NWA Anarchy TV Taping Results 12/15

Reported by Larry Goodman:

Saturday night’s NWA Anarchy television taping in Cornelia, Ga was a terrific way to set up Season’s Beatings ’07 on December 29. You couldn’t have asked for more out of a go home show.

Hot crowd as always, the Bleacher Bums especially. They’ve grown in number and decibel level to where they can impose their will over the rest of the crowd. About 175 in all. 2007 will be the best year ever for attendance at the NWA Arena. Hopefully, it won’t be the last.

NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer situation involving the wrestling regulations being proposed by the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission was fixing to get ugly. Palmer said that he and Bill Behrens had separate meetings with Kelly Farr, the Executive Secretary of the GAEC, and neither were productive. A twenty day clock was counting down.

Palmer urged the fans to flood Secretary of State, [b]Karen Handel[/b] with phone calls. That number is 404-656-2881. The names and phone numbers of all the GAEC members were displayed on the big screen. Farr’s number was put up there as well, but Palmer said calling him was a waste of time.

Dead silence. The gravity of the situation was sinking in bigtime. NWA Anarchy wasn’t booking the finish of this storyline.

Palmer said he was proud of what NWA Anarchy had accomplished. He admitted that he walked in on day one with the idea of selling the business, but he lost that idea on day two. Palmer promised to take legal action if necessary. “They’re going to have to drag me outta here when they close the doors.”

The NWA Anarchy announce team of Greg Hunter and John Johnson entered the ring to inform the crowd that hour number two would mark episode 104, two full years of Anarchy television.

Hunter went on to say that Jeff Lewis was driving in from OVW and might not be able to make the show.

On the WrestleVision screen, we saw Brandon Phoenix and Don Matthews joined by the big cheese, Brodie Chase. He groused about those “90 pound weaklings,” London & Kendrick. Chase said Adam Roberts wasn’t there but it didn’t matter. Anger Alliance was a lock to win the Mega Rumble for the TV title shot at Season’s Beatings. Chase selected Matthews to replace Roberts against Shadow Jackson.

Hunter announced that Melissa Coates had demanded a spot in the Rumble.

(1) The 14 person Mega Rumble to determine Truitt Field’s opponent in the TV Title match at Season’s Beating ended as a draw between Todd Sexton and Wes Grissom (28:33). When it comes to putting together a Mega Rumble, Behrens is the master. He’s able to advance multiple storylines while minimizing the clusterish nature of this type of match. Sexton started out (with Salvatore Rinauro), so he got quite the cardio workout. The Bums pull for Sexton, so he’s got the split crowd heat going for him now. Chase, Andrew Alexander, Steven Walters and Kyle Matthews were added the mix at two minute intervals. The heels made good use of their numerical advantage and there were lots of near misses on eliminations. Derrik Driver got a big pop as contestant number seven. New Wave (Driver & Walters) eliminated Hollywood Brunettes (Alexander & Matthews). Phoenix was next in. He cranked up the suplex machine on New Wave. Matthews was next. It was BFL hell for New Wave. Sexton eliminated Driver with a superkick. Chase dumped Walters. The crowd was on fire for Adrian Hawkins. He ran wild before succumbing to the numbers. The crowd popped for Coates, and what followed was probably her shining moment in an Anarchy ring. She slapped the s*** out of Chase, and teed off on Matthews, who took it as a sign of affection. Coates and Matthews got dumped and continued their twisted love affair at ringside. Funny stuff. Seth Delay got the biggest babyface pop of the match. World’s Prettiest (Delay & Hawkins) eliminated Phoenix with a double lariat. It was the only time the babyface side had numbers. Rinauro and Delay did swivel hips in stereo. Number 13 was Kory Chavis (with Jeff G. Bailey). Chavis tossed Hawkins out like garbage. Chase eliminated Delay. Chase then left without going over the top and was counted out. Not sure what was up with that. Chavis teamed up with Sexton to hit the X-Bomb on Rinauro. Wesley Grissom was the last to enter. The crowd loves Anarchy’s boy toy. A round of big moves left the final four (Sexton, Grissom, Rinauro, Chavis) on the canvas. Sexton used a low blow to eliminate Rinauro. Chavis popped the crowd with a Spinesplitta on Sexton. Chavis turned his attention toward the ramp when Jeff Lewis’ music played. The distraction allowed Grissom to dump Chavis, and it was down to Grissom and Sexton. Grissom landed a Pele kick. Sexton answered with a superkick and high angle back suplex. They ended up trading forearms on the apron. Both fell to the floor. Some crucial timing here because they hit at exactly the same instant. The refs huddled and declared it a draw.

