AEW Collision – Debut Show 06 17 2023

AEW Collision Results
June 17, 2023
Chicago, Illinois (United Center)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

Commentary Team: Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness and expert analysis from Jim Ross. Dasha is the ring announcer.

We go to the opening intro…we now go live to the arena with a huge pyro as Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show as the fans begin to chant CM Punk. The ring ropes are red, giving homage to WCW Monday Nitro.

Punk’s music hits to a huge ovation as the building looks packed! Out comes punk with a shaved head and shoes around his neck. Dasha announces Punk. He stops on the entrance area to absorb the fans chanting his name. He enters the ring as has a red bag in had and walks around the ring pointing to the fans. He is given a mic.

Punk chants continue as he has the mic in hand is trying to talk. He says I don’t know if you guys heard, but he is tired of being nice. Gone ten months with a torn triceps. He said this is a business of grown ups and not a popularity contest. He says he wants talk to about his past. He says is he told the younger him if sold out buildings little punker would not have believed it. He said he tired of being nice. He said he got here riding the waves of smart wrestling fans and he said he loves the fans and they love him. He said he could not have done all of this without all of the fans. He said there are some that hate him for the same reasons as the fans booed. He says his near presence makes people uncomfortable and the truth is painful. The fans begin to chant All Elite. He points out different signs in the crowd. He says you can boo him or hate him or call him whatever you want – boo him or cheer him he said. He said he said (Warner Bros. Discovery CEO) David Zaslav calls him “One Bil Phil.” He said that wrestling today is full of “Counterfeit Bucks.” He then said the king is back and he has a lot of things to get off his chest. He starts to laugh a bit as the fans continue to cheer him. He asked Chicago why would he change? He will always speak truth and never compromise. He said there are people who think they are owed an apology. He said he has grown to be a bigger man. He said he sorry that the guys are bigger than the wrestlers you like and to ask him when he is telling lies as the fans cheer his name. He has the red bag that contains what he said is his and its his and all have to beat him for it. He said until there is someone that can fill his boots, the belong on his feet and tell him when he is telling lies.

Punk’s music hits as he walks out of the ring with the red bag as the fans chant his name. He looks at the camera and says that he didn’t come to AEW to be a star, that he is a star.

We go to a video package hyping the TNT Championship Match.

AEW TNT Championship Match: Wardlow defends against vs. Luchasaurus

The challenger comes out with Christian Cage. The champ is out next as walks quickly to the ring.

The bell rings and we are underway. Both men lockup. Wardlow attempts a shoulder block and then drops Lucha with a big drop kick as he rolls to the outside. Warldlow comes out and takes the action to the floor. Wardlow grabs Christian who tries to escape under the ring as he pulls him out. Christian is hiding, but pulls on his boot as Luch pushes the champ to the floor. Lucha tosses Wardlow into the steps. Luch tosses Wardlow back in and covers him only for a two count. Wardlow attempts to fight back as Luch chops Wardlow and then follows up with a big boot!

We go to picture-in-picture. Lucha covers Wardlow, but he kicks out at two! Lucha has Wardlow in a headlock and continues to beat him. Lucha rolls Wardlow on his back and covers him, but Wardlow kicks out at two! Wardlow is on his knees trying to fight back, but is nailed with a forearm on the back of the head. Wardlow attempts to fight back with elbows shots, but it has no effect on Lucha who hits him again and attempts a pinfall, but Wardlow again kicks out at two! Lucha has Wardlow is submission like move.

