AEW Collision 10 21 2023 & Battle Of The Belts VIII

AEW Collision and Battle of the Belts VIII Results
October 21, 2023
Memphis, TN (Fedex Forum)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

AEW Collision

Pyro kicks us off for another exciting edition Collision as Bryan Danielson’s music hits, ushering in the arrival of the American Dragon for our opening contest! Danielson heads down the ramp to a big ovation from the crowd, entering the ring before Andrade El Idolo makes his way to the stage for this “dream match”! Idolo heads down the ramp, removing his ceremonial mask before entering the ring. Moments later, this match gets underway!

Bryan Danielson vs. Andrade El Idolo

Both men circle the ring before engaging, locking up until Idolo gets Danielson to the ropes and forced to break things up. They lock up again but Bryan gets an arm wringer on Idolo, who reverses into a waistlock that Danielson counters before they end up on the ropes once again.

The two men circle the canvas once more before locking up, this time Idolo with a standing armbar bringing Danielson to a knee…but the Dragon fights back to his feet, eventfully turning out of the hold to hit a modified Northern Lights suplex. Bryan looking for a test of strength, but Andrade rocks him before locking in the Gory Special! He’s got Bryan’s arms stretched out as he gets him pinned the canvas, leading to a series of nearfalls that ends in a standoff!

Both men eager to find an advantage as Andrade cinches a side headlock, but Danielson escapes…hitting two side headlock takedowns of his own! Both men back up as Bryan seeks another test of strength from Idolo, before taking him to the canvas and locking his legs up for more punishment…leading to a bow and arrow! But Idolo counters into a nearfall!

Mat wrestling on hand now as Bryan looks for a leglock, or any hold, before finally escaping. Once again we’re at a standstill between both men, before Idolo hits a waistlock that Bryan counters out of…and he’s going for a LeBell Lock! NO! Idolo looking for a figure four leglock, but Danielson escapes!

The men lock up, looking for any sort of opening as Bryan gets Andrade against the ropes…and chops Idolo! Andrade responds with some chops of his own sending Bryan to the corner, but Bryan turns it around with chops and kicks…before Idolo hits him with some more chops! Bryan with a headbutt to put an end to it, sending Idolo to the ropes…but Idolo stays tranquilo before letting a charging Bryan fall to the outside!

Idolo with a baseball slide attempt but Danielson catches him, grabbing hold of a hammerlock before sending Andrade shoulder-first into the ring post…and then hitting a Busaiku knee as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Danielson still in control during the break as he brings Andrade back into the ring, but Idolo escapes right back to the outside for a breather…only to get overwhelmed by Danielson upon his return. Bryan stays on the attack with an arm lock that keeps Idolo on the canvas, but Andrade lays in some kicks as we come back from break!

Danielson responds with a couple kicks of his own before finally letting go. Idolo heads to the corner where Bryan lays in some hard strikes…but Andrade hits some of his own, before they exchange chops in the center! Danielson drops down, but comes back up with a couple hard strikes sending Idolo to the corner…escaping an attack by Andrade, but not a flying elbow strike that sends him to the canvas!

Idolo is back on his feet as Bryan heads to the corner to get back up, only for Andrade to come charging at him…taking a kick to the face before landing a springboard dropkick that sends Bryan to the outside! Andrade follows up with an moonsault onto Danielson, bringing him back in the ring for a split-leg variation of it for a nearfall!

The fight ends up back in the corner, where both men are up high and fighting it out…before Danielson drops Andrade with a couple headbutts! Bryan sets up as Idolo gets to his feet…only to take a missile dropkick from the Dragon! Danielson back on his feet, laying in a series of kicks until Andrade counters with a couple dragon screws and clenches him for a close nearfall!

Another dragon screw from Idolo…but Danielson captures the leg, countering into a LeBelle Lock until Idolo gets to the ropes to break it! Action returns to the corner now as Andrade drops Danielson into a tree of woe for a double stomp…followed by a running strike in the corner and the cover! BUT DANIELSON KICKS OUT!

Andrade hits a body slam on Bryan to keep him down, setting up for a moonsault that Danielson rolls out of…but Idolo counters with a standing moonsault, only to fall onto the raised knees of the Dragon! Bryan goes for a LeBelle Lock, but Idolo counters into a figure four…and he’s looking to raise it to a Figure Eight! Bryan gets to the ropes to break the hold before that happens, though!

