Dump Matsumoto

Title History


  • All Japan Singles title defeating Lioness Asuka (January 8, 1983);
  • WWWA (Japan) World Tag Team titles w/Crane Yu defeating Crush Girls (February 25, 1985);
  • WWWA (Japan) World Tag Team titles w/Bull Nakano defeating Kazue Nagahori (sub for Lioness Asuka) & Chigusa Nagayo (August 23, 1986);


Career History


  • Summer 2009: Kaoru “Dump” Matsumoto, 48, was diagnosed with a terminal illness and doctors have given her three years to live.


Michael Chappell wrote (August 5, 2009): Saw this at Slam Canoe Wrestling webpage….. Kaoru “Dump” Matsumoto, one of the best lady’s wrestlers ever in Japan, is said to be dying from a terminal illness. She has been given a few years to live. Matsumoto was one of the top stars of All Japan Women Wrestling during the 1980s and early 1990s.