OWW Radio – Houston Wrestling promoter Peter Birkholz

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Welcome to OWW Radio!  Each week hosts David and Alex will provide perspective to the WWE, TNA, and everything else making news in the world of professional wrestling.   A new episode will be posted each week.  This week David is joined by Peter Birkholz, the author of “When Wrestling Was Rasslin’: The Wild and Exciting Inside Story of the Legendary Houston Wrestling Promotion”.  Peter discusses his time working for Houston Wrestling and talks about all of the great wrestling stars that worked the Houston territory!

Contact Peter at: www.When WrestlingWasRasslin.com.

Listen to the episode here:  http://www.clickwrestle.com/podcasts/owwradio

Editor’s note: I really enjoyed “When Wrestling Was Rasslin'”.  It is a good account of the old territory days before Vince McMahon, Jr. took over the business.  Mr. Birkholz does a nice job describing how wrestling changed over the past 100 years, especially with the advent of television and modern technology.  Read this book if you get a chance, you won’t be disappointed!

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