Both men are back up as Bryan lays in some hard chops before hitting the ropes…only to run into a back elbow by Idolo! But Danielson goes for a Busaiku Knee…NO! Roll up by Andrade leads to a series of nearfalls…that ends with Bryan getting enough leverage for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Bryan Danielson

Bryan extends a hand to Idolo, before the lights cut out…and when they come back on, we see Malakai Black in the ring, and a second later he hits Black Mass on the Dragon! BCC rush down to the ring to make the save but the lights cut out and upon their return, Malakai has disappeared!

Video Package: Darby Allin addresses what he did to Nick Wayne on Dynamite, promising to teach the kid a lesson before bringing up the special gift for Sting next Wednesday night!

Back at ringside, Skye Blue heads to the ring for our next match with Hollyhood Haley already in the ring before this match gets underway!

Skye Blue vs. Hollyhood Haley

Haley showing some fire early on as she tries to catch Skye by surprise, but Blue is able to quickly get the upper hand before hitting a powerbomb that leads to a pin for the win for a very different Skye Blue tonight!

Winner via pinfall: Skye Blue

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, The Gunns are accompanied by Jay White as they head to the ring for our next contest. Already in the ring are their opponents in the Outrunners, and this match gets underway!

The Gunns vs. Outrunners

Turbo gets the upper hand on Colten, dropping him twice before flexing much to Gunn’s chagrin…who responds with a big punch to even the odds before tagging in Austin for more damage. Austin makes both Outrunners suffer a bit before tagging in Colten for 3:10 to Yuma for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: The Gunns

Before they can celebrate, BCG are interrupted by the lights going out, before we see someone in a devil mask backstage. The lights cut out again, and BCG seem spooked by this as we go backstage, where Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander talk about their Battle of the Belts title matches later tonight.

Back at ringside, Dave Brown has joined commentary to call this Memphis Street Fight between Jeff Jarrett and Eddie Kingston. Out first is Jarrett and his amazing friends, who have words with commentary before Jarrett enters the ring. Out next is Eddie Kingston, egging Jarrett on to fight him on the ramp…and Jeff obliges as this match gets underway!

Memphis Street Fight: Eddie Kingston vs. Jeff Jarrett – If Jarrett wins, Jay Lethal gets an ROH World Championship Match

Kingston fights Jarrett, as well as Dutt and Singh as the action finally heads to ringside…but Jarrett brings Kingston along for a walk to a concession table, using a cooler and a popcorn bucket for more damage, until Eddie turns it right around on Jarrett, emptying the cooler on Jarrett for a hot dog assault that is not followed up by a handshake!

Jarrett manages to turn it around on the champ now, using chairs to get back in control of the match…until Kingston grabs the ketchup and mustard bottles in Jeff’s hands, using them against Jarrett for a distraction before setting him up on the table! Kingston heads up onto the ramp but is attacked by Karen Jarrett, before Jay Lethal grabs him from behind…driving him into the table with a cutter just after Jarrett gets out of the way! Jarrett uses half of the broken table for even more damage as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Jarrett continues the attack before heading toward the ring, throwing more weapons out to the floor as Kingston comes after him…only for Jarrett to intercept him, with Dutt joining in on the fun with a safety cone. Jarrett follows with a chair to the pack, but the champ starts fighting back as we go to a quick commercial break. Thanks, TNT!

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, Jarrett is back in control as he shifts to some trashcan shots to the knee of the champion. Eddie is in pain as Jarrett grabs a fresh trashcan for more damage, shifting focus to some chairs in the corner and then the trashlid…only to use another trashcan to great effect! With the damage done, Jarrett locks in the figure four leglock…but Kingston refuses to give up, only to fall on his back for what becomes a nearfall.

Kingston sits back up…but Jeff’s still got the hold in tight! Eddie struggles for a bit, finally turning the hold over to reverse the pressure. Lethal goes for an elbow drop but Eddie rolls away, the hold still on! The leglock finally gets broken as Kingston has to deal with Dutt getting involved…and soon, so too does Karen!

