AEW Collision & Rampage 11 17 2023

AEW Collision and Rampage Results
November 17, 2023
KIA Forum in Inglewood, CA
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go to the opening video intro as Saturday…um Fridy night is alright for fighting…

We go live to the KIA Forum as the pyro goes off! Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show.

We go to the ring with Tony Schiavone who says the KIA Forum is the one of the best sports arena’s in the world today. He calls out Christian Cage to big boos from the fans. Cage is with Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne. Tony brings up their match against Sting, Adam Copeland and Darby Allin. There is a big four-way that has been added to tonight’s show that will have Cage defending the TNT Title tonight! Cage calls LA a phony town…Cage tells Schiavone to hold the mic up to his mouth. Cage says tomorrow night it is going to be Sting’s last match ever. He says that he tired of Stings stupid face paint and tired of people bowing down to him. Cage says that if Darby ever needs any fatherly guidance to call him. Cage says that Ric Flair looks like the crypt keeper…Cage says that Adam Copeland will regret ever signing his AEW contract and that Copeland really came to steal his spotlight and that he not the same person…Cage says that Copeland was the golden boy and that he (Cage) scratched and clawed…Cage tells Beth Phoenix to keep the girls up late tomorrow night as he is going to break Copeland’s neck…Cage says it doesn’t matter which of the four he will face for the TNT Title tonight he can beat all four of them at the same time…the fans begin to chant prove it…He talks about his close personal friend James Hardin says…he (Cage) is the system.

We now go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to the World Tag Champs….Big Bill talks about the four-way title match tomorrow night…Ricky Starks says he went to Tony Khan to get a stipulation which will now be a ladder match and they will walk out of Full Gear as champions, in style and the best in the world…

Miro’s music hits as he makes his way out to the ring for our first match….Daniel Garcia’s music hits next as he dances a bit as he makes his way to the ring.

Daniel Garcia vs. Miro

The bell rings as we are underway…Miro tries to kick Garcia, but he moves out of the way…Miro grabs Garcia and tosses him down. Garcia fights back with forearms, but Miro reveres it and kicks Garcia in the mid-section in the corner. Miro picks up Garcia and suplexes him. Miro grabs Garcia and then drops Garcia with a big lariat! Miro picks up Garcia and suplexes hard. Miro then signaled he was going to dance, as Garcia gets up and hits Miro with some right hands…we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Miro taunts the fans as Garcia rolls to the floor…Miro rolls to the outside and tosses Garcia into the barricade. As Garcia tries to get up Miro grabs him, but Garia reverses it and slams Miro’s face on the barricade. Miro recovers though and drops Garcia to the floor as the action stays on the outside. Miro picks up Garcia and rolls him back into the ring.

Back from PIP, Miro puts Garica in a headlock as the ref checks on Garcia. Garcia tries to fight out of it, but Miro nails Garcia with a knee in the mid-section. Garcia fights back with chop-block and then rights and lefts on Miro followed by kicks to the chest…Miro sends Garcia to the corner, but he charges back with a big kick on Miro…Garcia then hits Miro with a running knee, but its not enough as Miro nails Garcia and drops him hard…Miro goes to stomp on Miro, but Garica grabs the foot…


We now go to Lexy Nair who is backstage with CJ Perry and Andrade, who says he happy…CJ says that Andrade is the best wrestler and is born to do this…CJ says that she negotiated her deal with Tony Khan and that she has entered him into the Continental Classic and that if he wins, he will get extra money…Andrade was not happy at first…Perry whispers in Andrade’s ear and then he says he trusts her as we go to a commercial break.


Back from the break, the music of House of Black hits…Kings of the Black Throne in Malakai Black and Brody King make their way out to the ring.

The Boys are already in the ring….

The bell rings as we begin…Brent is starting against Black. Both men lock up…Brent grabs Black’s arm, but he nails Brent and then tags in King…Brandon punches King but it has not affect…King then drops Brandon as he barks…Brent from the outside holds onto the leg of King…Black is tagged in as Brandon attempts a kicks on Black who tags in King and drops Brandon with a days inferno for the win!


We go to a video package hyping up the TBS Title Match at tomorrow night’s Full Gear.

It was clarified on commentary that the winner of our next match will challenge Christian Cage for the TNT Title on tonight’s special live Rampage. It was mentioned earlier during Cage’s promo that he would be defending the title tonight…

Trent Beretta’s music hits as he comes out first…Brian Cage is out next with Prince Nana.

