Title History


  • NWA (Vancouver) International Tag Team titles w/Terry Adonis defeating Dean Ho & Sonny Myers (1982);
  • WIWO/Ringside wrestling Americas Tag Team titles w/Bruiser Costa (1994);


Career Highlights


  • Late 70s/Early 80s: Kevin Hughes was one of the first students trained by Walter “Killer” Kowalski..
  • Kevin Hughes often appeared on Killer Kowalski’s wrestling shows called “Bedlam from Boston”..
  • Kevin Hughes wrestled for Anton Leone in California where his roommate was a young Al Perez..
  • Kevin Hughes wrestled for Jay York in Puerto Rico..
  • “Killer” Kevin Hughes teamed with Killer Karl Krupp and feuded with Rusher Kimura that ended in a cage match..
  • Early 80s: Kevin Hughes wrestled for Al Tomko’s Vancouver-based All-Star Wrestling..
  • Kevin Hughes often formed a tag team with “Bruiser” Jeff Costa known as the “Boston Wrecking Crew”..
  • Kevin Hughes (as Killer Kevin Karlson) teamed with Bruiser Costa (as Tony DeCosta) for Dino Bravo’s Canadian Promotion..
  • Killer Kevin Karlson wrestled Eduardo Carpentier in the Main event at the Paul Suave Arena..
  • Early 1980s: Kevin Hughes did some enhancement work for the World Wide Wrestling Federation..
  • 1990s: Butcher Hughes occasionally donned the tights and wrestled for Ringside Wrestling in New Hampshire..
  • Butcher Kevin Hughes currently resides New Hampshire and helps promote cards with life long friends..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bruiser Jeff Costa, Dan Petiglio, Rip Morrison & “Wolfman” Jason Sanderson