AEW Collision 09 16 2023

AEW Collision Results
September 16, 2023
Bryce Jordan Center in State College, Pennsylvania
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

The opening has the competitors hyping up matches for tonight’s show, giving it that big time feel!

We now go the opening intro as Saturday night’s alright for fighting!

The pyro goes off as Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to a hot crowd at Penn State University!

Ricky Starks music hits and he and Bill Big make their way out as Bobby Cruise is the ring announcer for our first match of the night. The pyro for Ricky goes off as he and Bill are in the ring.

Bryan Danielson’s music hits next as he and Claudio Castagnoli come out to a big ovation!

Blackpool Combat Club’s Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli vs. Ricky Starks and Big Bill

The bell rings and we are underway with a hot crowd for BCC! Bryan is in and Ricky tags in Bill to a big amount of boos. Bryan tries to kick Bill, but it he blocks them and sends Bryan to the corner and chops him hard as he goes down! Bill puts a boot to throat of Bryan. Bryan recovers ands kicks Bill in the legs, but Bill tosses Bryan to the corner as he tags in Claudio. Bill wants to do a test of strength as Claudio accepts. Bill pushes on Claudio as the fans chant for Claudio. Bill kicks Claudio in the gut, but it has no affect as. both men exchange blows. Claudio tries to pick ups Bill, but he can’t. Bill sends Claudio to the corner and takes him out. Bill picks him up, but Claudio hits Bill with a forearm. Claudio tags in Bryan, but Bill knocks him down as he tags Ricky who works on Bryan and sends him to the corner and lays right hands to his head too boos from the fans. Bryan then fights back with kicks on Ricky, followed by chops and kicks in the corner! Bryan sends Ricky off the ropes and cover him for a near fall! Bryan continues to work on Ricky with chops in the corner and then punches Ricky who fights back and tags in Bill, who nails Bryan with a huge chop. Bill then nails Bryan in the corner who goes down and Bill says one more time. He sends Bryan to the other corner, but is met with a boot to the face as Bryan falls to the floor. Ricky then works on Bryan on the floor and then sends him back in the ring as we go to our first break in picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Bill and Ricky work on Bryan in the corner as Claudio tries to come in, but the ref stops him. Bryan is down in the corner as Bill puts a boot to the throat of Bryan and then tags in Ricky who walks the top rope and lands a huge chop to the head on Bryan. Ricky then works on Bryan in the corner. He distracts the ref, which allows Bill to use the ropes to choke Bryan. As Bryan is back up, Ricky lays several punches on Bryan’s head and then taunts him.

Back from PIP: The ref is jawing at Ricky as Bryan comes back as he and Ricky take each other out with clotheslines! Both men are down…Bryan tags Claudio as Bill is then tagged in as Claudio tries to take down Bill, but can’t! Claudio then nails Bill with huge forearms as the fans count as he makes it to 20 before finally taking Bill down! Claudio picks up Bill and then drops him face first! Claudio covers Bill – 1 – 2 – NO! Bill kicks out! Claudio then picks up Bill for the swing, but Bill bites the hand of Bill as he picks up Claudio and drops him with a huge chokeslam and covers for a near fall! Ricky is tagged in as Claudio takes him out and swings Ricky around as it is swing town at Penn State! Claudio drops Ricky and covers him for a near fall! Claudio has Ricky in a leglock, but Bill kicks Claudio to break it up. Bryan then takes out Bill as they both fall to the outside. Ricky drops Claudio with a DDT and cover him for a near fall! As Ricky charges at Claudio, he is met with an uppercut and then Claudio covers him for only two! Bryan is tagged in and he nails Ricky with several kicks to the chest and then covers him for a near fall! Ricky counters a crossface and sends Bryan into the boot of Bill and then spears him! Ricky covers Bryan for a near fall as Claudio breaks it up! Bryan snaps the neck of Ricky and goes to the top rope. Claudio takes out Bill on the outside, As Ricky is on the ropes, he pushes Ricky down and picks him up and drops him…Bryan covers him for another near fall! Starks distracted the ref and then as the he had his back turned, Ricky low blowed Bryan and then picks him up and drops him down for a three count! Claudio comes in with a chair before Ricky and Bill can double team Bryan.


We go to a promo with the Young Bucks and Adam Page challenging Moguel Embassy for the ROH Six Man Tag Team Titles…the match will be official for next week’s Rampage Grand Slam in New York.


