Time Traveler

Wrestlers who The Time Traveler Managed:
Mongolian Stomper
Billy Graham
The Heartbreakers
Jerry Graham
Thrillseeker Terry Zeller
Comando Nazi
Sergeant Shultz 1&2
Steve Gator Wolf
Rock Davidson
Wes Fetty
Johnny Gravano
Mike Dupree
Maniac Mark Mustang
John Ringer
Maniac Mike Gordon
Dirty the Clown
Lones Oaks
GQ Status
Christian Vaughn
Randy Neverman
Heartstopper & Flatline
Darling Donavan
Zoltan the Great
Hans Mueller
Malcolm Monroe
The Grim Reaper
Mr 8by10
Baby Cakes
Stevie Lee
Mr. Cock A Doodle Doo
Mr. Bow Sow Wow
Tom Ramirez
The Heartstopper
Cheif Crazy Horse
Cowboy Claw
Ron Newstrome
The Court Jester
CC Starr
Donna Day
Angels of Darkness
Angels of Desire
Rip Tyler
Eddie Sullivan
Toby Klein
El Circulo
The Sicilian

Career Highlights


  • His original name “Marcial Bovee”, was derived from the 70s porn-star Leslie Bovee and the Spanish bullfighter, Marcial Lalanda..
  • Summer 1981: Marcial Bovee & Hans Mueller (Bobby Colt) caused at riot in Akron, Ohio, at the Firestone Union Hall..
  • ~~~While working Dominic DeNucci; Made front of the Akron Beacon Journal Sports Page-..
  • 1986: There was a myth Bovee had died, which enabled The Time Traveler to debut the new role, in front of the same audiences..
  • ~~~He convinced the fans that he was a maniac with a split personality, long before Cactus Jack was doing this gimmick..
  • The Time Traveler wrestled several matches over the years and won a handful of titles, usually as a fluke..
  • ~~~The Time Traveler himself put it this way. “As a wrestler….I was a very good manager”..
  • ~~~The Time Traveler’s last match in the ring as an actual wrestler place in 1998..
  • The Time Traveler kept very little wrestling merchendise on himself or others, but..
  • ~~~But he has a massive collection of bullfighting memoralbilia, film soundtracks, and stuffed hippos..
  • ~~~He also writes books under his real name and various newspaper columns related to bullfighting in Spanish..
  • The Time Traveler has held various offices in masonic lodges in both Arizona and Ohio..
  • The Time Traveler name and routine did not come from Quandum leap as some believe, but from a little known film called “The Keep”..
  • ~~~In the film, Scott Glenn, was this angel being sent down to battle a demon comments, “I am a traveler”..
  • 1999: The Time Traveler retired from wrestling..
  • 2003: The Time Traveler returned in a manager role in Ohio after years spent in the Southwestern USA and Mexican border..
  • 2007: The Time Traveler hosts and narrates a documentary on the wrestling at the old Akron (Ohio) Armory. See this!

    Time Treveler Trivia: On August 5, 2006, The Time Traveler missed a wrestling show in Alliance, Ohio, but covered it by playing up that he was “In Mexico,. fighting with Emiliano Zapata”. He then had t-shirts made with his photo, wearing a wide Mexican sombrero, with the slogan Time Traveler Mexican Tour 1900-2006!