Trent Beretta vs. Brian Cage vs. Komander vs. Penta El Zero Miedo

The bell rings and here we go! Penta shoves Trent…Penta then gets in the face Brian Cage who takes out all three of his oppoents. Komander goes to the top rope and takes down Cage as rolls to the outside…Komander lands on Cage on the outside…Penta then gets dropped with a big elbow from Trent…both men exchange blows. Trent hits Penta with a big knee. Komander then sends Trent to the outside! Komande is up on the top rope…he walks the rope as Cage shakes the ropes sending him down…Cage then suplexes himself and Komander onto Trent and Penta on the floor! Cage sends Trent into the barricade. Cage sends Komander back in the ring as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Cage flexes in the ring as he grabs Komander and hits him with would be a 619…as Penta attempts to come back in the ring, Cage nails him with a forearm, sending him back to the floor…Trend attempts to hit Cage with a knee, but he moves out of the way. Cage puts Trent in a headlock.

We go to a full commercial break, courtesy of Sling TV…

Back from the full break, Cage slams Trent to mat as Penta is back in…he kicks Cage…Komander then drops kicks Cage Komander and Penta double team Cage. Komander then rolls up Trent for just a two count. Trent delivers a German Suplex on Komander and then does the same to Penta. Trent drops Cage, but he gets up and drops Trent on his head with a huge discus lariat. Cage picks up Komander and drops him with a face buster! As Cage attempts to pin Komander, Penta kicks Cage in the head…Penta then drops cage with a big slingblade. Penta then covers Trent for only a two count! Penta kicks Komander in the mid-section. Penta then runs and leaps over the ropes dropping Cage who was already on the floor…Komander launches off the top, but Trent catches him and hits him with the storm zero for the win


We go backstage with Lexy Nair and Powerhouse Hobbs and Don Callis…Callis says Paul Wight is out as they had showed footage of Hobbs slamming Wight through the windshield of a car…Hobbs says he big, black and jacked…Hobbs tells Wight to stay away as anyone can get it.


Back from the break, Warldow’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring. Already in the ring is the jobber as the bell rings…Wardlow picks up the jobber and slams him down. Warldow goes to the top and lands a huge swanton on Evan Daniels (thanks Kevin Kelly) – Wardlow picks up Evans and powerbombs him…Wardlow is about to powerbomb Evans again, but the ref calls for the bell…


The commentary team run down the Zero Hour and main card for tomorrow night’s Full Gear.

Ricky Starks’ music hits as the World Tag Team Champions make their way out to the ring…FTR’s music plays next as the former World Tag Team champs come out…Starks and Big Bill head to the commentary table as Starks joins commentary for this match. LFI’s music hits as they all make their way to the ring.

Dax the Axe (Harwood) vs. RUSH

The bell rings as we are underway! RUSH and Dax stare down each other…Dax puts out his hand only have it hit away by RUSH…both men lock up as Dax puts RUSH in a side headlock…RUSH Breaks out of it and drops Dax with a shoulder block…Dax comes back with a drop kick on RUSH sending him to the outside…Dax attempts to pick up RUSH, but he reverses it and drops Dax on his back…RUSH chops Dax and sends him into the barricade end to end…RUSH celebrates and then rolls back in the ring to break the ten count and then rolls back out. RUSH chops Dax who rolls back in the ring…RUSH chops Dax in the chest, but Dax then chops RUSH as both men now exchange chops! Dax charges at RUSH but he moves as Dax gets chopped again…Dax’s chest is bleeding from the chops…RUSH kicks Dax and chops him again, as Dax rolls to the outside…time for picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: RUSH goes to the outside and sends Dax into the steel steps and then sends him into the barricade…Dax rolls back in the ring…RUSH grabs Dax’s legs and put him in what looks to be a reverse like figure four leg lock…Dax makes it to the ropes to break the hold…RUSH picks up Dax and sends to the floor. RUSH goes to the outside as Dax fights back with rights and lefts…Dax rolls back into the ring. RUSH makes his way back in the ring as he met with rights and lefts by Dax…RUSH nails Dax and then delivers multiple suplexes on Dax…

