Mike LaBelle

Title History


Career Highlights


  • 1960s-1980s: Mike LaBelle was a promoter in Los Angeles and Atlanta, known for giving Freddie Blassie his first push..
  • November 24, 2009: Mike LaBelle passed away..

    Dave Melzer wrote: Mike LeBelle, the son of Aileen Eaton, a famous boxing and wrestling promoter, promoted in Southern California during the early 70s high point of popularity, with both the Fred Blassie vs. John Tolos match at the Los Angeles Coliseum, and the first closed-circuit pro wrestling event in history that preceded that match. LeBelle promoted the annual January Battle Royals at the Olympic Auditorium, and later the Los Angeles Sports Arena, which were some of the biggest events in wrestling during the early 70s. Mike LeBelle is the brother of Gene LeBell, even though they used different spellings of their names and didn’t get along.


John Perin wrote: From the sources I checked, his true last-name is spelled without using an “E” on the end (LeBell). It is understood that he had it spelled differently to separate himself from his brother, Gene.. .. .. From what I have read, he sold the promotion to Vince McMahon in the 1980’s although his last real shows came in the 1970’s.