AEW Collision 08 19 2023

AEW Collision Fight For The Fallen Results
August 19, 2023
Rupp Arena – Lexington, Kentucky
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

Samoa Joe came out to the ring and is in the ring with some masked guy dressed in a yellow Golden Vampire suit…he drops Joe and takes off the suit…it’s CM Punk!! The Rupp arena is booing a bit and cheering and chanting CM Punk! Punk then rocks Joe with GTS and as Joe is out cold. Punk then he tells Joe, calling him a b—-, that he accepts the challenge for All In!

Joe starts to collect himself and then holds his chin and looks on angry. Kevin Kelly who is back, just announced that the match is official for Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk at All In London. Joe is staggering to the back.

Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly take us to a video package going back in time, showing the very-first All In from September 1, 2018.

Bullet Club Gold are out next with Jay White being introduced. Dalton Castle is introduced next with the Boys. Dalton as he comes to the ring says he is going to hit Jay so hard his brains are going to come out of his butt…Funny stuff!

Jay White vs. Dalton Castle

The bell rings and we are underway. Dalton jaws and Jay and he jaws back at Dalton. Dalton takes down Jay who goes to the ropes and breaks the hold. Dalton backs up as Jay looks on as Dalton taunts him from the corner. Dalton grabs Jay and pushes him to the corner. Jay chops Dalton and then loads on him with right hands. Dalton goes to the outside as the Boys push him back in. Dalton takes down Jay who is crawling to the ropes, but Dalton grabs him towards the center of the ring. Jay hits Dalton with shoulder blocks in the corner and follows up with chops, but Dalton answers with chops of his own. Jay then fights back as Dalton tosses him to the corner. Dalton goes for the knee, but Jay moves out of the way as Dalton rolls to the outside and hits his knee on the way down. The Gunns and Juice chase off the Boys as Jay suplexes Dalton on the outside as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Jay continues to work on Dalton on the outside and then goes into the ring to break the 10 count. Jay rolls out and chops Dalton. He pushes Dalton back in the ring and hits a backbreaker on him. Jay continues to work on Dalton as rakes him across the eyes. Jay then covers Dalton, but he kicks out at two. Jay has Dalton locked up as he tries to fight back to get out of it.

Back from PIP: Jay has Dalton locked up again as Dalton hits Jay with a forearm, but Jay fights back and takes down Dalton with chops. Dalton gets up and hits Jay with a series of chops, but Jay picks up Jay and suplexes him down. Both men are up as the fans are behind Dalton who chops Jay. Dalton then hits Jay with a huge back elbow in the face and follows up with another suplex on Jay. Dalton then suplexes Jay again. Dalton has Jay in a waist lock, but Jay goes to the corner as the hold is broken. Dalton suplexes Jay again and covers Jay for only a two count. Dalton has Jay down on the mat as Jay tries to crawl, but Dalton picks him as Jay grabs the ropes and sends Dalton to the outside. Jay goes to the outside and has him agains the announce table and chops Dalton several times across the chest. Jay tries to toss Dalton back in the ring, but Dalton counters and drops him to the outside. Juice and The Gunns surround Dalton on the outside, but the Boys take flight and land on Juice and The Gunns. Dalton goes for the bang a rang, but Jay counters and drops Dalton and only gets a two count! Jay has Dalton in a chokehold. Jay then drops Dalton with a sleeper suplex and picks up Dalton and drops him with a blade runner for the pin.


The heels celebrate in the ring as we go to a commercial break – before the break, it was announced that we will hear from Bullet Club Gold.


Back from the break, Tony Schiavone is in the ring with Bullet Club Gold. Jay says that first up Lexington Guns up for Bullet Club Gold Members. Jay says that he got a text message from Kenny Omega in his hospital bed and Kenny should stay in the bed. Jay says he and Juice have known Kenny for a long time and Kenny and his friends have deceived the wrestling world for too long that The Elite have been the best, but Bullet Club Gold is the true Elite. Juice looks in the camera and said it only took BCG only two minutes to put Kenny in the hospital. Colten then says that the Bucks had to cheat last Wednesday to beat The Gunns. Austin then says they have better friends that are more juicy that the Elite. Austin tells Tony Khan to send out three opponents as they want to get warmed up now. Now out comes the Iron Savages to accept the challenge. So it will be The Gunns and Juice Robinson and the Iron Savages.

Austin and Boulder start the match. Boulder tags in Bronson who drops Austin and then tags in Boulder. Juice comes in but is dropped. Colten distracts the ref as he tagged in. Juice is then tagged in and stomps on Boulder hard in the corner. Juice tags in Colten as both Gunns double team and then Juice is tagged back in. Juice hits Boulder with a cannonball who is now the legal man. Jay is at the announce table with the commentary team. He has a cardboard cut out of himself. Cotlen stomps on Boulder in the corner and then tosses him to the outside as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture The Gunns dominate Boulder on the outside and nail him with chops. They toss him back in the ring as Juice is tagged in. Juice pulls out what looks to be a chain, but the ref takes it away from him.

We go to a full commercial break, which again I am sure is a Sling TV thing.