Back from PIP, RUSH covers Dax for a two count…RUSH’s chest is bleeding from all the chops…Dax picks up RUSH and delivers several German Suplexes. Dax is up on the top rope, as RUSH chops Dax…RUSH goes up to the ropes only to be sent to the mat by huge chops from Dax! Dax is still on the ropes as RUSH is up and delivers a huge superplex on Dax! RUSH covers Dax for just a two count as we get this is awesome chants! Dax and RUSH hold onto each with one hand each as we have a chop fest! Both men then exchange slaps to the face! Both men finally knock each other down as the ref begins the ten count! Both men are up at eight…Both men charge each other with attempted lariat…RUSH sends Dax down! RUSH drops Dax with a belly to back suplex and covers him for only a two count! We get a lets go RUSH chant from the fans in the Forum. RUSH sunset flips Dax who picks up RUSH and drops him with a piledriver! Dax covers RUSH – 1 – 2 – NO! RUSH kicks out! Both men are on the outside. RUSH then hits Dax with a huge knee lift and sends dax into the turnbuckle…RUSH then confronts Starks at ringside and pushes Starks after he got in the face of RUSH…Dax is back in the ring…Starks hits the ring and spears RUSH…Bill is up on the apron pounding on Dax…Dralistico hits the ring…Cash Wheeler is in…Preston Vance is in…Kings of the Black Throne are in…we have a brawl! On the outside King and Bill stare each other down…King and Bill grab a ladder from under the ring…the brawl is all over the place as security comes down as we now have a riot inside and outside of the ring!

Match ends in a no-contest.


Back from the break, we go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Action Andretti who tries to give an update on Darius Martin, only to have The Kingdom and Roderick Strong come in and try to intimidate Action…Roderick says he found his next victim in Action…

Buddy Matthews is out next and makes his way to the ring…Wheeler Yuta is out next representing the Blackpool Combat Club.

Buddy Matthews vs. Wheeler Yuta

The bell rings….we start as Buddy locks up Yuta. Yuta reverses the hold as Buddy then reverses the hold…Yuta then reveres it as we have back and forth holds…Buddy has Yuta in an armlock…Yuta flips to get out of it, but Buddy grabs Yuta and takes him down with a headlock…Buddy breaks out of it. Yuta puts out his leg, trying to bait him in….Yuta then drop kicks Buddy who goes to the outside. Yuta makes his way to the floor as Buddy chops Yuta who drops to the floor. Yuta is up and sends Buddy to the barricade as it has not affect on him…Buddy drills Yuta and rolls him back in the ring…Yuta gets up to his feet as Buddy sends him to the corner…Buddy and Yuta are fighting on the apron…Buddy tosses Yuta into the announce table from the ring apron as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Yuta attempts to get back in the ring, but is kicked in the head by Buddy. Yuta makes his way back in the ring as Buddy chops him hard in the chest. Buddy then grabs Yuta and sends him into the turnbuckle. Yuta attempts a cross body only to be caught by Buddy and dropped to the mat. Buddy goes for kick on Yuta who moves, but is met with a big boot to the face…

-Full commercial break, courtesy of Sling TV-

Back from the full break, Buddy chops Yuta as Buddy hits Yuta with a spin back kick in the jaw! Yuta swings at Buddy and connects as Buddy checks his mouth. Yuta follows up with forearms and chops as lays a series of forearms on Buddy who then hits Yuta with a knee as he hits Yuta with elbow shots. Yuta then is nailed with a thrust kick by Buddy…Yuta then delivers a German Supelx on Buddy and covers him for just a two count! Buddy goes to the outside as Yuta leaps through the ropes to Buddy on the floor…Buddy is back in the ring as Yuta drops him and covers him for just a two count! Yuta grabs Buddy and has him on the apron…Buddy pushes Yuta into the turnbuckle….Yuta is hanging on across the turnbuckles as Buddy is on the apron….Yuta kicks Buddy in the face, followed by kicks to the chest. Yuta is on the top as he drops Buddy and drags him to ring and covers him only a two count! Buddy rolls up Yuta for only a two count…Buddy picks up Yuta and drops him with running powerbomb and then stomp on the back of the head for the win!


After the match, Buddy grabs a chair as Claudio Castagnoli runs out to make the save…Claudio gets a mic and says if he wants the attention of the BCC he doesn’t need to cut a spooky promo…Claudio says he likes to make his challenges face to face in the light…he then challenges Buddy…unless he has to ask Malakai for approval…he challenges Buddy to a match at Full Gear as Buddy Matthews accepts.

We go to a video package with Orange Cassidy and Jon Moxley hyping up tomorrow night’s International Title Match.


