t a small-scale operation by a long shot, but at this time, it’s of no match in comparison to WWE.

Angle has revealed that he looks to pursue a career in Hollywood after he’s done with pro wrestling. The problem is that TNA doesn’t have nearly the exposure required for a wrestler to fully break into Hollywood. Even for an internationally known and fully developed company like WWE, it took numerous years for The Rock to gain some type of recognition in the movie industry.

If Kurt Angle is serious about becoming an actor once he hangs the boots, then he should’ve considered a final stint with WWE. There’s no better way to go out in this business. Aside from getting much more publicity, he might’ve been given a role in one of WWE’s films in the coming future.

We should keep in mind that he could be trying to pull a swerve though since Angle might not want to make it obvious that he will be returning to WWE once his contract expires. There’s no way to really know; we can only speculate.

Anyhow, Kurt Angle should definitely end his career with WWE because of the invaluable exposure they offer. It’s his decision in the end.


Author: Pavitar Sidhu

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