PRIME TV #169: Matt Cross vs. Gory

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Airdate: 11/4/2012

A few weeks ago, we learned of Matt’s new-found allegiance with Commissioner Justin LaBar against the Megalomaniacs of Fontaine & company, citing his love of competition over politics as the main reason. This week, we see Matt compete as only he can against one of the fastest rising young stars on the roster, Gory of the Dead Wrestling Society. The former TV champ is the center of controversy following the assault by he and the rest of the DWS on Rhino, coupled with Kirst’s concussion-inducing powerbomb to Izeah Bonds a week ago. Can Gory continue the group’s dominance or will Matt represent what’s right about PRIME Wrestling by stealing the show as only he can?

UNSANCTIONED: Justin LaBar vs. Vic Travagliante
When Vic turned his back on friend & boss LaBar at Wrestlelution 5, he didn’t just end a business relationship, he violated a personal friendship. LaBar has made it clear that this is NOT a professional issue he intends to handle with a level head, it is a personal vendetta and he seeks revenge in the physical sense! While neither are wrestlers, Vic has answered LaBar’s challenge to a fight in the center of the ring this week. Vic has claimed he will leave all of his guys in the back, as long as LaBar does the same. It may not be pretty, but it will be intriguing. Will LaBar avenge his fallen friendship or will Vic humiliate LaBar once more in his quest to replacing him as PRIME Commissioner?

Beverly’s huge roll now that he is on his own has continued with a recent win over former PRIME Champion Jimmy Jacobs, but can he repeat that feat against the most decorated champion in PRIME history? N8 Mattson has enjoyed reigns as PRIME Tag Champion, TV Champion, and Wrestlerama Champion, and has seemingly come back in even better shape than before following a year-long hiatus from the ring. With The Sons rumored ambush on Zach Gowen and repeated domination of Gregory Iron, will Beverly be able to keep his winning ways?

This past week, Aaron Maguire announced a surprise… a signing of a new talent to the roster, but not just anyone. Showing their gross misconduct & favoritism, Maguire & Vic seem to be using their growing power and influence to now sign family members! Jeremy Madrox, introduced as a distant cousin of Marion Fontaine, with a definite family resemblance in the upper lip region, is the newest PRIME Wrestler, and makes his debut against young Edric Everhart, looking to prove himself in his own right. Yet without politics on his side, can he overcome the lopsided pro-Madrox environment already created by this crooked regime?
Plus: Comments from Nicki Valentino, Kirst, Gregory Iron, Matt Mason & more!

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