Back from the break, Ruby Soho and Saraya (The Outcasts) are out first…The TBS champion is out next followed by the Women’s World Champ…

Ruby Soho and Saraya (The Outcasts) vs. Hikaru Shida vs. Kris Statlander

The bell rings as Shida and Soho start…Shida puts Soho in an armbar…Soho gets out of it and puts Shida in a headlock who makes her way out and drop kicks Soho. Shida then slaps Soho and picks her up and drops Soho as Kris Statlander is tagged in…Statlander drops Soho and covers Soho for only a two count…Saraya is tagged in as Statlander drops her to the mat. Saraya drops Statlander with a shoulder tackle and covers her for only a two count. Saraya drops Statlander and tags in Soho…Statlander makes a tag to Shida as she hits both Outcasts with a high crossbody…Skye Blue is shown looking on backstage…Shida has the Outcasts in the corner as she lands big right hands on both Saraya and Soho as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Saraya fights back and nails Shida with a series of knee strikes to the face…Saraya picks up Shida as Soho is tagged in. Soho distracts the ref as Saray chokes out Shida who is in the corner. Soho grabs Shida who tries to make a tag to the TBS champion….Soho drops Shida and kicks her in the chest. Soho tags in Saraya who stomps on Shida in the corner.

Back from PIP, Angelo Parker is shown watching the match from ringside. Saraya nails Shida as she is able to make the tag to Statlander who hits Saraya with discus lariat…Saraya tags in Soho as she is dropped with a blue thunder bomb…both women go the outside as Parker is shown wearing a Ruby Soho shirt…Shida hits Soho with a big drop kick as Soho gets up and tags in Saraya. Shida kicks Soho who rolls to the outside as both Saraya and Shida drop each other with shoulder blocks…Shida is up and hits Saraya with blows to the back…Shida then nails Sarua with a running knee…Parker leaps the barricade to tend to Soho who is on the floor…Saraya send Shida to the outside. Saraya is happy at what she sees on the outside…as Saraya is distracted, Shida drops Saraya to get the win for her team.


Tony Schiavone sits down with MJF who calls Tony fat…MJF is asks why he is going to defend the ROH Tag Titles without Adam Cole…he calls The Gunns ugly…MJF says he will do whatever it takes to win and the injury to Cole is his fault and he won’t let him down…MJF is then asked about the title being stolen by Jay White…MJF says he and Jay are a lot a like…he says White is insecure not to prove to the world he is championship material…MJF says the man makes the champion…MJF tells White he going to lose…Tony says that at Full Gear its one year to the day that he is the champion for one year if he wins..MJF runs down the likely hood if he might lose the belt, which is slim to none and beating The Gunns and White in one night…MJF has the most title defenses…time for Rampage!

AEW Rampage

We go live to the KIA Forum again for our special live Rampage as Chris Jericho’s music hits to a huge ovation…Tony Schiavone notes that Jericho will be on commentary for tonight’s Rampage. Jericho gets to the commentary table and asks who moved it as he was looking for it on the entrance ramp.

Trent Beretta’s music hits as we have the TNT Title match to start things off! Christian Cage is out next with Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne.

TNT Championship Match: Christian Cage defends against Trent Beretta

Both stare each other down as Cage kisses the title belt.

The bell rings and we are underway! Cage jaws at Trent as both men exchange words. Trent shoves Cage as he falls to the mat. Cage is up as both men locks up…Trent is sent to the corner…Trent grabs Cage as Cage hits Trent with a back elbow…Cage goes to the outside. and then makes his way back in the ring. Cage slaps Trent who falls to the mat as Cage stomps on him. Trent then fires back and sends Cage to the floor and then follows up with a big crossbody…Cage rolls back in the ring and kicks Trent in the gut. Cage then sends Trent to ring post as he falls on the steel steps and hits the floor as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Cage goes to the floor and rolls Trent into the ring…Cage then nails Trent with huge right hands as he sets Trent on the middle rope…Cage distracts the ref as Luchasaurus nails Trent with a big right hand…

Back from PIP, Cage has Trent in a face lock and then turns it into a headlock as the ref checks on Trent. Trent fights back, but its no match for Cage who sends Trent to the ring apron…Trent then spears Christian as he charges at Trent. Trent then chops Cage as both men go back and forth with punches…Cage kicks Trent as Christian is up on the top turnbuckle…Trent then bites Cage and sends him down to the mat and covers him for just a two count. Cage is asking for a time out as Trent goes for a huge crossbody, but Cage moves…Cage goes for a spear but gets met with a huge running knee! Trent covers Cage for just a two count! Trent picks up Cage, as Trent nails Cage with a storm zero! Trent covers Cage 1 – 2 – NO! Cage kicks out! Cage pulls on the neck of Trent, sending him down and then stomps on Trent’s neck and then sends him into the turnbuckle…Cage then drops Trent with the killswitch and covers him to retain! Luchasaurus, Nick Wayne and Christian are in the ring celebrating as the ref checks on Trent.



