Sicilian Beast

Title History


  • (Toronto) United States Heavyweight title defeating Johnny Valentine (1963);


Career Highlights


  • John Yachetti (as Gino Angelo) formed a “brother” tag team with Martino Angelo..
  • 1961: Gino Angelo became known as “The Beast” (barefoot and wore a loin cloth) and was managed by Martino Angelo..
  • 1963: The Beast had a major feud with “Bulldog” Dick Brower in the Toronto area..
  • 1963: The Beast defeated “Whipper” Billy Watson at Maple Leaf Garden’s in Toronto..
  • 1963: The Beast defeated Johnny Valentine for Toronto’s version of the United States title..
  • 1964: The Beast wrestled Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF title 3 times at Maple Leaf Gardens..
  • 1965: The Beast wrestled in the Pittsburgh area for Bruno Sammartino’s promotion..
  • John Yachetti retired at the end of 1979 and died in 1986 at age 59..