Back live, Bronson is fighting back as Jay White has a headset and is now on commentary. Juice charges at Bronson who moves out of the way, but the Gunns come in…Boulder is now tagged in and takes out both Gunns and drops then down. Juice leaps off the top, but is caught by Boulder who is now legal. He drops Colten and then tosses Austin to the outside. The Gunns attempted a failed 310 To Yuma on Boulder. Boulder is sent to the outside as Bronson comes in. Jack Jamison is tagged in and then dropped by Juice for the pin.


The heels celebrate in the ring as Kevin Kelly takes us to last month with The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn losing to House of Black and then showing Billy removing his boots and walking off. They then cut to The Acclaimed saying how much they love Billy and will miss him. They then show footage from last Wednesday’s Dynamite with House of Black taking out The Acclaimed.

Video message from Malakai Black saying the definition of the funeral is to observe a dead person before they are buried. The video package shows footage of Billy Gunn removing his boots as Malakai says Billy was living the shadow of what he once was. Malakai says that Billy is the father of lies in his immorality. They show a dumpster will Billy’s boots in it as Malakai tells Billy to Rest in Pain…

Ricky Starks is coming up next as we go to a commercial break.


We return with a video package featuring Rush’s voice and then Dralistico and Preston vance are shown in Mexico visiting a bar. They exit the bar, appearing to be somewhat intoxicated. A big van pulls up as masked men come out dressed in black, grab Dralistico, put him the van and drive off.

We go backstage with Tony Schiavone and Ricky Starks talking again about Starks whipping Ricky Steamboat. Schiavone and Starks say that Starks has served half of his in-ring suspension as Starks says this is all a joke and he is going to bring chaos live tonight as Big Bill is shown. We go to a vignette with Starks saying that people took advantage of his kindness and he absolute.

Starks’ music hits and he comes out with Big Bill as his manager.

Big Bill vs. Derrick Neal

The bell rings and Bill manhandles Neal and chops him hard. Starks is at ringside with belt he whipped Steamboat with. Bill takes down Neal and then picks him up and chokeslams him down hard. Bill covers Neal with a boot as he gets the three count for this expected squash match. As Neal crawls, Bill pulls him to the center of the ring as Starks whips Neal in the back with the belt. Bill then tosses Neal to the outside.

The commentary team show the footage from the WW4A independent show in Atlanta, attacking AR Fox at his wrestling school.

Willow Nightingale’s music hits as she then comes out to the ring to somewhat of a reaction. Diamante’s music hits next as she walks out to no reaction.

Willow Nightingale vs. Diamante

The bell rings as Willow attempts to hit Diamante who ducks. Willow has Diamante in the corner and nails her with heavy shots to the face and then kicks her in the mid-section. Willow picks up Diamante and slams her down and then covers her for only a two count. Diamante fights back with big blows to the back of the head of Willow. Diamante hits Willow with big fists to the back and then follows up with punches. As the fans get behind Willow, she fights back and drops Diamanate on the apron as Mercedes Martinez makes her way out to boos. Willow goes to the outside and tosses Diamante back in as Mercedes looks on. Diamante is on the back of Willow but its too much as down Diamante goes. Willow then picks up Diamante, but she counters it and chop blocks Willow as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Diamante continues the offense on Willow with chops in the corner. Willow picks up Diamante, but she counters and drops Willow on her head. Diamante covers Willow for only a two count. Diamante kicks Willow in the mid-section as she goes down. Diamante stomps on Willow in the corner and then has her in a submission hold as Mercedes taunts the fans at ringside. WIllow counters out of the hold, but is dropped to the mat by Diamanate who puts her in a choke hold.

Back from PIP – Diamanate and Willow slug it out in the center of the ring. Willow drops Diamante with a clothesline and then nails Diamante as she gets up in the corner. Willow then delivers a spine buster on Diamante and covers her, but Diamante kicks out at two! Diamante then recovers and hits Willow with double knees in the corner. Diamante covers Willow for only a two count. Willow kicks Diamante in the mid-section as Diamante counters, but Willow fights back as both women are on the second rope. Diamante is trying to powerbomb Willow, but she turns around and missile drop kicks Diamante as Mercedes drags Diamate to the outside. Kris Statlander come down and takes out Mercedes and Diamante. Willow goes to the outside and tosses Diamante and drops her with a sit-down powerbomb and gets the pin as Kris Statlander celebrates in the ring with Willow as they cut to Mercedes and Diamante as Mercedes says they are not down yet.


We go to a video package featuring FTR and the Young Bucks for All In with the rubber match as FTR are set to defend the Tag Titles at All In London next Sunday.


Lexy Nair is backstage with Toni Storm who has some funky hair going on. Lexy asks her about the match next week on Rampage that will preview the Four-Match for the Women’s Title at All In. Toni says she doesn’t know who she is, but the girl that interviewed her before was rude. Lexy asks Toni if she can trust the rest of Outcasts. Toni then tells Lexy to wipe the dreadful look off her face and then walks off and tosses something at Lexy.