Hunter announced that the first match at Season’s Beatings would be Sexton vs. Grissom with the winner to face Fields for the TV Title.

(2) Shadow Jackson beat Don Matthews via DQ when Anger Alliance interfered at 6:14. Hot match. Jackson is so over it’s ridiculous. The Bleacher Bums started a “Shadowmania” chant. This was a battle to see which one was the legit Bull of the Woods. Jackson bonked Matthews with a series of 10 bionic elbows and waited for him to rise to give him number eleven for a near fall. Matthews answered with the BFK for a near fall. Jackson made the no sell gorilla like comeback. Jackson hit a powerslam and it was both men down. Matthews used a double knee chest stabber. Jackson hit the 1031. Chase decked referee Ken Wallace and the beatdown was on. The authorities finally coaxed AA out of the ring. Hawkins, Delay and Rinauro got into a confrontation with Anger Alliance.

Nemesis ran in from the front door wearing a mask. That punk ass MFer clubbed the helpless Jackson and was poised to bludgeon him with the trophy, but then thought better of it. The crowd chanted “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” as Palmer came to ringside. Nemesis unmasked and screamed at Palmer. “I coulda had him.” The crowd heaped all kinds of hate on Nemesis as he made his way out of the building. The crowd chanted for Jackson. A HOT, HOT way to close hour number one.

To nobody’s surprise, Hunter announced that Anger Alliance vs. Hawkins & Delay & Rinauro had been signed for Season’s Beatings.

(3) Talent & Money (J. T. Talent & Andrew Pendleton III) beat Chris King & Billy Buck in 6:55. This group works well together. Pendleton ran his mouth. Buck shut it with a lariat and a leg lariat. King and Buck teamed up for a tandem Nirvana Strangle Legsweep. Buck and King are looking crisper with their offense. The rudos went to work on the back of King. Good fire from Buck with the hot tag. He had Talent after a superkick. But while referee Jacob Ashworth was chasing King out of the ring, Pendleton hit a guillotine legdrop, rolled Talent out of the ring and covered Buck for the three count.

Chavis and Bailey came out to do further damage. Lewis wasn’t there so King and Buck were the unfortunate stand ins. Chavis gave King the Spinesplitta and hit the Dark City Street Cutter on Buck. Bailey cut loose with a great promo. He was getting the “What” chant from the Bums, which only fueled his rage and made things worse for the jibronis. Bailey called Lewis gutless. He said last time it was first blood, and Lewis bled all the way to his boots. Bailey proposed a Dark City Death Match for Season’s Beatings. Pinfalls and submissions will be meaningless. The first man unable to answer the 10 count loses. “Season’s Beatings Jeff Lewis. Please just show up.”

(4) Mikal Judas & Iceberg (Reverend Dan Wilson) & Shatter (with Bailey) decimated Regular Guys (Bobby Hill & Tyler Smith) & Jesse Emerson in 7:23. The deal here was any physical contact between Judas, Iceberg or Shatter other than a tag would result in the offender being removed from the their heavyweight title match at Season’s Beatings. You had to pity the poor jobbers being the only outlet for all that pent up aggression. Hill was on the receiving end of a horrific beating. Iceberg did his cool new pumphandle backbreaker and made a one foot cover. Shatter’s ring presence is growing by leaps and bounds. Combine that with his phenomenal strength, and the big league potential is undeniable. Shatter used a spear, the PTSD and an FU on little Bobby. Shatter did a corner splash and got in Iceberg’s face. Judas tagged in against Emerson. Great face wash spot here. Finish saw Judas “tag” his partners with a double lariat that knocked them off the apron. Judas then gave Regular Guys a double chokeslam and pinned Emerson after tossing him a good 8 feet with El Crucifijo. Judas looked invincible. Shatter and Iceberg were at each other’s throats.