Back from the break we have a vignette from Powerhouse Hobbs on the chapter in the book of Hobbs…physical and mental pain! We now go to a vignette from Miro talking about how he punched Hobbs into hell and they will have to meet up again. Miro then talks about his hot and flexable wife and she pulls him back. He says he is going to send the fans in a pine box and send them her way…

The Iron Savages are out next with Jacked Jamison introducing Bronson and Boulder…

FTR is out next as they are introduced by Bobby Cruise…the fans begin an FTR chant…

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) defends against The Iron Savages (Bronson and Boulder)

Jamison tells Dax he can use some savage sauce, but is dropped with a shatter machine by FTR. Boulder drops Cash as Bronson is tagged in. Boulder drills Cash as Bronson drops on Cash from the top rope and covered for a two count…the Savages are double teaming Cash and then he dropped and covered by Bronson for only a two count! Cash tags in Dax, but he dropped by Boulder who is tagged in. Dax attempts to fight back, but is dropped again by Boulder. Boulder picks up Dax and drops him down hard as the fans boo! Boulder points to ropes as he signals for a moonsault. He climbs up, comes down and misses. Dax tags in Cash and they hit Bronson with a shatter machine. Dax picks up Boulder from the top rope and drops him as Cash follows up for a splash and covers him to retain!


The WorkHorsemen come in the ring and challenge FTR as they put the belts down. Both men shake hands and Aussie Open is looking on from a monitor in the back.

We go to a backstage with Lexy Nair as the production guy says Collision take 22…not sure if that was an error…Shane Taylor comes in with Lee Moriarity as Lexy is trying to interview Keith Lee. Lee tells Shane he knows about his mistakes and then challenges Shane to a future match.

John Silver is out for our next match…The Acclaimed are out next as Max Caster is rapping…usual funny stuff from Max…

John Silver vs. Anthony Bowens of The Acclaimed

John Silver grabs a mic as says he googled scissoring and they are doing it wrong. He pulls a contract and says Bowens didn’t read it as Billy Gunn and Max Caster are banned from ringside. John says no one wants to see them…the fans begin to chant Bull-S—! As Anthony has his back turned, John takes him out, but Anthony recovers and chops John in the corner and then lays chops on his chest…Anthony picks up John and drops him, but John fights back…Anthony nails John will a big drop kick, sending him to the outside as the ref begins the ten count…John gets on the apron as Anthony is ready for him, but John runs to the ropes as he grabs Anthony and sends him to the corner. John chops Anthony and sends him to the outside as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: John goes to the floor and mocks Anthony and then sends him back into the ring…John continues to work on Anthony as he nails him with a big right hand and then uses the ropes for leverage to choke him out. Anthony gets back up, but John takes him down as he kicks Anthony on his heavily taped shoulder…John tries to kick Anthony, but he blocks it as Sling TV goes to a full commercial break…


Back from the full break, John has Anthony locked up as he tries to fight back, but it is still too much for John. Anthony is up as he hits John with several right hands…Anthony chops John and then puts him down with a huge kick. Anthony drops with a huge lariat and covers him for a near fall…! Anthony tries to fight back but he is stopped in his tracks…both men then exchange huge blows as John is nailed by Anthony and then John takes down Anthony who fights back, but is shut down again…he covers Anthony for only a two count! The fans begin a let’s go Bowens chant! As John goes to kicks Anthony, he ducks then nails John with a knee strike as he rolls to the outside. Anthony shouts at John to get up as Anthony is rolled under the bottom rope…out of nowhere as the ref is distracted Evil Uno comes out…he tosses Anthony into the ring post and rolls him back as John nails him and covers him for a three count!


We go to a vignette with Eddie Kingston as about what he wants the production crew for him to say. He talks about Claudio not respecting him and telling the production crew not to edit it out and then he trash talks Claudio saying that maybe he and Claudio could fix it…John Moxley can’t fix it…he said he doesn’t know who can fix it…he then says New York has always been with him and New York is his own…he says that Claudio will not come to Arthur Ashe to beat him…he says they are built different and built in the cold and misery…he gives Claudio credit says he is a great wrestler and will give Claudio misery in New York.


