Gorilla Marconi

Title History


Career Highlights


  • December 6, 1949: Frank Marconi defeated Jungle Boy Howelett in Connellsville, Pennsylvania
  • March 7, 1953: Bill Miller defeated Frank Marconi in 25 minutes somewhere in Pennsylvania
  • October 5, 1966: Lou Thesz defeated Gorilla Marconi in California..
  • January 13, 1967: Lou Thesz defeated Gorilla Marconi in Atlanta, Georgia..
  • April 1 1967: Nick Kozak defeated Gorilla Marconi on Live Atlanta Wrestling WAII TV
  • 1969: Mario Galento defeated Gorilla Marconi on Atlanta Wrestling TV in less than one minute with a reverse neckbreaker..
  • July 29, 1969: The Soto Brothers defeated Tony Nero & Gorilla Marconi in Macon, Georgia..
  • August 1, 1969: Atlanta: Grizzly Smith defeated Gorilla Marconi……
  • August 5, 1969: Macon: Bill Dromo defeated Gorilla Marconi……….
  • August 8, 1969: Little John (Quinn) defeated Gorilla Marconi……….
  • August 9, 1969–Atlanta TV: The Professional & Joe Scarpa defeated Gorilla Marconi & El Toro..
  • August 19, 1969: A very young Robert Fuller defeated Gorilla Marconi…
  • August 27, 1969: Gorilla Marconi refereed a card in which Paul Demarco won a loser leaves match form Bill Dromo.
  • August 30, 1969–Atlanta TV: Mario Galento defeated Gorilla Marconi in 1 minute flat with a Reverse Neckbreaker.
  • March 1, 1997: Frank “Gorilla” Marconi passed away at the age of 79..

    Robert Louis Howell wrote: It should be noted that Marconi’s Georgia tour in 1969 was not a very auspicious one in terms of victories but he put over a lot talent and enhanced many cards state wide as a carpenter of sorts. He drummed up the action and Mario Galento and Robert Fuller at very different points in there careers owed him something.