AEW Collision 09 30 2023

AEW Collision Results
September 30, 2023
Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, WA
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

AEW Collision begins with the video package with the competitors hyping up tonight’s matches…Saturday night’s alright for fighting!

The pyro goes off as Kevin Kelley and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, WA!

Juice Robinson is out first with The Gunns as we get ready for the first match of the night…Andrade is out next…

Andrade El Idolo vs. Juice Robinson

The bell rings and we are underway…Juice shoves Andrade and gets in his face. Andrade starts fast as he looks for a figure four, but Juice rolls out of the ring. Andrade is on the chase on the floor as Juice is back in the ring. Andrade Climbs the top rope and lands a crossbody on Juice as he has Juice up and drops him with a suplex. He looks the leg of Juice for a near fall! Andrade is up on the top rope as Juice goes to the floor. Andrade hits a huge moonsault onto Juice and the Gunns on the floor. Juice distracts the ref and then pushes Andrade onto the floor as the fans call The Gunns a—–s. Juice distracts the ref as The Gunns double team Andrade who is on the floor. Juice pulls Andrade in the ring and drops him with a neckbreaker and covers him for only a two count! Juice then hits Andrade with a backbreaker…Andrade comes back with some chops, but Juice fires back and drops Andrade and covers him for a two count. Juice has Andrade in the corner and whips him to the corner as Andrade reverses it and nails Juice with ten punches as the crowd counts, but Juice picks Andrade and launches him into the top turnbuckle and then hits him with a cannonball as we go to picture-in-picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Andrade is down as The Gunns attempt to distract the ref. Juice picks up Andrade with a suplex and then mocks him…Juice goes to the top rope and lands on Andrade with a huge frog splash…Juice covers Andrade for a near fall. Juice picks up Andrade by the hair as Andrade fights back with chops, but Juice snaps him to the mat and puts him in a headlock as the ref checks on Andrade…

Back from PIP: Andrade is up to his feet and fights back as Juice picks up Andrade and drops him to the mat and then blows snot on him. Juice then kicks Andrade and mocks him as Andrade slaps Juice in the face and then takes him down with a dragon screw leg whip. Andrade is fired up! CJ Perry is shown backstage taking notes on a phone…Juice then drops Andrade with a leg lariat and covers him for a near fall! Juice connects with a right hand on Andrade as Andrade drops Juice as he hits the middle turnbuckle. Andrade goes to charge Juice, but he stops as the ref was in the way. Juice pokes Andrade in the eyes and then drops with a huge powerbomb and covers him for a near fall! Juice jaws at the fans and climbs to the top rope. Andrade is up as Juice hits him with a crossbody, but Andrade counters as goes for pin, but Juice kicks out. Andrade then nails Juice as The Gunns distract the ref, as Austin had a clipboard in this hand and then throws it out of the ring. The Gunns get tossed out and sent to the back as Andrade looks on…Juice goes for the pin as Andrade kicks out. Juice then nails Andrade with a leg lariat and covers him for only a two…Andrade then comes back and nails Juice and then drops him for the 1, 2, 3!


We go backstage with Tony Schiavone interviewing Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho. Jericho talks about how Kenny and Jericho need to figure out if they can be on the same page after years of hate for each other. Kenny then talks about their match at WrestleDream. Kenny tells Chris he doesn’t like him and he will never be at birthday parties or Thanksgiving dinners. Kenny asks Chris if he has his back tonight and tomorrow night…Chris tells Kenny he promises that he has his back…


Back from the break is is part two of the Portrait with a Star as RJ City interviews Toni Storm. He asks her about the peak of her career and not capturing the AEW Women’s Title from Saraya. She says if you don’t bleed each week, you may it in the right ups. Toni grabs RJ’s hands and she asks him if he is coming onto her and flirting with her. RJ says he is not and then Toni asks RJ if he is not good enough for her.

The Kingdom are out first for our next match to boos! Matt has a suitcase on wheels…Best Friends are out next with Rocky Romero as then goes to the back and doesn;t stay out with Best Friends.

