Mighty Mongol

Title History


Career Highlights


  • Early 70’s: Mighty Mongol wrestled in Florida as “Jim Slade” – brother and partner to Blackjack Slade.


Frank Earl wrote: I am sure is Ed Sullivan from Boston. He started with Stu Hart (in Calgary) in 1970 when I was there. Not a great talent as a wrestler, and not acrobatic or athletic, but was a nice guy. He kept us amused with stories and jokes when we were on the loop.

Michael Norris wrote: The Mighty Mongol was from Calgary and I believe his real name was Edward Sullivan. He had a short run in Florida in the early 70s as Jim Slade, brother and partner to Blackjack Slade. Worked as the Mighty Mongol in Tri States (McGuirk) and the Gulf Coast in 1973. He held the GC Heavyweight title and the United States tag title (with Juan Sebastien who was working as The Rugged Russian) in the Gulf Coast area in 1973. He worked as Ed Sullivan in Calgary.

Bob Leonard wrote: Mighty Mongol worked in Stampede Wrestling as Big Ed Sullivan, in 1970, 71, 72, but I don’t know his real name or much about him. Judging by his accent, he was from the Boston area.