Mark Young

Title History


Career Highlights


  • Mark Young (Real Name: Joesph Mark Scarpa Jr.) is the son of Chief Jay Strongbow (aka Joe Scarpa)..
  • Mark Young was as “Private Mark Pyle” after he joined The Honor Guard led by The D.I. (Bob Carter)..
  • ~~~This too place in the Eddie Gilbert-booked Continental Wrestling Federation in Alabama in 1988..
  • Mark Young worked WCW and South Atlantic (NAWA) as Vince Young and the WWF as Mark Young..
  • Early 1989: Vince Young debuted in WCW just after Ted Turner bought out Crockett Promotions..
  • Mark Young ended his career with All Japan Pro Wrestling, where he broke his neck and wrestled a month afterwards..
  • Mark Young came back to the United States, had surgery, and retired from wrestling..
  • Special thanks to Mark Young himself, as well as his fiancee, for helping fill out this profile..