Masked Marvels

Title History


Career Highlights


  • Robert Louis Howell wrote: In 1971, Billy Garrett & Jim Starr had been The Medics in Florida and The Interns sometimes wearing surgical green instead of white. As The Marvels, they usually wore the green. They feuded with Nelson Royal, assaulting him outside the ring; once costing him a fall to Joe Turner. Sandy Scott & Jerry Brisco went after them in tag matches. They beat Nelson Royal & Paul Jones on Raleigh TV. They beat George Becker & Johnny Weaver On Raleigh TV. They were beaten by Johnny Weaver & Jim Dillon in one of Dillons first major victories on Raleigh TV. They were unmasked by Sandy Scott & Tommy Siegler. One of them worked the Mid Atlantic for a while as the unmasked Marvel..