Back from the break Renee Paquette is with Orange Cassidy and Hook who is eating chips…Orange says to Hook they should do a tag match or something…Hook agrees as Renee says cool…silly stuff.

Aussie Open’s music hits as they are introduced by Bobby Cruise…

I guess we have a match not advertised as Aussie Open has a quick win over PB Smooth & Wes Barkley…this was a really quick match with a really quick finish…

After the match, Aussie Open grab a mic and talk about their quick win tonight. Kyle Fletcher says they have won tag title matches everywhere and so has FTR…they have been and run down how many tag titles they have won and call their shot against FTR, for WrestleDream on October 1 in Seattle, WA…Kyle says they want Aussie Open vs. FTR for the AEW World Tag Team Titles.

We now go to a vignette with Toni Storm being interviewed by RJ City as he talks about Toni facing Saraya…she interrupts him and says the light is blinding her as this is an interview, not an interrogation…RJ asks the production team about the lighting…Toni then says this is a company not a charity…Toni then says the lamp is hideous…to be continued.

WE now go to a video package with Scorpio Sky talking about Andrade as that who is he is ready to face…

Scorpio Sky is out next, followed by Andrade.

Andrade El Idolo vs. Scorpio Sky

The bell rings and here we go! Sky is ready as Andrade offers his hand for a shake…Sky is hesitant, but won’t do it. Both men lock up, as Andrade has Sky in a headlock. Andrade then turns it into an arm lock…Sky picks up Andrade and drops him as he counters it and sends Sky to the ropes…Andrade is then taken down by Sky as he hits Andrade with a right hand and then drops him with a dragon screw. Andrade goes to the top rope as Sky pushes him off the ropes as he hits the floor hard…we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: There is a replay of Andrade hitting the floor hard. Back live, Andrade is back in the ring as Sky stomps on him and attempts a pin, but Andrade kicks out at just one! Sky hits Andrade with an axe handle across the back…Andrade recovers and chops Sky, but he fights back and drops an exhausted Andrade…Sky continues to work on Andrade, but he counters with a suplex…Andrade picks up Sky and drops him with another suplex. Both men are down…Sky is up first as he has Andrade in a neck locks hold…

Back from PIP: Andrade is back up as he attempts to fight back. Andrade picks up Sky and drops him down…Sky recovers and kicks Andrade in the face and then hits him again with a big boot to the face. Andrade gets up and says he wants more, telling Sky to bring it on. Andrade then drops Sky with a dragon screw as Sky is down…Andrade then charges at Sky as he gets up and nails Andrade with an elbow…Sky then covers Andrade for a near fall! Andrade rolls to the outside as Sky leaps over the ropes and crash and burns on Andrade on the outside…Sky holds his knee…Both men are back in the ring as Andrade attempts to fight back…as Sky charges at Andrade, he is met with a huge elbow by Andrade…Andrade takes down Sky and puts him in a figure four that goes into a figure eight as the fans go nuts! Sky submits!


After the match as Andrade tries to show sportsmanship, Bullet Club Gold’s music hits as they all come out…Jay White asks where they are…Jay says he wasn’t here last week, but he was watching his boys as he was watching him watch his boys…he then runs down the members of BCG…he is stopped by the fans doing an ass—- chant…Jay says Andrade wants the switchblade spotlight…he then challenges Andrade to a match for next week’s show and this is still his era and it sis the switchblade era…Jay says if it still doesn’t work for Andrade they can do it right now…Juice grabs the mic and taunts Andrade as he goes after BCG…security stops him as the fans chant let them fight…as BGC walks off, the fans boo!

We go to a video package with the Don Callis family…the video shows history between Kenny Omega and Koto Ibushi…great video narrated by Ian Riccoboni.


Back from the break, Tony Schiavone is with Koto Ibushi…he pulls out his phone and has a recording saying he is the best in the world and is coming for Kenny Omega at WrestleDream in Seattle on October 1.