Dutt and Karen end up in the corner as Kingston hits Dutt with a chop, stacking Jarrett for a nearfall that gets broken up by Lethal…who takes a half and half suplex by Kingston and sent out of the ring! Singh gets on the apron, but is taken out with a guitar shot…but Jeff hits the Stroke for a cover! BUT EDDIE KICKS OUT!

Jarrett’s friends continue to assault the champ for his efforts, leading to a chokeslam by Singh as Jarrett hits another Stroke…but they’re not done! Lethal Injection by Jay as Jeff makes the cover…and a slow count gives Jarrett the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Jeff Jarrett

With the win, Jay Lethal gets a future shot at the ROH World Championship against Kingston as he and the rest of the crew berate the champion before Jarrett celebrates the win.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, we hear from The Acclaimed ahead of their World Trios Championship match at Battle of the Belts…before Max Caster attempts to flirt to no avail. They then talk up their title reign before talking down the former JAS, reminding them that everybody loves The Acclaimed!

Back at ringside, CJ Perry makes her way to the ring to watch our next match unfold. Action Andretti makes his way to the ring first, ready to make a statement against a vengeful Miro who steps out next, entering the ring before this match gets underway!

Miro vs. Action Andretti

Miro immediately goes on the attack, sending Andretti to the corner for some hard stomps. Action tries to fight off the Redeemer, but a dropkick doesn’t seem to faze him as Miro counters a springboard attack with a hard strike! Miro brings Andretti back to his feet for a couple lariats, and then sends him into the ring post which causes Andretti to fall out of the ring as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The crowd cheers on Miro as CJ watches on while Miro goes back on the attack, bringing Andretti back into the ring for a nearfall followed by a chinlock. Andretti doesn’t even get to fight out of it before Miro hits some hard strikes to his back, but Action is starting to get to his feet with some forearms…only to get dropped with a right hand by the Redeemer! Miro taunts Andretti, who tries fighting back once again…hitting a knee strike that stuns Miro, but not for long before he drops Action to the canvas as we come back!

Miro continues the assault until Andretti starts to get an opening again, sending the Redeemer to the corner for some mounted punches…but gets sent away! Andretti ends up sending Miro over the top rope before running for a tope con hilo onto the Redeemer! Andretti sends Miro back to the ring, but is caught in mid-air as Miro drops him hard. Miro is pumped up, declaring it’s Game Over…but Andretti manages to roll out of it, and rolls Miro up! BUT MIRO KICKS OUT!

Andretti with a spinning DDT and a shotgun dropkick on the Redeemer! Action goes up for a springboard 450 splash and the cover…BUT MIRO KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Andretti sets him up on his shoulders, but Miro powers out and hits a big boot before locking in Game Over on Andretti…and it is indeed game over as Action passes out!

Winner via submission: Miro

We’re backstage now with the former JAS, who address the World Trios Championship later tonight, assuring everyone they’re all on the same page after a great breakfast…with no dancing. Anna Jay gets upset about this, but Menard assures her it was a joke as they walk off…all except Cool Hand Ang, who bumps into Ruby Soho entering the interview area to address the division before her Women’s World Championship match on Dynamite!

-Commercial Break-

Video Package: RUSH and Los Faccion Ingobernable is tired of dealing with shenanigans after all they’ve been through!

Backstage, Eddie Kingston addresses Jay Lethal aligning himself with Jeff Jarrett, asking what happened to the wrestler that is Jay Lethal. He tells Lethal if he is still a man, he better not bring his new friends or even his family…because he doesn’t want to have to beat Lethal in front of his family, whom Kingston believes will feel Lethal deserves it.

Back at ringside, FTR head to the ring for our next contest with their opponents Bad Thad Allen and Damien Cash already in the ring as the match gets underway!

FTR vs. Bad Thad Brown and Damien Bengston

This match doesn’t go for very long until the lights cut out, coming back on to reveal Malakai Black again…and this time, he’s not alone as the rest of House of Black are with him! They beat up FTR as the ref calls for the bell to throw the match out!

Match ends in a No Contest

House of Black continue the beatdown on the former tag champions until they feel satisfied by the damage done, heading up the ramp as we cut to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, it’s time for our Collision main event! Out first are the challengers, the BCC team of Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta who look to win the AEW World Tag Team Championship from the new champs as Ricky Starks and Big Bill heads to the ring next before this match gets underway!

