Rated O Radio – Episode 51 Recap (02/14/2008)

transcribed by: Andrew Gray


Segment #1

Tha show opens with a new Dan-e-o freestyle, celebrating the 2-year anniversary of Tha O Show! Dan-e-o and Donnie also talk about the origins of the website and radio show and invite O-sters out there to check out the archives section of the site to read the “interesting” articles from the first couple months. Also, be prepared for a new theme for the Rated O Radio Show on the February 28th edition of the show, celebrating the 1-year anniversary of tha radio show.

Tha O’s and No’s

This week’s in-studio guest, Ontario Indy Superstar, Hayden Avery, opens with a “HAHAHA” (the third option instead of an”O” or “NO”) for the WWE’s new anti-drug commercial, starring John Cena. Dan-e-o No’s for a dream he had this past week, of an underwater match between Jillian Hall and Torrie Wilson – he says the fed is “making me dream bad booking.” And both of the boys No for Y2J and his match with JBL on Raw.

Donnie only has 1 O this week: for the rumoured possibility of an all-women TNA program on Spike, and he explains why he would have hated the idea 6 months ago but now likes the idea. Donnie finishes off the segment with a few No’s:

* for so much of the same at TNA’s Against All Odds PPV – the continuation of the Kurt Angle-Christian Cage storyline, the numerous run-ins, and the several variations on the powerbomb in seemingly every match of the night

* for J.R. telling us 4 times during Paul Burchill’s return match on Raw that he weighed 247 pounds – and it was barely a five minute match!

~Commercial Break~

Segment #2

The segment starts with Avery saying what he’s been up to lately (including being stranded in Saskatchewan in -50 degree weather), and the boys discuss some of their favourite spots in a recent street fight between Avery and his tag team partner, Cody Deaner, at a GCW show.

Next, Donnie asks Hayden Avery 4 questions:

* Who’s the worst guy you’ve ever worked?

* Have you ever stole a “rat” from one of the boys?

* What’s the real reason you kayfabed the NSW title?

* Are you secretly jealous that you’re not in the Pizza Pop commercial, instead of Dan-e-o?

Check out thaoshow.com for the answers.

Next, Donnie reveals which two pro wrestlers, both former WWE Superstars, are rumoured to be the next American Gladiators, which leads them to discuss changes that can be made to improve the show for next season. To finish the segment, Donnie says that Masato Tanaka has been stripped of the AWA title because of his ties with ZERO1, and the new champion is . . . Larry Zbyzko, because he never technically lost the title when the company folded in 1991.

~Commercial Break~

Segment #3 – Tha Pit Stop

The one and only Notorious T.I.D. starts by discussing Mirko Cro Cop’s departure from UFC, and Donnie asks the question: does the exit of several heavyweights from UFC have anything to do with Brock Lesnar‘s guaranteed contract? Next, T.I.D. discusses how UFC’s lack of sponsorship and dependence on PPV gates and buys could effect them in the long-run. He also gives his thoughts on Saturday’s Tank Abbott-Kimbo Slice fight, including saying that Abbott winning would be “funnier than a fart in church.” T.I.D also throws in some disses at Brock Lesnar and the Westminster Dog Show in one of his most entertaining segments to date. For anyone interested in T.I.D.’s new MMA school, email [email protected].

Donnie also mentions that available soon on Tha O Show with be a two-disc shoot interview with Notorious T.I.D. The first disc will be Q&A, and the second will be all T.I.D. road stories, and Donnie gives a preview by telling a story of when he and T.I.D. were bouncing at a club in Toronto. The segment ends with Fatty telling a story from this past weekend which included: 2 girls, a shower, a sandwich, and some theft.

~Commercial Break~

Segment#4 – The Classroom with “Textbook” Tyson Dux

Class is in session once again as Tyson Dux returns with another lesson in old school wrestling for all those young, aspiring wrestlers out there. This week, he breaks down a classic match between Arn Anderson and “Rugged” Ronnie Garvin, and there’s a link to the match on thaoshow.com. Dux says that the match shows why Arn is one of the best workers of all-time, and it shows how to get your opponent over working as a heel. Others things to learn from the match: how and when to give hope spots; how to keep it simple; how to make all contact look solid. The match also reveals THE most important thing you need to know in order to be successful n the wrestling business. Dux rates the match a 9.5 out of 10. Check back in 2 weeks for another edition of The Classroom, with Textbook Tyson Dux.

Road Stories

Hayden Avery shares a road story this week, which includes the likes of TNA Superstar “Showtime” Eric Young and WWE Superstar Robbie McAllister, at the request of Cody Deaner. Deaner called in to make sure that Avery’s story included these four things:

* an impromptu duck-duck-goose contest in the ring with a run-in

* referees asking for sexual favours

* a woman with her weight in beer cans

* Avery picking up a supposed “54 year-old” Native woman with 4 teeth and taking her to the bedroom

Prepare yourselves O-sters for one of the longest and funniest Road Stories yet!

But Cody Deaner’s surprise call-in to his tag team partner wasn’t Avery’s only surprise of the segment. Dylan Taylor, a.k.a. “Stomach” from Dan-e-o’s Pizza Pop commercial calls in to cut a promo on infamous Dan-e-o ribber, Hayden Avery.

~Commercial Break~

Segment #6 – Tha Round Table

The discussion begins with comedy’s place in wrestling and whether it has a spot in the main event; and the boys come up with a short list of who has been successful with comedy in the business. They also discuss the biggest problems with the modern-day WWE promos. Next, the panel has a lengthy discussion on ROH, including their removal from PPV in Canada and how it’s similar to Paul Heyman’s ECW. Donnie also reveals the TNA employee who he believes is the best booker in North America and deserves a larger role in the company. Donnie then shares a backstage story on Sabu which includes the hardcore superstar’s reaction to a mark talking to his wife. The boys close the discussion on the closure of OVW, including whether headquartering developmental in Florida will have an impact on disgruntled TNA workers, as well as plans for a WWE developmental territory opening up in Toronto in 2008.

To close the show, Donnie, Dan-e-o, and Fatty jump Avery for his ribs on Dan-e-o, which ends with Dan-e-o getting punched in the cock and Fatty’s underwear being ripped right off.

Check back next week to thaoshow.com for another episode of Rated O Radio!