The Kingdom (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett) vs. Best Friends (Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor)

Before the match even starts Best Friends take out The Kingdom as they have not even taken off their jackets. The bell finally rings as Trent nails Mike and chops him in the corner. Trent tags in Chuck as he puts Matt in an arm bar and drops him with a back suplex and covers him for a two. Trent is tagged in Mike kicks Trent in the gut and tags in Matt Taven. He drops Chucky T as the commentary team are calling him. Trent is tagged in and leaps over the ropes on to the Kingdom. All four men are on the floor and drop each and then Matt is tossed into the barricade as we go to picture-in-picture…

Picture-In-Picture: All four men are back in the ring…The Kingdom double team Chucky T. Mike works on Chuck in the corner and then tags in Matt Taven as Sling TV does their full commercial break…


Back from the full break, Chucky T tags in Trent who takes down Mike Bennett as Matt Taven comes in and is dropped as well. Trent takes out both members of The Kingdom with a double drop kick as the fans cheer on…Trent drops Matt with a swing DDT and cover him for a near fall. Matt nails Trent from behind and tags in Mike who drops him and then is nailed in the face with a big boot from Matt. Mike covers Trent for only a two count. On the outside, Mike nails Chuck with a rebound elbow…Matt pulls Trent and has him on the steel steps…Mike is looking for a piledriver, but Trent reverses it and drops Mike with a death valley driver on the steel steps! Best Friends take out both of The Kingdom and then they give the people what they want, followed by double pile drivers on The Kingdom. Trent covers Mike Bennett for only a two count! Chucky T is tagged in…as the ref is distracted by Taven, Mike Bennett nails two low blows on Chucky T and then Bennett hits him a Hail Mary for the win.


The Kingdom then say they need to leave to go to Roderick Strong’s house right now. Matt Taven looks in the camera and tells Adam Cole to meet them at Roddy’s house. Matt Taven tells Roddy to stay neck strong as they are only six hours away.

Backstage Alex Marvez talks with Prince Nana and Don Callis…Alex asks Nana what he is doing with Don Callis…Nana says you need to dig deep in the universe and after the Gates of Agony are done with Jericho and Omega, Nana and Callis will be in the money as he walks off…


We go to a video package featuring Julia Hart and Kris Statlander as the two will meet at WrestleDream, with Kris putting the TBS Title on the line.

Julia Hart is out with Brody King…

Julia Hart vs. Vertvixen

The bells rings as we begin…Hart chops Vertvixen from behind and then takes her down and slams her head repeatedly on the mat. Vixen attempts to get up, but Julia uses the middle rope to choke out Vixen, who tries to fight back. Julia then nails Vixen with elbows to the face and then kicks Vixen in the back. Julia grabs Vixen and tosses her to the corner. Julia then nails Vixen with a thrust kick. Vixen tries to fight back, but Julia drops Vixen and then goes to the top rope and lands a huge moonsault on Vixen for the three count!


Julia grabs a mic and says to Kris she can’t wait until tomorrow and calls her out…Kris’ music hits and she comes out with TBS Title in hand as Best Friends walk out…Kris walks to the ring with purpose…Brodie stands in front of Julia as Best Friends stand behind Kris. Brodie leaves the ring as so does Best Friends. Kris challenges Julia to hit her as Julia leaves the ring to boos. Kris tells Julia she can run away tonight, but not tomorrow night as the clock is ticking and that her time is up…Brody King and Julia walk off…

We go to a video package with Claudio Castagnoli making an open challenge…Josh Barnett then answers the challenge in the video package…as we have Barnett vs. Castagnoli for WrestleDream.

Chris Jericho’s music hits as he is out first with bat in hand to a big ovation from the Seattle crowd. Kenny Omega is out next. He high fives the fans at ringside before entering the ring as Chris Jericho looks on…Gates of Agony are out next with Prince Nana.

Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho vs. Gates of Agony (Bishop Kaun and Toa Liona)

The bell rings as we are underway with Chris Jericho hyping up the fans as he and Toa start. Toa chops Jericho and heabutts him as Bishop is tagged in and goes for a cover on Chris, as he kicks out. Kaun chops Jericho who is the corner and then tries to fight back, but is double teamed by GOA…Chris is down in the corner as he whipped to the ropes and kicks Kaun to make a tag…Kenny Omega drops Kaun and then nails him with a huge crossbody. Kenny tries to suplex Kaun but can’t get him up. Jericho comes in and they drop Kaun with a double suplex. Kenny and Chris continue to double team Kaun as he fights back with elbows on Jericho and Omega…Jericho and Omega fight back and drop Kaun. Nana distracts Omega as Kuan then nails Omega with an elbow who drops hard to the floor Toa is tagged in as he works on Omega and covers him for only a two count. GOA double team Omega as we go to picture-In-Picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Jericho is back up on the apron as Omega is being working on in the ring…Toa nails Omega with huge elbows to the back of the head as Nana jaws at Omega. Toa pushes Omega to the floor as Toa rolls to the outside and pushes Omega into the ring apron and then tosses him back in the ring and covers him for a near fall. Kaun is tagged in and flips onto Kenny, who tries to fight back, but is grabbed from behind by Toa.

Back from PIP: Kenny fights back and drops Toa as Kenny Omega is able to make the tag to Chris Jericho who is fired up and takes out Kuan with a double ax from the top rope…Jericho fires up the crowd as he goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Kuan fights out of it…Toa is tagged in and drops Jericho and covers him, but its broken up by Kenny… Jericho drops kicks Toa to the outside as Kuan attempts to pin Jericho, but he kicks out…Omega nails Kuan with a V-Trigger who goes to the outside…Jericho puts Toa in the lion tamer as Toa taps out! Jericho and Omega shakes hands.


After the match, Jericho grabs a mic and says Jericho and Omega have proved they can co-exist together. Omega then says co-existing is bigger than Jericho and Omega…its about Don Callis and how he was brainwashed and blinded by Callis…Omega then said that Callis spent $30,000 on flights himself and Takeshita to try and take out Kota Ibushi. He tells Callis that at WrestleDream it’s time for the original Alpha and Original Omega to spell the end of Don Callis. Jericho says Sammy Guevara is the ultimate Judas as they tells Sammy that he (Jericho) is the villain and will ruin Sammy’s life and will take everything from the last four years out on Sammy…

We go to a great video package with The Righteous, hyping up the ROH World Tag Team Title Match with MJF defending in a handicap match.


Back from the break, we go to a video package with Darby Allin and Christian Cage, hyping up their two-out-of-three falls match for the TNT Championship at WrestleDream. They show fans in the stand wearing Darby Allin face paint.

The Righteous are introduced as they walk out…

The Righteous vs. Travis Williams and Judas Icarus

Vincent locks up with Travis as he tags in Judas. Vincent takes out Judas and then tags in Dutch. Judas tries to take out Dutch, but it has not effect. Vincent is tagged in as he takes out Judas. Dutch then grabs Travis Williams and his dropped hard as he rolls out of the ring…Vincent covers Judas and pins him for the win.


Vincent grabs the mic and says to Dutch, look at all the paper people strung together…its the same people who believe that MJF is the devil…he then says that MJF is the devil and he pulls the strings…the same strings that pulls Adam Cole…Vincent then says they will leave WrestleDream as the ROH World Tag Team Champions….Dutch grabs a piece of wood or more what is a small log from under the ring as they put the log between the feet of Judas and then Vincent nails Judas with a chair…Dutch grabs the piece of wood as he and Vincent leave the ring.

We go to a video package hyping up Eddie Kingston defending the ROH and NJPW Strong Openweight titles against Katsuyori Shibata at WrestleDream on Sunday.


Back from the break, Kevin and Nigel run down the WrestleDream card for tomorrow night. We go backstage with Tony Schiavone talking to TMDK. The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn come in an interrupt TMDK as they will challenge The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn for the Trios titles on the Zero Hour WrestleDream PPV…The Acclaimed and Billy tell TDMK they will lose and walk off…TDMK then do rap of their own on how they will beat The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn.

Nigel and Kevin run down more of the WrestleDream card.

Zack Sabre, Jr. is introduced as he will be on commentary for our main event. Jim Ross is also commentary as well for this match.

Aussie Open is out first. Ricky Starks music hits next as he and Big Bill make their way to the ring. Ricky stands on the second rope as his pyro goes off…

FTR’s music hits next to a big ovation.