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: Ricky Starks and Big Bill defend against Blackpool Combat Club’s Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta

Starks and Yuta start off, but Starks leaves to “warm up” before coming back in for a lockup with Yuta. Starks gets the upper hand here, but Yuta reverses and takes Starks to the canvas down hard. Yuta with a facelock into a pin combination for a nearfall before Starks escapes, only for Yuta to keep Ricky grounded with an exchange of holds. Yuta makes it to his feet, taunting Starks…who responds by tagging in Big Bill! Yuta decides to take on the big man himself as he locks up, but Bill overpowers him. Yuta with a chop, but he’s sent to the corner before Bill lays in some heavy strikes of his own!

Bill takes Yuta down to the canvas, but brings him back toward the corner for an overhand chop and a right hand before going after him in the corner before the ref intervenes. Yuta fights back with some chops, but Bill sends him over the top rope…only for Yuta to stop him in his tracks, but Starks distracts him leading to Yuta getting knocked off the apron!

Starks goes on the attack on the outside now, grabbing a shirt for more damage as he pulls Yuta around ringside before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Ricky brings Wheeler back in the ring before tagging in Bill, who lays in the damage some more on the upstart of BCC before sending him into the corner. Bill beats him down some more before tagging Starks back in, and Absolute drops Yuta with a back suplex for the cover…and a commercial break. Thanks again, TNT!

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, tag made to Big Bill who continues to keep Yuta away from the BCC corner with another run of offense…but Yuta fights back, sending the big man over the top to the outside! Yuta looks for a tag but Claudio is taken out of the picture for now thanks to the champs!

Bill sends Yuta to the ropes for a side slam and the cover…BUT YUTA KICKS OUT!

Bill uncovers an elbow for a drop on Yuta, who rolls out of the way and climbs the ropes back to his feet. He fights back Bill, but drops down as well as the ref starts the count and Claudio gets back on the apron…AND CLAUDIO GETS THE TAG!

Claudio goes after Ricky who’s tagged in, laying into him with a flurry of offense in the corner! Castagnoli follows up by climbing the ropes, mocking Starks by walking the ropes before dropping down on Ricky for the cover…BUT STARKS KICKS OUT!

Claudio cannot get more in as Ricky rolls out of the ring…but Castagnoli runs around the ring for a European uppercut on the barricade, followed by one on Big Bill as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Claudio is still in control as he brings Ricky back into the ring, setting him up on the top rope for a big superplex for a close nearfall…before cinching in a LeBelle Lock! Starks is clawing his way to the ropes, but Claudio brings him to his shoulders for a nearfall before locking the hold back in as we come back from break!

Claudio hits a big uppercut on a seated Starks now, covering him for yet another nearfall…but Castagnoli sets up for a Neutralizer that Starks counters out of before tagging in Bill! Big man with a big boot and a big cover…BUT CLAUDIO KICKS OUT!

Bill looks for a powerbomb but Claudio counters, looking to lift the big man up…but Bill escapes. Tag to Yuta, and a double-team shotgun attack for a cover…BUT BILL KICKS OUT!

Both men back to their feet as Yuta gets a waistlock, driving his elbow into the neck of Bill before Starks makes the save…and Bill gets dropped with a lariat for a nearfall! Bill goes right back on the attack now, tagging in Starks…but Yuta is fighting back once again!

Roshambo is countered, but Bill drops him with the powerbomb as Starks makes the cover…BUT YUTA KICKS OUT!

Yuta catches Starks with a kick and a suplex before tagging in Claudio, who sends Bill off the apron before hitting a running lariat on Starks for a cover, but Ricky isn’t done yet as he kicks out!

Tag made to Yuta as Claudio takes Ricky on a Giant Swing…and Yuta ends it with a dropkick on Starks! Cover by Yuta, but Bill breaks it up! Bill with a double goozle, but BCC fight out before sending him out of the ring!

Claudio tells Yuta to go up, and they set up for a double-team…before House of Black come running down to the ring to intervene, sending Claudio out into the crowd! The distraction is enough for Starks to catch Yuta with the Roshambo for the pin and the win to retain!

Winners via pinfall and still AEW World Tag Team Champions: Ricky Starks and Big Bill

House of Black aren’t done however, attacking Yuta in the ring until Danielson comes in for the save. HOB go after the Dragon next, until FTR rush down the ramp to try and even things up! This only goes south for the former champs as HOB continue the attack…until Mox makes his return through the crowd!