Back from the PIP, Wardlow has Lucha on his shoulders as it looks like he is bleeding from the mouth. Wardlow drops Lucha as the fans chant Wardlow’s name. Wardlow pushes Lucha in the corner as Wardlow nails him with shoulder blocks. Wardlow picks up Lucha and drops him. Wardlow is on the top rope, but Lucha gets up and hits the ring ropes as Lucha grabs Wardlow and drops him. Lucha covers him – 1, 2 – NO! Wardlow kicks out! Lucha grabs Wardlows neck as Wardlow tries to come back but is met with a huge elbow to the face. Wardow comes back and nails Lucha with a huge forearm. Wardlow picks up Lucha and drops him with a huge powerbomb! Christian has a chair as Wardlow has his back turned. He is calling for another powerbomb. Wardlow picks up Lucha and drops Wardlow and then slams him down and attempts a pin, but Wardlow kicks out at two! Wardlow then picks up Lucha and powerslams him. Wardlow goes to the top rope and lands a huge swanton on Lucha! Christian is back up on the apron. Lucha is up but is a step ahead. Christian grabs a camera from a photographer at ringside as the ref is distracted and nails Wardlow with it. Lucha covers Wardlow – 1 -2 – 3. We have a new TNT Champion!


Lucha has Christian on his shoulders as they celebrate.

Lexy Nair is backstage with Powerhouse Hobbs and QT Marshall. QT says Hobbs doesn’t share the spotlight and will win the Owen Hart Tournament. Hobbs says he is the new face of TNT and winning the tournament and taking what is his.


Back from the break, the commentary team recaps the TNT title change.

Andrade El Idolo vs. Buddy Matthews

The fans begin to chant welcome back to Andrade as the bell rings. Both men walk around the ring and look at each other. They lock up as Andrade is hit with a shoulder block. Both men test their strength. Andrade is taken down, but gets up quick. Andrade locks up Matthews, who then sends Andrade to the ropes. Matthews charges at Andrade who moves out of the way. Both men are on the arpon. Andrade sends Matthews to the floor and then does a cartwheel on the apron and takes out Matthews. The action spills on the floor as Matthew sends Andrade spine first into the ring post. The action now is at the time keepers table. Andrade is up on the guardrail and comes down on Matthews. Both men go back into the ring as Andrade attempts a pin, but Matthews kicks out. Matthews then hits Andrade in the shoulder as Matthew then climbs to the top and comes down on Andrade hard as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-in-picture – the medical staff are checking on Andrade checking on his shoulder, which is the same side as the torn pec. Another medical staff/trainer is checking on Matthew’s knee as he came down hard off the top rope. Both men are up and we have a full commercial break.


Back from the full break – Andrade is on the floor favoring his shoulder. The ref continues the count as Andrade rolls back in the ring. Matthews kicks the shoulder as Andrade tries to get up. Matthews continues kicking Andrade. Andrade is up as uses one arm to take down Matthews. Andrade comes back and takes out the left knee of Matthews, who goes down. Andrade hits Matthews with a double moonsault. He attempts a pin, but Matthews kicks out. Both men are down. Andrade has Matthews but Andrade is dropped with a huge DDT! Matthews covers Andrade, but he kicks out at two! Matthews goes to the top rope, but Andrade hits him and Andrade attempts a suplex, but fails. Matthews kicks Andrade twice in the face, but his knee gives out. Andrade comes back and kicks Matthews in the face, but he comes back with a huge knee on Andrade and cover him, but Andrade kicks out at two! The fans begin to chant this awesome! Matthews has Andrade locked up. Andrade comes back with a figure four as Matthews attempts to get to the ropes. Andrade turns it into a figure eight as Matthews submits!


After the match, Andrade goes to help him up, but Matthews pushes him. Andrade puts out his hand for a handshake. The lights go out! The lights come back on and behind Andrade is Malakai Black and Brody King, who nails Andrade with a huge lariat! Black looks down and the lights go out.

Video package featuring Scorpio Sky who we haven’t seen in months.


Back from the break they have an outside shot of the United Center. Tony Nese is in the ring with Mark Sterling. He said he is a personal trainer and can’t stay in the back watching on the monitor the most disgusting and fat Chicago people. He says he is taking over Collision and will do personal training. Miro’s music then hits to a big ovation. It looks like we have Miro’s opponent in Nese. The commentary team said Nese has an open contract under Sterling. Miro hypes the crowd as they cheer him.

