AEW Collision 10 07 2023

AEW Collision Results
October 7, 2023 (Special 7:00 pm ET start time)
Maverik Center in West Valley City (Salt Lake City), Utah
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

The headline has been updated to reflect titles changing hands on this week’s show due to legitimate injury, per several reports, including Fightful Select.

We go to the opening video package hyping up tonight’s matches…Saturday night’s alright for fighting!

As the pyro goes off, Ian Riccaboni and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show!

The challengers come out first for our world tag team title match, which was announced with a 60-minute time limit! FTR’s music hits as the tag champs make their way to a nice ovation from the Salt Lake City crowd.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) defend against Ricky Starks and Big Bill

Ricky Starks starts off hot as he pushes Cash Wheeler off the apron as he hits the floor hard, who has broken ribs as it was mentioned before the match. Ricky then goes for a pin on Dax Harwood for only a two count. Ricky tags in Big Bill who pummels Dax to the outside who crashes hard to the floor. Dax has his shoulder taped up. Bill goes to the outside as Ricky calls for Bill to clear off the announce table, which he does…Bill picks up Cash and chokeslams him through the announce table. Bill then tosses Dax back into the ring. Bill charges at Dax who moves out of the way as Bill hits the turnbuckle. As Bill is down, Dax tries to apply the sharpshooter, but Bill is up and picks up Dax and chokeslams him hard on the mat as Ricky tells Big to do it again! Bill picks up Dax and slams him down again. Ricky tells Bill one more time! Bill picks up Dax and slams him down hard yet again! Ricky signals to Bill to do it again! Bill punches Dax and then tags in Ricky who spears Dax and pins him! We have NEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!


Ian and Nigel run down the card for the Title Tuesday episode of Dynamite.

Bryan Danielson’s music is up and out comes Bryan to a nice ovation. Kyle Fletcher comes out next…

Bryan Danielson vs. Kyle Fletcher of Aussie Open

The bell rings and we are underway! Both men lock up as the fans are behind Bryan…Kyle tosses Bryan down to boos. Bryan is up as both lock up again. Bryan drives Fletcher down who then is back up and chops Bryan hard in the chest. Kyle Fletcher taunts the fans who boo him loud. Both men now lock up in a test of strength as Bryan goes for an ankle lock as Kyle makes it to the ropes to break the hold. As this is a technical wrestling match, both men lock up again as Kyle sends Bryan to the corner and chops him hard! Bryan goes down as Kyle then kicks him in the back. Another lock up again. Bryan has Kyle in an armbar. Kyle breaks out of the hold and then Bryan connects on Kyle with a knee and then locks up Kyle in what Ian Riccaboni called the 3-6-4. Bryan Danielson then turns Kyle over and lays huge rights and lefts into his head. Bryan then nails Kyle with a forearm and covers him for only a two count! Bryan picks up Kyle and has him in an armbar, which Kyle gets out of. As Bryan goes to the apron, Kyle sends him to the floor…Kyle then takes out Bryan with a huge leap through the ropes as we go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Both men are down on the floor…Kyle Fletcher is back up on his feet. He picks up Bryan Danielson and tosses him back in the ring. Bryan is up as Kyle chops in the chest…he nails another on Bryan who drops to his knees and crawls to the middle of the ring. Kyle has Bryan against the turnbuckle and nails him in the head with a series of punches and then chops him again as Bryan goes down.

