Now available on DVD: “Jimmy Jacobs – I Beat The Odds & I Beat The Gods”

Jimmy JacobsNow Available on DVD & Digital: “Jimmy Jacobs – I Beat The Odds & I Beat The Gods”

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He is diabolical, sinister, and a psychological master. He is an eclectic enigma, unstable entity, and perhaps the only man so tough, he has earned the right to call himself whatever he wishes… including “The Zombie Princess”. Now, re-live Jimmy Jacobs spreading his brand of evil as only he can, as we document how Jacobs burst through the doors of one of pro wrestling’s most prominent independent promotions and completely turned everything upside down. From mind games to maulings to championship glory, Jimmy Jacobs’ story has everything, as he lives up to one of his many controversial credos – “I Beat The Odds & I Beat The Gods!”


PRIME Championship Match: Jimmy Jacobs vs. “The Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano

Plus: Their never-before-released anywhere rematch and a full documentation of the Jacobs/Gargano rivalry, including attacks, interviews, and a special video package!

PRIME Championship Match: Jimmy Jacobs vs. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross

Jimmy Jacobs & Marion Fontaine vs. Johnny Gargano & Matt Cross

Jimmy Jacobs vs. “Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Facade vs. Louis Lyndon vs. Gory

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Louis Lyndon (in two memorable battles!)

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Bobby Beverly

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Aaron Draven

Plus more!

Approx. running time: 3 hours

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