Miro vs. Tony Nese

The bell rings as the fans chant welcome back at Miro. Nese slips out of the ring as Miro follows. Nese then chops Miro but it does nothing. Both men are back in the ring as Miro chops and stomps on Nese. Miro tosses Nese into the turnbuckle. Miro has Nese on the apron and chops him across the chest as the fans count to ten. Nese climbs the top rope and comes down, but Miro catches him and drops him down! Sterling is up on the apron and is hit by Miro. Nese then comes back and kicks Miro, but is has no effect on Miro. Miro picks up Nese and just drops him hard on the mat. Miro then kicks Nese in the face! He stomps on Nese and puts him in the camel clutch as Nese taps!


Video package hyping the main event with CM Punk in action.

AEW Women’s Champion Toni Storm and Ruby Soho vs. Skye Blue and Willow Nightingale

Storm and Soho take out Willow and Skye as they have their backs turned. Storm trash talks Skye’s mom at ringside as she slaps Storm. The bell now rings as Willow and Ruby are in the ring. Willow hits Ruby and covers her for only a two count. Willow takes down Ruby with a clothesline. Toni causes the distraction as Ruby is able take out Willow and drop her.

Picture-In-Picture: Ruby and Toni work on Willow in the corner. Ruby tags in Toni as she has Willow in a headlock submission move. Toni works on Willow with stomps to the back. Toni has her knee on Willow’s neck. Toni tags in Ruby as she stomps on Willow and then chokes her with the bottom ring rope. Willow attempts to come back but Ruby hits her with an elbow and covers her for a pin, but Willow kicks out. We go to a full commercial break.


Back from the break. Ruby was trying to suplex Willow as we now have audio issues – at least with Sling…Willow tags in Skye as Ruby tags in Toni. Skye comes with a pair of dropkicks to Toni. Skype goes to the ropes and covers Toni. Willow comes in and drops Ruby with as spinebuster. Toni has Skye in a Boston crab, but Skye makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Skye is able tag in Willow who drops Toni with a pump handle. Toni sends Willow out. Toni tags in Ruby as they have the spraypaint. Willow grabs it and sprays Ruby with it. Skye then drops Toni with a huge destroyer and covers her for the surprise win.


Video package with Ricky Starks entering the Owen Hart Tournament.

Back from the break, we have a video package hyping Jeff Jarrett vs. Mark Briscoe for Wednesday’s Dynamite in a concession stand brawl.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring as he introduces The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn. Caster raps and tells the fans to tell Billy Gunn happy father’s day. Schiavone tells Billy he looks marvelous as the fans chant for him. Billy says tonight is a special night and he went out and got a new scissor outfit and asked the fans what he thinks. He says the last few weeks have been stringing on his head. Anthony Bowens alludes to the fact they may go after the Trios Titles. They want to do the first ever Collision scissor. They want to do this in the city the scissor me was born. Bowens says everyone in Chicago loves The Acclaimed. Schiavone joins in as they all four do a scissor me daddy. The fans go crazy.

Nigel and Kevin run down the card for Wednesday’s Dynamite and then show highlights from ROH television from last week.


CM Punk and AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR vs. ROH World Television Champion and Bullet Club Members Jay White and Juice Robinson

Back from the break, Jay White and Juice Robinson are introduced first. Jim Ross joins Kevin and Nigel on commentary. His voice doesn’t sound good. Samoa Joe is out next.

FTR is introduced next as they come out to a big ovation. CM Punk’s music hits as the Chicago fans go wild yet again for him. All three begin to make their way to the ring. FTR and Punk hug in the ring as the fans begin to chant his name.

Punk looks to be in really good shape as he unzipped his hoodie. He has an orange elbow pad on his left elbow. The fans continue to chant his name. The bell rings and here we go.

