Miguel Feliciano

Title History


Career Highlights


  • Miguel Feliciano was an enhancement talent guy for the World Wide Wrestling Federation..
  • 1971 – Philedelphia TV: Miguel Feliciano defeated Chuck Richards with a sunset flip./.
  • 1971: Miguel Feliciano had a good run on the Gulf Coast working for Lee Fields’ promotion…

    Robert Louis Howell wrote: 1971: Feliciano lost two out of three falls to Mikel Scicluna on Philidlephia TV. Feliciano also lost in two minutes to Ivan Koloffs Russian Backbreaker on Philly TV. Feliciano lost to Bulldog Brower when Brower used a chair and reportedly wrecked a TV camera. Feliciano was supposedly amused at that. 1976 Feliciano wrestled for Championship Wrestling from Florida. — Sept 3rd 1976: Feliciano wrestled Oki Shikina in Ft Laudedale — Sept 8 1976: Feliciano lost to Oki Shikina in Miami Beach — Sept 10 1976: Feliciano wrestled King Cobra in Ft Lauderdale — Oct 6 1976: Feliciano lost to Tio Tio in Miami Beach