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Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Dustin “Goldust” Runnels recently spoke with Raj Giri of Here are some highlights from the interview:

A match with his brother Cody being discussed for WrestleMania 28:  “I was really pushing it for it that whole year. My shoulder was ready but the writers were like, ‘Ahh, his shoulder’s not ready.’ So, I think they convinced Vince. But, it was actually brought to the table in the meeting because Cody didn’t have an opponent about a month and a half out of WrestleMania 28. It was brought to the table and Vince just said no. What can you do? You can argue it or whatever, but that wasn’t the direction they were going with Cody and I understood that. I tried it again this year via Twitter, but I got let go and stuff like that. Can’t really do anything when you’re not an employee of the company or under contract.”

His ideal scenario for a match with Cody:  “Right now, I’ve always wanted to do WrestleMania, but I’m considering SummerSlam, since SummerSlam is in L.A. every year just about. I came up with the idea and actually presented it to Cody about the Backlot Brawl II. I haven’t really pushed it as much, I just mentioned one little thing on Twitter. I’m fixing to bring that to the table and see if Vince would be interested in accepting Backlot Brawl II.

“We’ve only done the one and that would be a good sign-off moment if Vince would accept it. It would be awesome. But, if not, it’s only WrestleMania that I’d want to face my brother. I don’t want to do it anywhere else, I don’t need to do it anywhere else.”

Runnels also discussed his first run with the WWF, leaving WWF shortly after debuting, being given the Goldust gimmick, if GTV was meant for him, his last WWE release, TNA, returning at The Royal Rumble last January, battling his addictions, Cody’s match getting bumped off WrestleMania and more.

You can read the full Goldust interview by clicking here.

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