Ulf Herman

Title History


  • CWA Rookie Of The Year;
  • CWA Tag Team titles w/August Smisl (2);
  • CWA Tag Team titles w/Tony St.Clair;
  • CWA Tag Team titles w/Christian Eckstein;
  • CWA Iron Man title;
  • EWF Heavyweight title;
  • FCW Heavyweight title;
  • NWA Germany Heavyweight title;
  • IWW Heavyweight title;
  • FWA British Tag Team titles w/Drew McDonald defeating The New Breed (February 1, 2002);
  • FWA British Tag Team titles w/Alex Shane defeating The Family (April 2003);
  • 1PW (1 Pro Wrestling) Heavyweight title defeating Iceman (January 13, 2007);


Career Highlights

In The Beginning: