Krusher Knopf

Title History


  • FLORIDA: IWA Heavyweight titles (2);
  • FLORIDA: IWA Tag Team titles;
  • FLORIDA: IWA Florida Heavyweight title;
  • FLORIDA: IWA Television title;
  • FLORIDA: IWF Heavyweight title (2);
  • FLORIDA: IWF Brass Knuckles title;
  • FLORIDA: RCW Tag Team titles (2);
  • FLORIDA: RCW Florida Tag Team titles;
  • FLORIDA: SWA United States Junior Heayweight title (scale was rigged);
  • GEORGIA: ASCW Georgia Heavyweight title;
  • GEORGIA: ECCW Tag Team titles;
  • GEORGIA: ECCW Super Heavyweight Tag Team titles;
  • GEORGIA: SCCW Tag Team titles;


Career Highlights


  • July 30, 1987 – Great American Bash Tour: Substituted for Scott Hall in a match against Jerry Grey..
  • ~~~The Great American Bash at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, FL. Performed in front of a sold out crowd..