Back from PIP: It still is all Kyle Fletcher, as he picks up Bryan Danielson and slams him down. As Kyle goes for another slam, Bryan counter with a clothesline a both men are down. Bryan is up and then nails Kyle with several kicks to the chest…he covers Kyle for just a two count! As Kyle is up, Bryan works on Kyle in the corner with more kicks to the chest. Bryan climbs the ropes and then sends Kyle Fletcher to the mat to a huge ovation! As Kyle is up, Bryan nails him with several running kicks…As Bryan goes for another, Kyle catches Bryan and drops him with a brainbuster! Kyle covers Bryan for a near fall as we have this is awesome chants! As Bryan is up, Kyle chops the heck out of his chest and then superkicks him…as Kyle Fletcher goes for a kick, Bryan moves and Kyle hits his knee on the turnbuckle. Bryan then works on Kyle Fletcher in the corner with huge chops! As Kyle is down, Bryan puts Kyle in an ankle lock in the center of the ring…As Kyle breaks out of it, Bryan German suplexes him and covers him – 1 – 2 – NO! Kyle Fletcher kicks out! As Bryan goes for another German suplex, Fletcher reverses it and tosses Danielson down. Fletcher then goes for a piledriver, but Bryan breaks out of it! Fletcher then slams Bryan down for a near fall! As Bryan goes for a dragon sleeper, Kyle reverses it and puts Danielson in a dragon sleeper of his own. Fletcher picks up Danielson and has him on the top rope. Fletcher picks up Bryan and slams him down. As Kyle goes for a dragon sleeper, Bryan reverses it and pins him!

After the match, the Gates of Agony hit the ring and take out Danielson….Claudio Castagnoli comes into make the save, followed by Wheeler Yuta. The heels escape out of the ring as the BCC looks on and then celebrate Danielson’s win in the ring.


Back from the break, the commentary team are shown with a partially put back together table at ringside.

We go backstage with Tony Schiavone interviewing Ricky Starks and Big Bill. Bill says they show up to work week after week showing up acting like stars and looking like stars. Ricky says FTR doesn’t get a rematch and doesn’t get anything. He says he and Bill are the real faces of Collision and are the real top dogs around here.

Jay White comes out with Juice and The Gunns. White is wearing the AEW World Championship belt he took from MJF last Wednesday. The babyfaces are out next…

Bullet Club Gold (The Gunns, Juice Robinson vs. Angelico, Metalik and Gravity

The bell rings and we are underway…Gravity and Austin Gunn start things off. Gravity wants a test of strength as Austin nails Gravity in the chin…Gravity recovers and takes down Austin. Gravity tags in Metalik…Austen tags in Juice, only to be kicked by Metalik. He then nails Juice with forearms, followed by a sling-blade bulldog. Angelico is then tagged in and has Juice in an armbar. Juice then tags in Colten and takes down Gravity who was tagged in as we go to picture-in-picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Gravity is up as Austin is tagged in. Gravity takes down Austin, but he recovers and is sent to the corner. Juice is tagged in and works on the arm of Gravity and sends him to the corner. Gravity goes up on the ropes, but then crashes down as Juice moves…

Full commercial break, courtesy of Sling TV…

Back from the break, Gravity is down and Juice works on him…Gravity is up as Juice lays him out with lefts and rights…Austin is tagged in and then punches Gravity, followed by a clothesline. Colten is tagged in as he takes down Gravity who then makes a pin attempt, but Colten kicks out a two. Gravity makes a tag to Angelico who has both The Gunns locked up. Juice comes in a breaks the hold with a punch on Angelico. Gravity then goes for a springboard, but Colten moves the ropes as Gravity crashes to the floor. Metalik is tagged in as Austin kicks Metalik in the mid-section. Juice is tagged as he drives Metalik head first on the mat and covers him for the win.

After the match Jay White comes in and stands in the ring with the World Title Belt. Jay White grabs a mic and tells The Gunns to get the cardboard cut out of himself. Jay says then did not come empty handed as they brought some gold…Jay then calls MJF a scumbag as an MJF chant begins. Jay tells MJF he will lead by example. He asks if MJF is home nursing his wounds or at Adam Cole’s house nursing his wounds. Jay tells MJF he thought he would get it back…Jay White then challenges Adam Page on the special Dynamite Title Tuesday…Jay then says it can a world title eliminator match…he then says he will take their record to 4-0. Jay then says he does it better than MJF and everybody knows it…

We go to a video package with Nick Wayne talking about Darby Allin leaving him in 2015 and how he was always in the shadow of Darby and that joining Christian Cage was a way to get back at Darby. He then says Christian is a better father figure…


Back from the break, we have a video recap of the Adam Copeland and Christian Cage exchange on this past week’s Dynamite. Nigel reminds us of Copeland vs. Luchasaurus on Title Tuesday.

