Conquistador #1 & #2

Title History:

  • WWE World tag team titles defeating The Hardy Boyz (October 22, 2000);

Career Highlights

The Original Conquistators

  • 1980s: The Conqiustadors were a jobber tag team who were actually Jose Estrada & Jose Louis Riviera..
  • February 15, 1988–WWF in Omaha: The Conquistadors defeated The Killer Bees (B. Brian Blair & Jim Brunzell)..
  • February 19, 1988 – WWF Television Taping: The Conquistadors defeated Brady Boone & Omar Atlas..
  • July 3, 1988–WWF in Rhode Island: The Conquistadors defeated The Young Stallions (Jim Powers & Paul Roma)..
  • July 13, 1988–WWF in Wisconsin: The Conquistadors defeated Sam Houston & Terry Taylor..
  • August 7, 1988–WWF in New Hampshire: The Conquistadors defeated The Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannety)..
  • September 30, 1988–WWF in Colorado: The Conquistadors defeated The Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannety)..
  • October 5, 1988–WWF TV Tapings: The Conquistadors defeated John Latu & Bob Emory with the Slingshot Clothesline..
  • 1988 (Survivor Series): The Conquistadors were the last team to be eliminated by the Powers of Pain..
  • The Conqusitadors scored a clean win over the Rougeau Brothers at Maple Leaf Gardens in a heel vs heel bout..

Conquistators: The E&C Resurrection

  • October 2000: Commissioner Foley said Edge & Christian wouldn’t get any more title shots at the Hardy Boyz..
  • October 2000: Edge & Christian dressed up as Los Conquistators in an attempt to get a title shot at the Hardyz..
  • October 16, 2000 – RAW: Los Conquistadors defeated the Dudley Boyz..
  • October 19, 2000 – Smackdown!: Los Conquistadors won a tag team battle royal..
  • October 22, 2000 – No Mercy: Los Conquistadors defeated the Hardyz to win the Tag Team titles..
  • ~~~Backstage: Los Conquistators were Congratulated by a mysteriously ‘out of breath’ Edge & Christian..
  • ~~~the Los Conquistadors with Edge & Christian were played by Aaron Aguilera and Christopher Daniels..

Conquistators: A Hardy Extreme Prank

  • October 23, 2000 – RAW: Edge & Christian politely challenged Los Conquistators to a Tag Team title match..
  • ~~~The men under the masks were actually Aaron Aguilera & Chris Daniels, hired by E&C to do the job..
  • ~~~Los Conquistators ended up defeating a shocked Edge & Christian to ‘retain’ the titles..
  • ~~~Los Conquistators unmasked themselves to reveal the HARDY BOYZ.!!!!.
  • ~~~It was revealed that before the match, the Hardyz had beaten up the goons and stole the golden outfits..
  • ~~~Commissioner Foley came out and validated the title change, naming the Hardyz the new champions!