FTR shove Aussie Open as the ref holds them back…

Bryan Danielson’s music hits as he and Wheeler Yuta come out…Bryan gets a huge ovation from his home state crowd as the Seattle fans love Bryan Danielson who is from Aberdeen on the Washington coast.

All Star Eight Man Tag Team Match: Bryan Danielson, Wheeler Yuta, and FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) vs. Ricky Starks, Big Bill, and Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis)

The bell rings and here we go! Cash and Ricky start with a lockup. Cash tags in Wheeler as Ricky then tags in Kyle Fletcher of Aussie Open. Wheeler has Kyle in an arm bar, but it’s reversed. Kyle kicks Wheeler who comes back with huge chops on Kyle. Wheeler then drop kicks Kyle. Dax Harwood is tagged in. Mark Davis is tagged in and chops Dax as he goes to the outside…We have a brawl on the floor as we go to picture-in-picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Mark Davis and Dax Harwood are back in the ring as he takes down Dax. Mark tags in Big Bill who puts a boot to the face of Dax in the corner. Bill tosses Dax against the turnbuckle as he goes down. Bill tags in Ricky Starks who works on Dax in the corner with shoulder blocks to the gut.

We go to a full commercial break, as yes this is a Sling TV thing…


Quick break as we are back live as Kyle Fletcher drops Dax Harwood as both men are down…Dax tries for the tag, but is stopped buy Kyle. Dax tries to fight back with elbow chops on Fletcher’s head…Dax makes the tag to Cash who take out both members of Aussie Open. Cash picks up Fletcher, but he counters…Cash then drops kicks Big Bill off the ring apron. Cash then takes out Fletcher. Wheeler is tagged in as he takes down Kyle Fletcher, followed with chops to the chest. Wheeler delivers a German Suplex on Kyle and covers him for only a two count. Ricky Starks is tagged in as Wheeler nails Starks with a number of elbow strikes, but then is kicked by Big Bill. Starks then nails Wheeler as the fans chant for Bryan Danielson. Starks then drops a huge elbow on Wheeler and covers him for only a two count. Big Bill is tagged in. Starks and Big Bill double team Yuta as Ricky has Yuta in a headlock. Yuta fights out, but Starks grabs Yuta’s ankle and tags in Big Bill who nails Yuta. Bill tags in Kyle Fletcher who drops Wheeler with a huge powerbomb as we go to another picture-In-picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Ricky Starks is tagged in as Wheeler fights back, but its not enough to fend off Ricky. Mark Davis is tagged in as he scoops up Wheeler and drops him to the mat. Davis tags in Big Big who wok on Wheeler in the corner and puts a big boot to the throat of Wheeler. Ricky Starks is tagged back in as he picks up Wheeler and spins him around and drops him…

Back from PIP: Both Ricky and Wheeler are down. Bryan Danielson wants in really bad as the fans go wild…Yuta tags in Danielson who takes out Starks with kicks and chops as the fans chant yes! Danielson tosses Starks to the outside and takes him out with a suicide dive and then as Ricky rolls back in, Danielson drops Starks and then follows up with running knees to the face. As Danielson goes for another, Ricky moves out of the way…Starks tags in Big Bill as Danielson is down. Bill mocks the fans and Danielson gets Big Bill into a crossface. Kyle Fletcher comes in and breaks things up…all eight men are now in the ring. has the babyfaces kick the heels in the chest to huge yes chants…Danielson picks up Big Bill and drops him down….on the outside, Danielson is tossed into the steel steps by Starks as the action is all over the place…back in the ring, it’s Big Bill and Dax Harwood who exchange chops. Bill charges Dax who moves as Bill hits the top turnbuckle…Starks is on the ring apron as Big Bill slams down Dax with a chokeslam as Starks then is tagged in and nails Dax again and covers him for the three count! The fans are stunned.. All eight men brawl as the fight goes to the floor. Danielson is in the ring by himself as he calls for Zack Sabre, Jr. who leaves the commentary table and enters the ring as they have a staredown. Zack shoves Danielson who then slaps Zack across the face…Zack rolls out of the ring holding his jaw as Bryan Danielson’s music hits…Bryan Danielson looks on as the show goes off the air.