The Iron Savages with Jacked Jamison are out…Jamison calls out The Acclaimed…

The music hits for the World Trios champs as Max Caster does another rap insulting the Iron Savages…Billy reminds us how long they have held the trios titles…

World Trios Championship Match: The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn vs. Jacked Jamison and Iron Savages

The bell rings and we start with Jacked Jamison and Billy Gunn. Billy pulls his shirt off, but is taken out by Jacked Jamison, who tags in Boulder and takes down Billy with a shoulder tackle. Boulder then drops a big elbow on Billy. Bronson picks up Billy who then tags in Anthony Bowens. Billy and Anthony double team Bronson and cover him for a two count…Bowens nails Bronson who then tags in Boulder as we go to picture-in-picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Iron Savages are in control…Boulder has Bowens in a headlock who is up and fights back, but is taken down…Bronson is tagged in as Bowens is picked up and slammed down. Billy Gunn is sent to the outside…Boulder then goes down as he misses a moonsault. Caster is tagged in and superkicks Jamison, Boulder and Bronson…Caster picks up Boulder and slams him down. Caster then hits Jacked Jamison with a huge cross-body from the top rope…Bronson and Boulder then come in and double team Caster and take him down. Jamison goes for the cover, but Max Caster kicks out…Billy and Caster then pick up Boulder and slam him down! Bowens is up on the top rope as a scissor me timber is delivered on Boulder who roles out of the ring…Caster then comes down off the top rope with a huge elbow on Jacked Jamison who is the legal man…Caster covers him as the champs retain.


I missed some of the action with this match as I had some slight unexpected distractions…I do apologize.

We go to a video package featuring Toni Storm with her new Timeless gimmick.


Back from the break, we have a video package with Shane Taylor and Keith Lee, highlighting their eventual match…

Toni Storm’s music hits as Toni comes out to black and white stop motion for those watching at home…Kiera Hogan is out next to silence.

“Timeless” Toni Storm vs. Kiera Hogan

The bell rings and we begin as Toni hands Kiera a piece of paper, which I think is a contract of sorts. Kiera tears it up. Toni then nails Kiera who then fights back and hits Toni with a thrust kick and covers Toni for only a two count. Toni then slams Kiera down and grabs her hair and tosses her to the corner. Toni picks up Kiera by the hair again and then tosses Kiera yet again. Kiera then climbs to the top rope and lands a big crossbody on Toni who is down. Toni then trips Kiera and sends her to the outside as Toni says stayed tuned as we go to picture-in-picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Toni works on Kiera on the outside…Toni has Kiera on the barricade and then charges at Kiera who moves out of the way…Kiera goes into the ring and then rolls out to break the ten count and have it start over…Toni recovers and gets back in the ring…Toni takes down Kiera and then celebrates before nailing her with right hands…

Full commercial break courtesy of Sling TV…

Back from the break, Kiera nails Toni with a dropkicks from the second rope followed by a hip attack…Kiera then covers Toni for a two count. Kiera then is met with a sky high slam by Toni as she covers Kiera for only a two count…Toni looks at the ref and says “how dare you!” Kiera then picks up Toni and slams her down…1 – 2- NO! Toni kicks out…Toni then picks up Kiera and slams her down…Toni then comes back and nails Kiera with the storm zero for the win.