(5) Jeremy Vain & Rob Adonis beat Chris Day & Jeff Jameson in 6:30. No mystery that Day and Jameson were in for a beating. Jameson got the worst of it. Vain clocked him with the VKO and pulled him up before the three count. Day managed to make the tag and hit a step up senton on Vain. Reality came crashing in. Adonis drove Day into the mat with a fireman’s carry. Vain finished him with a DDT.

Vain demanded to know the identify of Palmer’s mystery partner at Season’s Beatings. “We’re not going nowhere,” he said. Palmer came out carrying a fireman’s ax handle. Vain dared him to get in the ring without his illegal weapon. Palmer did. Lights out…………………………………………

Lights on and the entire babyface side of the locker room was in the ring. Vain and Adonis bailed to safety. Palmer said his partner might be any of them or none of them, but he wasn’t telling until Season’s Beatings.

(6) Austin Creed (with Hayden Young) beat Shaun Tempers (with Wilson & Azrael) in 13:04. This was the first Anarchy main event singles match for both guys and they passed the test with flying colors. Credit Anarchy’s system with giving them the opportunity to build their credibility as performers to where there was no question about the crowd accepting them as main event caliber talent. Tempers tried to box with Creed. That was hopeless, so he tried to wrestle, but Creed got the best of that as well. Creed hit a double jump high crossbody for a near fall. Creed tried another springboard, and Temper sent the back of his head crashing into the mat. Tempers tossed Creed out to Azrael, but Young came over to protect his partner. Tempers used a hangman neckbreaker for a near fall. Tempers busted out this awesome cobra clutch sequence ending with a cobra camel clutch. Creed rallied with pinning combinations. Creed with a push up dropkick that left both men on the canvas. Comeback time. Creed got two with a step up elbow drop. Tempers tried to dump him, but Creed landed on the apron. Creed then had Tempers pinned with the O’Connor Roll. Wilson got up on the apron to distract so Azrael could interfere. Young cut Azrael off with a spectacular missile dropkick. Creed pinned Tempers after connecting with the Montefisto. Great pop for the finish.

But that’s not all. “Violent Passion” Patrick Bentley applied a maniacal choke on Young. Azrael and Tempers hit the Hellhammer. Bentley was ready to plant Creed the Dark Driver when Slim J made the save.

J cut a great promo to close the show. He asked Bentley if he was going to keep hiding behind his crew. J said the way to stop Bentley from running was to put him in a cage. “So December 29th in a cage, it’s going to be you, me, and an ass whipping, Buhh-ster.”

Wow. The two smallest guys on the roster get the main event position on one of the biggest shows of the year.

Complete Card for Season’s Beatings:

J vs. Bentley in a steel cage
Shatter vs. Judas vs. Iceberg for the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title
Awesome Attraction vs. Devil’s Rejects for the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles
Truitt Fields vs. the winner of Sexton vs. Grissom for the Anarchy Television Title
Chavis vs. Lewis in a Dark City Death Match
Vain & Adonis vs. Palmer & a mystery partner
Delay & Hawkins & Rinauro vs. Anger Alliance

NOTES: WWE was impressed enough with Lewis’ Shawn Michaels impersonation and his ECW match to send him to OVW for further evaluation…Shatter worked for CWF in Columbia, SC Thursday night was getting “Razor” heat…The original “Anarchy Angel” Mary was in attendance…The public hearing on the GAEC’s proposed regulations will be Tuesday, December 18 at 11am in Atlanta at 2 MLK Drive, West Tower, Suite 814…Rich Tate and I will have a full report on the proceedings at Georgia Wrestling History. Rich will also be appearing on the Trash Talking Radio show that night…According to a post on the Rikki Regal website, ring announcer Eddie Rich missed the show because his mother was in a car accident.

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