Frank Holtz

Title History


Career History


  • Frank Holtz was a police officer (known as “The Fighting Cop”) and part time wrestler through much of his career..
  • August 27, 1963: Frank Durso & Joe Abby & Erich Von Stien beat Frank Holtz & Chief Red Cloud & Chuck Martoni 2/3 falls in New Castle
  • February 24, 1967: Frank Holtz defeated the Beast in Oil City, Pennsylvania
  • June 1967: Ace Freeman defeated Frank Holtz in New Castle, Pennsylvania
  • 1967: Frank Holtz vs. Hurricane Bobby Hunt ended in a No Contest in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
  • 1969: Frank Holtz & Bull Ramos wrestled Shohei Baba & Antonio Inoki in Japan
  • August 23, 1969: The Sicilians defeated Frank Holtz & Johnny Defazio in a 2/3 falls in New Castle, Pennsylvania
  • 1970: Vincento Pometti debuted on Pittsburgh TV defeating Frank Holtz in a hard match
  • 1970: Frank Holtz vs. Ron Romano ended in a draw in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania..
  • September 26, 1970: Frank Holtz defeated Frank Durso in New Castle, Pennsylvania
  • December 4, 1970: Frank Holtz vs. John L. Sullivan ended in a draw in Johnstown, Pennsylvania
  • 1971: Beppo Mongol (a young Nikolai Volkoff) defeated Frank Holtz in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • ~~~By most accounts this was a moral victory for Holtz as he carried the fight right to Big Beppo fearlessly.
  • July 17, 1971: Beppo & Geeto Mongol defeated Frank Holtz & Johnny Defazio in New Castle, Pennsylvania
  • September 29, 1973: Frank Holtz defeated the Executioner by DQ in Brentwood, Pennsylvania
  • February 2, 1974: Waldo Von Erich defeated Frank Holtz by Countout in Mckeesport, Pennsylvania
  • March 7, 1974: Baron Scicluna defeated Frank Holtz in Erie, Pennsylvania
  • January 24, 1976: Frank Holtz defeated Tony Altomare in Fremont, West Virginia
  • March 18, 1976: Johnny Defazio defeated Frank Hotlz in Erie, Pennsylvania