Title History

Career Highlights

  • November 22, 1968: The Assassins returned to Atlanta and began a feud with Alberto Torres & Ramon Torres..
  • November 23, 1968: The Assassins defeated Bob Armstrong & Ronnie Paul on WQXI TV
  • November 29, 1968: The Assassins defeated Dick Steinborn & Bob Armstrong
  • November 30, 1968: Bill Dromo & Pepe Gomez vs The Assassins ended in a draw in WQXI TV Atlanta…
  • December 6, 1968: The Assassins defeated Ray Gunkle and Bill Dromo by Disqualification..
  • December 7, 1968: The Assassins vs Alberto & Ramon Torres went to a No Contest
  • December 13, 1968: The Assassins defeated Louis Tillet & Stan Vachon
  • December 20, 1968 The Assassins defeated Buddy Fuller & Ray Gunkle to win the (Georgia) World Tag Team titles..
  • December 21, 1968: The Assassins defeated Alberto Torres and Mario Galento in WQXI TeleVision..
  • December 25, 1968: Alberto & Ramon Torres defeated The Assassins for the Georgia Tag Team titles
  • October 24, 1969: The Professional & Aldo Bogni faced the Assassins in Atlanta, Georgia..

Robert Louis Howell wrote: Bogni was technically still managed by the Assassins, but wanted the match to show them up for forcing him to unmask as the Super Pro and thus protect their masks. The match is listed as a win for the Pro and Bogni but they were at each other the next week and Ray Mackay wrote in the Atlanta program “The Ringsider” that the Bogni/Pro alliance was disastrous. Bogni must have turned on Gilbert at some point. The Assassins were likely DQ’ed. Did anyone see this match to confirm/deny this typo?

Robert Louis Howell wrote: While Joe Hamilton was the first to appear as an Assassin in Atlanta (1961) after their first tour Tom Renesto was identified as Assassin number one. Hamilton wore the Assassin Number two moniker even after Renestos retirement in much the same manner and with the same honor as Johnny Walkers Mr. Wrestling Number 2. Renesto once observed that there really was no one or two. They were a team and single or tag team the team won it or lost it no matter what.

December 1 1961: The Assassins teamed for the first time ever winning the Southern Tag Team Title from Don McIntyre and Ray Gunkel in Atlanta. By all accounts Renesto and Hamilton met that night for the 1st time and the rest was history.

Wrestlers managed by the Assassins: The Professional (Doug Gilbert), Paul Demarco, The Professional Number 2 (Demarco) The Spoiler(Mike Davis aka Bugsy McGraw), The Super Pro, (Aldo Bogni), Big Tex (Stan Frazier), El Diablo (Frankie Cain?)El Medico (Luis Hernandez), Mr X (Doug Scoggins), Karl Von Stroheim, Beppo Mongol.

Wrestlers the Assassins unmasked: The Super Assailants (Tomayo Soto & Frank Martinez), The Professional (Doug Gilbert), The Scorpion (?) unmasked by Renesto on Atlanta TV.

1970: After coming off suspension for pulling a switch on Dory Funk Jr (Hamilton was challenging for the title) The Assassins became the (most likely) only team in America barred from wearing the same colored ring apparel. Appeal this as they might it was never resended by the NWA.