Marvelous Mitch Ryder on the Hotseat

Mitch RyderOur guest this week is one the standout stars of Chikara pro wrestling, his old school wrestling style is a stark contrast to the lucha inspired characters in Chikara, but that has only served to make him more of a threat in the organization, Marvelous Mitch Ryder joins us for a candid look at wrestling through the years, his feud with Lince Dorado and the growing popularity and damn near unstoppability of Chikara wresling and so much more….


Topic Discussed Include:


Who is Mitch Rhodes?

The memorable feud with Wolfie D. in Tennessee

Using the Piledriver as the finisher

Coming up oldschool and some of this idols and mentors

How Mitch Ryder puts those Chikara luchadors down for the coutn

His feud with Lince Dorado

Lince Dorado’s injury and how he had to deal with that situation

His love of Chikara

Starting in Memphis and some great stories.

His promotion XCW Wrestling Midwest and how nowhere will you see Bill Dundee and Claudio Castagnoli on the same card

The pride he feels wrestling for Chikara

The King of Trios Tournament

How he single handedly laid out One Man Gang of Team WWF

His King of Trios Tournament partners Shane Hawke & Larry Sweeney

How King of Trios was such a huge success

His thought on Shane Hawke and his plans for Shane Hawke for 2008

The King of Trios 2008 DVD available on and

The future for Marvelous Mitch Ryder


All this and so much more! If you’ve never heard the Marvelous one speak, you don’t know what you’re missing! This entertaining athlete is reminiscent of the great talkers of yesteryear, and I PROMISE you that you will be entertained by this phenomenal wrestler!



I want to thank my guest at this time, Mitch Ryder. I encourage fans to check out Simply Marvelous Mitch Ryder in action on the King of Trios dvd, available at and also at . I also encourage fans to check out the Chikara podcast a go go also available at Mitch Ryder’s own old school meets the new generation promotion is located at



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