The Hardys are out first with a great ovation for their Collision debut…The Righteous are out next…

The Righteous vs. The Hardys

The bell rings and we are underway…Vincent and Matt start…Matt tries for a side effect, but Vincent stops him and then takes him down and punches him…Matt sends Vincent to the corner and then slams his face on the turnbuckle pads as the fans chant delete…Jeff is takes in as Dutch is sent to the floor…The Hardys double team Vincent…Jeff covers Vincent, but he kicks out at two…Matt is tagged as they work on Vincent…the fans chant delete. Vincent fights back as Dutch is tagged…he then picks up Matt and drops him with a blackout as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Dutch works on Matt in the corner and then tags in Vincent who chops Matt until he drops to the mat…Vincent picks up Matt, who tries to fight back…Vincent sends Matt to the corner and tags in Dutch who drops him and delivers a huge leg drop on Matt. Dutch has Matt in a submission hold as the ref checks on Matt…Matt is up and tries to fight back as we have a full commercial break…


We are back from the full break, as Matt drops Vincent with a side effect and is up and tags Jeff as he is in and takes Vincent down…Dutch is tagged in as Jeff kicks him in the face…Vincent is tagged in…Matt is now in as both Hardys take out Dutch to the outside as Matt drops Vincent with a side effect…Jeff goes to the top, but is dropped by Dutch…Vincent then takes out Jeff and drops him and covers him for the three count!


After the match to huge boos, Dutch says they are The Righteous…two believers who seek truth in the liars eyes…Vincent then says speaking of truth they defeated one of the best tag teams in the world…he says the people are fooled by the conman – listening to the devil on their shoulder…Vincent says their truth is going to kill egos – false friendships…he calls out MJF and Adam Cole as it appears they are coming after the ROH World Tag Team Titles.

Kevin and Nigel run down the card for Wednesday’s Grand Slam at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with FTR who says they will still be the tag champions next week against The Work Horsemen and after they beat Aussie Open at WrestleDream.

We now go to a video package hyping Bryan Danielson vs. Zack Sabre, Jr. at WrestleDream in Seattle, Washington – Bryan Danielson’s home state and my old stomping ground…


We are back with the production crew doing a take…Tony Schiavone is with Ricky Starks and Big Bill…Ricky says he wants to be Bryan Danielson’s worst nightmare and challenges him to a Texas Death Match for next week…

Britt Baker is out first to a very loud ovation as this her hometown as she graduated from Penn State…Kris Statlander is out next with a huge pyro going off…

Jim Ross is on commentary with Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness for our main event match, which will be short as it is 9:50 pm ET…

TBS Championship Match: Kris Statlander defends against Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

The bell rings and here we go! DMD chants begin…Both women lock up…Kris pushes off Britt…Both women lock it up again…Kris takes down Britt to boos as she will be the favorite tonight…the fans get behind Britt as she is picked up and slammed down by Kris…Britt rolls to the outside and then gets back in the ring…Both women jaw at each other. Both women exchange blows…Kris then leaps up and powerslams Britt as we go to a picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Kris has Britt up and drops her down hard with a jackknife powerslam. Kris covers Britt for a near fall! Kris picks up Britt and drops her with a backbreaker…Kris works on the back of Britt and then has her down in a headlock. The ref checks on Britt who tries to get out of it…Britt is up, but Kris scoops her up and slams her down. Kris goes to the top, but Britt is up and climbs up on the ropes and hits Kris with a punch…

Back from PIP – Britt is down as Kris is going for a moonsult…Britt moves out of the way as Britt then drops Kris and works on the injured knee of Kris using the ring post to inflict the pain on Kris…Britt roles in the ring and takes down Kris with two slingblades in a row…Kris is able recover and drops Britt with a blue thunder…she covers Britt for only a two count! Britt takes down Kris and then stomps her and covers her for only a two count! Britt signals for the lockjaw and pulls out a glove…Kris then rolls up Britt for only a two, but Britt then attempts the lockjaw as Kris grabs Britt’s hand…both women are up and exchange blows to the face…Kris then kicks Britt in the face, but Britt answers with a kick of her own to the face of Kris…Both women then take each out as they go down…looks like we will have a small overrun…as the ref begins the count…Britt is up first as Kris grabs Britt…then runs back to charge at Britt who moves and tries to pin Kris, but she kicks out! Britt then drops Kris with an angels wings and covers Kris – 1 – 2 – NO! Kris kicks out as the fans boo loud!

Britt climbs to the second rope, but Kris picks up Britt as she puts the a partial lock on Kris…but Kris fights back…Britt has the lockjaw on Kris, but rolls her up and is able to get the pin…Britt looks shocked as Kris get up…we then seen Julia Hart watching on…Kris puts out her hand to help Britt up as the show goes off the air.