Mox rushes to ringside and things have turned around in favor of FTR and BCC, clearing the ring of House of Black and the tag champs who end up regrouping on the ramp before Stark ends up all alone in the ring for an attack by the men in the ring! FTR and BCC stand tall before Claudio sends Ricky on another Giant Swing to close out Collision!

AEW Battle of the Belts VIII

We open with BCC and FTR finally making their way out of the ring after the pyro, as Orange Cassidy heads down the ramp…but not without bumping into Mox, who goes after Cassidy for the disrespect. Cassidy pays little mind as BCC hold him back, and the champ enters the ring for the first match of Battle of the Belts VIII!

Out next is John Silver, representing the Dark Order as he looks to take the title away from Cassidy tonight. Silver heads to the ring, and moments later this match gets underway!

AEW International Championship Match: Orange Cassidy defends against Dark Order’s John Silver

Reynolds at ringside grabs the sunglasses of the champion, as Silver shoves his hands in Cassidy’s pockets…only for the champ to attack him for it, before diving onto Reynolds to get his shades back!

Cassidy heads back into the ring as Silver goes for a big boot, but the champ evades it…but he cannot evade a Beale throw by Silver sending him into the corner! Silver does another one for good measure, flexing for the crowd along the way. Silver sends the champ to the corner, but Cassidy fights back sending Silver face first into the turnbuckle!

Silver retaliates with a delayed superplex from the second rope, sending the champion down hard for a nearfall. Silver sends Cassidy to the ropes and looks for a suplex there, but the champ fights back as both men end up on the apron. Cassidy drives Silver back with some elbow shots, but Silver intercepts Cassidy on the turnbuckle before dropping him face first onto the apron! Silver flexes as he goes back on the attack, another Beale throw to send the champ flying as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Silver stays on the attack, using some help from Reynolds when he can before the action comes back to the ring where he lays in some mounted punches followed by some kicks as we come back!

Silver with some more hard kicks to the champ now, but Cassidy responds with hands in pockets to the chagrin of Silver. Cassidy dodges a kick and kips up, but Silver catches him with a boot…only for the champ to hit a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall! Cassidy fires up with some kicks now, but Silver counters a DDT for a nearfall of his own! Silver still on the attack…but Cassidy hits the Stundog Millionaire! Beach Break by the champ, and a cover…BUT SILVER KICKS OUT!

Cassidy sets up for an Orange Punch but is distracted by Reynolds…who hits the champ with his belt as Silver rolls him up! BUT CASSIDY KICKS OUT!

Silver stays on top of it, a big ol’ airplane spin to wear the champ down as he covers again…but Orange Cassidy will not stay down! Cassidy evades a boot and hits the Orange Punch for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW International Champion: Orange Cassidy

Backstage we start to hear from Andrade El Idolo until CJ Perry interrupts to express her interest in him, something Andrade thinks about as he walks away.

Back at ringside, the “Television Champion” Tony Nese riles up the crowd before telling them it’s time for group training…only for Samoa Joe to step out to the stage for our next contest!

ROH World Television Championship: Samoa Joe defends against Tony Nese

Joe is not having any of Tony Nese as he lays into the Premier Athlete…who manages to fight back , until Joe steps out of the way of a moonsault by Nese! Joe follows up with a massive lariat before setting Nese up for the Muscle Buster for the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall and still ROH World Television Champion: Samoa Joe

Joe gets the microphone after the match, calling out MJF as he promises to go back after the AEW World Championship in due time. Samoa Joe heads out of the ring and up the ramp as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Willow Nightingale heads to the ring for our next match as she looks to win the TBS Championship from Kris Statlander, who makes her way to the ring next before this match gets underway!

TBS Championship Match: Kris Statlander defends against Willow Nightingale

Willow starts off strong here, but the champ quickly turns things around until Willow takes her to the canvas. Statlander back to her feet now with a headlock but Willow fights out of it, sending the champ down with a shoulder tackle…but Kris is back on her feet!

The champ leapfrogs Willow before dropping the challenger for a nearfall. Willow sends her to the ropes but is taken down by Statlander, who hits an elbow drop on Nightingale…and she heads out for a breather, only to take a kick from the champ to the floor! Willow turns it around however, throwing the champ toward the steel steps before hitting a cannonball for added damage.

