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Career Highlights


  • Wrestling Monthly January 1972 Article (“Preliminary Stars of the AWA, The Backbone of the Sport”): “And in this corner, weighting 228 pounds, from Cleveland, Ohio, Kenny Jay” has become a familiar sentence to grappling fans who watch tv wrestling in the midwest. The popular Ohio Junior Heavyweight has wrestled exclusively in the Midwest since turning professional. Although Kenny has lost more matches than he has won, lately the tide has been turning. A short time ago he defeated Chicago adversary John the Greek before the thousands of fans who watched the tv matches originating from Minneapolis WTCN studios. The biggest victory in Kenny Jay’s career came in a Minneapolis main event a few years ago. Verne Gagne and The Crusher chose Kenny Jay as a special partner and the popular threesome defeated the team of Larry Hennig, Harley Race and Chris Markoff. The victory was especially sweet for Jay as Hennig, Race and Markoff all hold numerous victories over Kenny. At the present, Kenny Jay is involved in a couple of torrid feuds. A series of boths with KO Kenny Yates has found neither man able to prove his superiority. Kenny also recently has engaged in a number of matches with Gorgeous Bobby Heenan, who is the manager of internationally known Black Jack Lanza.