We go to Renee Paquette with Ruby Soho backstage…Ruby talks about if it wasn’t for Hikrua Shida she would be facing Saraya at Title Tuesday…Renee then tells Ruby she has been banned from ringside on Tuesday…

-Commercial Break-

The challenger is out next, followed by the champion who walks to the ring with purpose. Jim Ross is on commentary for our main event match…Adam Copeland is still to come…

ROH World Championship Match: Eddie Kingston defends against Komander

Both men shake hands as the bell rings…Both men lock up as the fans start and Eddie chant. Eddie pushes Komander to the ropes. Both men lock up again as Eddie has Komander in an armbar. Komander breaks the hold as Eddie picks up Komander who counters with a head-scissors. Both men lock up again as Komander sends the champ down. Eddie is locked up in a submission like hold as an Eddie chant starts…Eddie drops to the mat as Komander has Eddie locked up in the hold. Eddie gets his hand on the bottom rope to break the hold…Eddie is up and fires back on Komander with a series of chops in the corner…Eddie then takes down Komander as we go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Eddie has Komander down on the mat in a headlock. Komander counters it and puts Eddie in a head lock of his own…Eddie is up and suplexes Komander. Eddie then stomps on Komander who gets up and in the face of Eddie who chops him.. Komander then fights back with a series of punches…Eddie pushes Komander to the corner and chops him. Eddie attempts to picks up Komander who blocks it.

Back from PIP: Both men are up and exchange blows…Komander then comes back with a corkscrew crossbody off the ropes on to Eddie and covers him for only a two count! Komander leaps over the top rope on Eddie who was on the floor…Komander rolls Eddie back in the ring. Komander climbs to the top rope and lands a huge 450 splash on Eddie, then covers him for just a two count…Komander is back up on the top rope as Eddie gets up on and both men exchange blows on the top rope…Komander then counters a superlex in mid-air…he covers Eddie for just a two count! Eddie then nails Komander with a huge lariat and covers him for a near fall! Eddie is up and misses with a back fist as Komander hits Eddie with a DDT…1 -2 – NO the champs kicks out! Eddie gets up and then nails Komander with a back fist that connects…Eddie covers Komander and retains!


The fans show respect to both men as they are on their feet. Eddie and Komander shake hands and show respect for each other.

The commentary team run down the card for the special Title Tuesday episode of Dynamite and next Friday’s Rampage card…up next is Adam Copeland.

Adam Copeland responds to Christian Cage

How about now…no commercial break. Copeland’s music hits to a huge ovation. Copeland makes his way to the ring…Copeland asks for a mic and is given one…the fans begin and Adam chant…he says before he begins, he looks down and thanks JR who signed him to his first wrestling contract that paid his college debt…He says he is really confused as the whole idea coming to AEW was to team with Christian Cage as he talks about what happened on Dynamite…he says that he was told that if he wrestled again he would die due to his neck injury…but he is standing in an AEW ring…he then says Christian was told the same. Copeland says that Christian stopped taking his phone calls and then calls Christian a d— and that he is still his best friend for 40-years…he says that Christian is in the Bond phase and calls Nick Wayne Christian’s Persian cat, as a Persian cat chant starts…he says he is out for answers…and is confused. He calls out Christian. Christian then appears on the big screen and says that Copeland has only been in AEW for a week and has done nothing…Christian says the answer will come Tuesday. Christian then asks Copeland if he will make it, as Luchasaurus’ music hits…Lucha and Nick Wayne come out…Copeland fights off both Lucha and Wayne as he spears Lucha off the apron and then takes out Nick Wayne…he goes to spear Wayne, but he moves out of the way as Lucha takes out Copeland with a huge chokeslam…Lucha gets a chair as Darby Allin’s music hits…Darby comes through the crowd with a chair and takes out Lucha…he looks down at Nick Wayne who and then turns his back as Lucha distracts him…Nick nails Darby as Lucha then hits Darby…Lucha takes off Darby’ arm brace as they put Darby down on the mat and his arm on a chair. Lucha holds Darby’s arm as Nick nails Darby’s arm with a huge chair shot…Luchasaurus’ music hits as the show goes off the air.