Dax and Jay tie up – hey my audio issues are fixed! The fans begin to chant CM FTR. Dax takes down Jay and then covers him for a near fall. Jay has Dax in the corner and chops him hard. Jay then chops him again. Dax reverses it and chops Jay twice. Dax then delivers a huge backdrop on Jay and then nails him with a clothesline as Jay goes down! Dax tries for a sharpshooter as Jay rolls to the outside. Jay comes back in the ring at four and tags in Juice. Dax gets himself caught as Juice nails him, but Dax comes back with heavy chops on Juice. Cash is tagged in and chops Juice in the corner. Cash has a backslide on Juice, but Juice gets out. Juice comes back and hits Cash as he falls to his knees. Juice charges at Cash, who picks him up and drops him. Cash tags in Dax who then tags in Punk. Cash drops Juice as Punk covers him for only a two count. The fans chant Punk’s name as he attempts a GTS on Juice who wiggles his way out. Juice tags in Joe as the fans go nuts with holy sh– chants. Joe has Punk in the corner and is chopping him hard! Punk then grabs Joe and has him in a headlock. Nigel and Kevin talk about the history of Joe and Punk in ROH back in 2002, etc. We go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture – Punk works on Joe with a stomp and then an armbar. Joe is up and Punk chops him in the chest. Dax is tagged in as he chops Joe, who comes back with a big chop of his own on Dax. Dax then chops Joe who then kicks him in the mid-section. Both men exchange chops. Juice is tagged in as we are back.

Back from the break, Juice covers Dax for only a two count. Juice has Dax in a headlock as Punk and Cash have their hands out for a tag. Juice then nails Dax with a huge left hand and has his foot on Dax’s neck. He tags in Joe who nails Dax with blows to the gut until Dax is down in the corner. Joe grabs Dax and tags in Jay. Juice is tagged in and he climbs to the top and delivers a blow on Dax. Dax comes back and delivers a German Suplex on Juice. Dax tags in Cash who chops Juice and then elbows him in the corner. Cash rolls Juice for only a two count! Cash has Juice on the ropes and then drops him and cover him for only a two. Punk is tagged in and drops an elbow on Juice. He covers Juice, but only gets a two count. We go to picture in picture again.

Picture-In-Picture. Cash is tagged in as Juice is on the outside. Cash goes to the outside and works on Juice. Juice counters and tosses Cash into the guardrail. Cash is favoring his left arm. Juice picks up Cash and tosses him back in the ring. Juice tags in Joe who kicks Cash and then has him in a submission type move. Cash fights back but Joe drops him with a punch and tags in Jay.

Back from the break, Jay has Cash in a single leg crab, but Cash makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Juice is tagged in a drops Cash with a scoop slam. Juice covers Cash, who kicks out at two! Cash is up and tries to make a tag but Juice drops Cash and covers him 1 -2 – No! Cash kicks out! Cash is then tossed to the corner as Juice tags in Joe. He kicks Cash in the head as Joe covers Cash, but Punk breaks it up. Jay White is tagged in and chops Cash and then chop blocks Cash and tags in Juice. Cash comes back and picks up Juice and drops him. Cash tries for a tag and gets it! Punk is in! He slams Juice and then drops kicks Jay. Punk works on Jay and drops him with a reverse neck breaker. Punk takes out both Jay and Juice and calls for the GTS on and picks up Jay, but he pokes Punk in the eyes. Punk fires back with a kick to Jay. Punk climbs to the top, but Juice sweeps the leg as Punk falls. Jay picks up Punk and drops him for a pin, but Punk kicks out at two. Jay attempts a blade runner, but Punk counters it and nails Jay and tags in Cash. Dax drops Jay and then Cash comes off the rope and drops on Jay. Punk follows and covers Jay, but he kicks out at two. Jay rolls to the corner and tags Joe and as he and Punk exchange blows. We now have all six men in the ring with chaos. Jay and Juice and FTR are on the floor. In the ring, Joe is choking out Punk. FTR is held back by Juice and Jay. Punk is down on the mat as the fans chant his name. Dax spears Jay and then breaks up the hold. Juice is tagged in, but Punk elbows Juice. Punk then picks up Juice, hits the GTS and covers him. FTR stops Joe and Jay as the ref counts to three for the win!


Punk and FTR celebrate in the ring as the show comes to a close.