Mr. McMahon Will See You Now


Mr. McMahon will see you now: 7 Superstars on their first meeting with The Chairman
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It is the meeting of a lifetime — career-changing and nerve-racking all at once. And for the few that have had the privilege, they never forget the first time they met the one and only Mr. McMahon. Whether it’s a brief conversation backstage at an arena or a formal sit-down in The Chairman’s top floor suite in Stamford’s Titan Tower, the interaction is one that all prospective Superstars dream of. It is a make-or-break moment that determines whether an individual becomes a part of WWE history or remains an ordinary man.

We’ve all seen him on our television screens, but what is Mr. McMahon really like? spoke with seven of WWE’s top performers to hear their incredible true stories of meeting The Boss. You’ll never believe how Mr. McMahon shocked JBL, impressed Big Show or left Daniel Bryan completely speechless. These men entered the most important of their careers, and left with the job of a lifetime.

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