Powerhouse Hobbs’ music hits as he comes to the ring. Kevin Ku is already in the ring.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Kevin Ku

The bell rings as the fans chant for Kevin. They lock up as Hobbs drops Kevin. Hobbs then tosses down Kevin as he tries for a crossbody. Hobbs has Kevin in the corner and and looks at the camera asking for Miro. Hobbs has Kevin on the second rope and drops him down hard to the mat. Hobbs stares down Kevin and then picks him up and drops him hard with a huge clothesline. Hobbs picks up Kevin and then delivers a huge spine buster and covers Kevin for the pin. After the match Hobbs stomps on Kevin and then puts Miro’s clutch hold on Kevin. Miro then appears on the big screen and says he used to rely a book and had many distraction. Miro says he piss on his cold dead body as Hobbs looks on with a smile on his face.

The commentary team run down the Fyter Fest episode of Dynamite for this Wednesday night and next week’s AEW Collision Fyter Fest episode, which will be taped after Dynamite. Nigel and Kevin then run down the All In card. They then run down All In as we go to the commercial break.


We back as Darby Allin comes out first. JR is on commentary…Christian Cage is out next with Luchasaurs. Christian is wearing the TNT Title. Christian kisses the title and hold it up to boos.

Darby Allin vs. Christian Cage

The bell rings and we are underway as Darby is in the corner. Darby tosses his jacket at Lucha. Christian and Darby lockup as Darby is sent to the corner. Darby pushes Christian as he backs up. Darby takes down Christian with a headlock and then has Christian locked up in an armbar. Christian tries to counter it. Darby still has a hold on Christian as he is sent to the outside. Darby is on his knees in the as Christian circles the outside. The ref starts the 10 count. Christian is back in the ring as Darby grabs Christian who counters and slams down Darby and then drabs him by the arm and tosses him in the corner. We go to a backstage shot of Swerve and AR Fox watching on a tv from the locker room as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Lucha walks over to the commentary table as Christian works on the arm of Darby using the ring post. Christian has Darby in the center of the ring and puts his boot to the face of Darby.

Hey its the Sling TV thing again I am sure as we have a full commercial break.

We are back from the break as Christian is stepping on Darby’s back using the rope for leverage. The ref begins the 5 count as Christian breaks the hold. Darby comes back and leaps on Christian and covers him for only a two count. Both men attempt to pin each other, but only get two counts. Darby then rolls but Christian for only a two count. Christian nails Darby in the back and then goes to the outside and pulls him to the floor as Darby hits the guard rail. Christian chops Darby who then pokes Christian in the eyes, but it has no affect. Christian tosses Darby back in the ring and stomps on him. Christian then goes to the outside and grabs the TNT Title and asks Darby if he wants it and to come and get it. Darby starts to crawl as Christian then nails him in the face. Christian then gets back in the ring and focuses on the shoulder of Darby. Christian then picks up Darby, but he counters as he fights back with a hammerlock, but its not enough as Christian slams him down. The ref asks Darby if he wants to give up. Christian then attempts a spear but is met with a kick by Darby. Darby then attempts to pin Christian, but he kicks out. Darby wraps his jacket around Christian, who pushes Darby. Darby charges at Christian as both men collide hard and go down as we go to another picture in picture break.

Picture-In-Picture: Both men are back up on their feet as Darby hits Christian with blows to the face, but Christian counters and drops Darby who falls down and rolls to the outside. Lucha then comes to Darby and drills him with a huge fist. The ref begins the 10 count as Darby rolls back in the ring. Christian then nails Darby as we are back from the PIP…

Back from the PIP break – Darby collides with Christian in the corner and then dropkicks Christian in the gut as he goes down. Darby is up on the top rope and coffin drops on Lucha who catches him. Darby gets away and is met with a big clothesline on the floor. Christian then charges at Darby, but he throws Christian face first in a steel chair. Lucha is distracting the ref as Darby is up on the top rope and delivers a huge drop kick onto Christian who is sitting on the chair! The ref begins the 10 count as Darby tosses Christian in the ring at 7. Darby is up on the top rope as Christian moves into position – bad look. Darby then does a coffin drop and hits the apron hard and then drops to the floor. Darby is tossed back in as the ref is distracted. Christian nails Darby in the face with the TNT Title and covers Darby but he gets his foot on the rope. As Christian charges at Darby for a spear he moves out of the way and Christian hits the ring post. As Darby is up on the second rope, Christian nails him and then spears Darby and covers him – 1 – 2 – NO! Darby kicks out! Lucha was sent to the back by the ref. Darby rolls up Christian with a jackknife and get the win as the fans stand to their feet!


Tony Schiavone is in the ring talking to Darby about getting his shot for the title 2 weeks away at All Out. Lucha come back as Christian comes in from behind and nails Darby. Lucha picks up Darby and drops him. Lucha grabs Tony and makes him count three as he covers Darby. Lucha then makes Tony announce winner and still TNT champion – Christian Cage. Lucha has Christian on his shoulders as he hold up the TNT Title. Christian then taunts a knocked out Darby as he and Lucha exit the ring. Christian is shown jawing at the fans as the officials and medical staff check on Darby as the show goes off the air.