Willow brings Kris back into the ring for a nearfall, followed by a series of headbutts before bringing the champ to the corner as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Willow is still in control here, sending the champ down to the canvas with some hard body slams as she seems determined to overcome Statlander and win the title…but Kris fights back with a body slam of her own! Only this leads to Willow hitting another, and another still! It becomes a slam-off of sorts before Statlander heads to the corner…but this break only leads to Willow slamming Kris back down to the canvas! The fight continues until both women end up on the canvas, stirring as we go to commercial break. Oh, for the love of–

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, both women are back on their feet as Willow sends the champ to the corner for some hard lariats, but Kris fights back with a somersault senton and a running uppercut, followed by a knee and a Blue Thunder Bomb and the cover…BUT WILLOW KICKS OUT!

Willow has a chance to fight back, but Kris fights out of a Death Valley Driver for a DDT and another nearfall! Kris brings the challenger to the corner now as she heads up top…but Willow intercepts! They fight on the turnbuckle before Willow hits an Avalanche Death Valley Driver for the cover…BUT KRIS KICKS OUT!

Willow hoists the champ up, choking her before sending her into the corner and hitting a cannonball! Willow goes up…but Statlander catches her with a powerbomb! Now it’s the champ going up, connecting for a 450 splash that gets her the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall and still TBS Champion: Kris Statlander

Kris looks for some sportsmanship after the match, but Skye Blue intervenes…but Willow is willing to shake hands with the champ, leaving the ring as Blue stares her down before leaving the ring herself. With that, we go to commercial!

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, we hear from Orange Cassidy who addresses Jon Moxley before challenging BCC to a tag match as he teams with Kazuchika Okada…and it’s confirmed as Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli take on the CHAOS pairing!

Back at ringside, it is time for our main event as the former JAS head to the ring to challenge for the AEW World Trios Championship. Out next are the champions as The Acclaimed have a rap for their challengers on the way to the ring. Moments later, we are greeted by the Grizz as Memphis Grizzlies mascot steps in the ring for some, eh, scissoring before this match gets underway!

AEW World Trios Championship Match: The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn defend against Daniel Garcia, Matt Menard and Angelo Parker

We start off with Caster and Garcia as they lock up, exchange of holds ends with a headlock takedown that gets countered by Caster…but Garcia escapes, only for Menard to stop him from trying to dance. Tag made to Bowens who tries to egg Garcia on to dance, but Anna Jay runs in to stop him…which gets her ejected!

Menard tags in as Bowens goes to work, stopping Ang before tagging in Billy. Double team and a scissor elbow drop for a cover and a nearfall. Tag to Caster now, but Menard gets the upper hand before tagging in Garcia who gets some stomps on him in the corner as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Challengers are still in control, despite Menard continuing to refuse Garcia a chance to dance. They keep Caster isolated in the ring, but Max gets the tag to Bowens that gives the champs a chance to stay in the fight! Menard keeps him down as a result however, keeping Billy out of range as Ang tags in for some more damage on Bowens. Tag made to Menard now as we come back from break…

…and Menard immediately tags in Garcia, who steps all over Bowens for good measure! Ang tags back in, but takes an enziguri as Bowens fights for a tag…only for 3point0 to keep him away as Garcia knocks off Caster! Only he hits Menard as well, allowing Bowens a chance to tag in Billy Gunn!

Gunn gets into it on Menard before calling for Scissor Me Timbers on Daddy Magic…and they celebrate prematurely before Garcia and Ang rush in! Ring is clear except for Caster and Garcia, the latter looking for a dance until Max rolls him up for a nearfall! Garcia and Caster go at it until Garcia hits a back suplex!

Running lariat from Garcia on Caster! Crowd’s chanting for him to dance, and he does! Garcia does it again as he sets Caster up, but Billy catches him with a Famouser! Acclaimed with a double-team on Garcia, and Bowens gets the pin and the win to retain!

Winners via pinfall and still AEW World Tag Team Champions: The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn

The former JAS show their frustration as they leave the ring, while the champions celebrate with the crowd as the show comes quickly to a close since, in the words of Tony Schiavone, “we are desperately out of ti–”