Smasher Sloan

Title History


  • WWWF United States Tag Team titles w/Baron Mikel Scicluna defeating Antonio Pugliese & Johnny Valentine (February 21, 1966);
  • N.W.A. American Tag Team titles w/The Spoiler #1 defeating Fritz Von Erich & Billy Red Lyons (April 22, 1968);


Career Highlights

In The Beginning:

  • Smasher Sloan’s full name was Eldon Lee Whitler, son of Eldon “Whitey” Whitler, also a wrestler in the 1930’s..


World Wide Wrestling Federation:

  • February 21, 1966: Smasher Sloan & Mikel Scicluna beat Johnny Valentine & Antonio Pugliese for the WWWF Tag Team titles..
  • ~~~Johnny Valentine gave Mikel Scicluna & Smasher Sloan the WWWF Tag Team titles when he turned heel during the match..
  • ~~~Antonio Pugliese was injured in the second fall after winning the first fall of the match..The Spoilers:
  • 1968: Smasher Sloan wrestled as “The Spoiler #2” along with The Spoiler #1 as The Spoilers managed by Gary Hart in DALLAS..
  • April 22, 1968: The Spoilers defeated Fritz Von Erich & Billy Red Lyons for the NWA American Tag Team titles..
  • ~~~The Spoiler #2 lost his mask in a match against Apollo and left the territory abandoning his half of the title..The Beast:
  • July 14, 1971: The Beast (Smasher Sloan) was unmasked by Bobby Duncum in Tampa, Florida..World Wide Wrestling Federation:
  • March 25, 1972 – WWWF: Smasher Sloan fought Sonny King to a draw..
  • April 8, 1972 – WWWF: Victor Rivera defeated Smasher Sloan..
  • May 6, 1972 – WWWF: Prof. Toru Tanaka defeated Smasher Sloan..Other:
  • Eldon Lee Whitler passed away in the late 1990s..