NECW ONLINE 6: Super-sized Championship Edition!

It’s an all new super-sized championship edition of New England Championship Wrestling just days before our return to live action in Everett this Saturday night kicking off a BLAZING SUMMER.

We begin with a look back at a match for the World Women’s Wrestling Championship, as Mistress Belmont with Miss Sammi Lane and Toxis in tow take on the former champion Davienne.

From there, we take you back to the 2015 IRON 8 Championship and highlights of the battle for the NECW Heavyweight Championship between Brad Hollister and Slyck Wagner Brown, including the shocking aftermath of that match up and the how this Saturday’s epic rematch came to be. We’ll also have words from each man about this Saturday night’s bout along with all the details on the card taking place at the Everett Rec Center.

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