Recent DJ Hyde interview on Under the Mat Radio

CZWDJ Hyde, owner of Combat Zone Wrestling, stopped by Under the Mat Radio last week to discuss his views on how he is in the business, CZW’s Best of the Best event, what makes CZW different and so much more! You can listen to the full interview below; here are some of the highlights:

DJ Hyde on believing in yourself in the business:

“I don’t know if other people need to believe in me, I’m not very well liked in the wrestling business by fans and wrestlers because I’m a certain way and have certain beliefs. I’m a pretty powerful man as a wrestler as well as a promoter. It’s one of those things you know…Got to roll with the punches. If you don’t believe in what you do and yourself then way the hell are you doing it.”

DJ Hyde on what causes him to sacrifice more in the business:

“On a personal side of things where I am personally right now I’m not the happiest person. Our business takes and takes. People you feel you can trust …that trust gets broken very easily. I don’t see my family much, Christmas last year I was in Japan.”

DJ Hyde on CZW and Best of the Best event spectacular:

“Of course we are known for our ultra violence like Tournament of Death nobody can touch that but that’s not what really makes us different. We are the gambit of wrestling we do it all. We have guys that are funny, hard hitting, beautiful woman, and great story lines, catch wrestling. You will see an adult oriented product. I compare us like a Baskin Robbins lol.”

DJ Hyde also discusses  Sesame Street, ROH, The stigma of CZW, Thoughts on Botchamania and more, Also Hal Rudnick host of famous Youtube Channel Screen Junkies talks about his meeting with Piper and The Rock and much more in this exclusive 120-minute interview on Under the Mat Radio.

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