Luke Hawx on ‘The Wrestling Guys’ 30 minute radio podcast


This week on the Wrestling Guys 30 minute Radio show.  Luke Hawx joins Phil and John to discuss: Extreme Rising and the iPPV event available now at, Wild Kat Sports Entertainment and taking his first Wild Kat graduating class to participate on Monday Night Raw.

He also shares a story of how he went about getting his own pro wrestling training and what students can expect when joining the WildKat training center. Luke, also gives his views on the new Extreme Rising Champion Stevie Richards. This interview would not be complete without Luke expressing his disdain for Extreme Rising promoter Shane Douglas. Listen to it now on this weeks edition of The Wrestling Guys 30 minute Radio show. The days and nights of listening to long boring radio shows are over.

The Wrestling Guys new 30 minute radio format is the perfect drive time listen on the way to work, or school, just plug in your blue tooth into your car stereo and your connected. Luke has a lot of passion and love for the business and you’ll hear it in his voice. Go to from your smartphone, computer, laptop, game system or any internet connected device and listen to the innovators of the interactive pro wrestling radio show!

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