Storm is out next with Luther as we have “Timeless” Toni Storm’s black and white stop motion entrance for TV.

Toni Storm vs. Emi Sakura

The bell rings and we begin…Toni handed a script for the match as she hands it to Emi who rips it up as Emi kicks Toni…Emi kicks Storm and drops her to the mat…Storm picks up Emi and tosses her down. Storm then sends Emi to the outside. Storm picks up Emi and suplexes her on the floor…Emi goes back in the ring as Luther puts Storm up on the ring apron, only to be dropped by Emi….Storm is sent into the steel steps by Emi as the ref calls for the action to get back in the ring…we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Emi is back in the ring as Storm rolls back in the ring…Storm is then sent head first to the turnbuckle. Emi chops storm hard in the chest. Emi then drops Storm to the mat and puches her in the side and grabs Storms’ arms and has her up for a submission like move…EMi then kicks Storm in the back of the head as grabs her hair…

-Full commercial break, courtesy of Sling TV-

Back from the full break, Emi chops Storm who fires back with chops of her own on Emi as we go into a chop fest…Storm winds up and then nails Emi with a huge right hand…Storm goes for a hip attack as Emi counters and drops Storm with backbreaker…Emi covers Storm for only a two count! Emil then puts her foot on Storm’s face. Emi goes to the top and hits Storm with a moonsault…Storm recovers and nails Emi. Storm then delivers a hop attack on Emi and then drops her to the mat to get the win.


We go backstage with Renee Paquette with Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt, Karen Jarrett and Satnam Singh…Eddie Kingston is also backstage…it will be Eddie Kingston defending the ROH World Title against Lethal. Lethal accuses Kingston of ducking him…Kingston tells Lethal they have known each other for 15 years…Ortiz then walks in after Kingston and Lethal and the gang leave after they all jaw at each other…


Back from the break, Tony Schiavone hypes the signing of the mystery star at Rampage…

The Kingdom is out next with Roderick Strong who is in his neck brace and being wheeled to the ring by Matt Taven and Mike Bennett. Action Andretti is out next.

Roderick Strong vs. Action Andretti

As Action gets in the ring, he attacked by Strong. Action fights back and drops Strong and covers him for a one count. Strong is up as Action chops him hard on the chest. Action sends Strong to the corner and hits him shoulder blocks…Strong fights back and delivers a back breaker on Action…Strong chops Action who goes down as Strong rubs Action’s face across the mat. As Action gets up, Strong chops Action who is the corner. Action reverses it and chops Strong…Strong comes back as we get a chop fest…Action drops Strong with a spinning neck breaker…Strong then rolls up Action for only a two count. Action tries a sunset flip as picks up Strong and drops him on his neck as he cover Strong for only a two count…Strong rolls to the outside as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Strong nails Action as he goes down…Strong picks up Action and sends him back into the ring…Strong grabs Action by the hair as the ref calls for the break…Strong then puts Action in a headlock…Strong lets go and sends Action to the ropes and drops him with a running knee…Action is up as Strong sends him to the corner…Strong picks up Action and sends him to the mat back first…Strong applies a choke like hold…Strong lets go and walk around before coming back and putting Action back in a choke hold…

Back from PIP, Action fights out of it and hits Strong with a forearm shot, followed by a back elbow…Strong rolls to the outside as Action takes out Strong and the Kingdom on the floor…Action is up on the ropes and hits Strong with a Spanish Fly as the Doc Sampson is called in as Strong hit the mat hard…we go to a wide shot as Strong is up as Doc Sampson leaves, so the match continues…Action rolls up Strong for only a two count…Strong then hits Action with a huge knee, followed by a piledriver and covers him to get the win…The Kingdom quickly put on the neck brace on Strong…

WINNER BY PINFALL: RODERICK STRONG out MJF…White says he has brainwashed himself that he is the best…Renee asks White if things goes his way, what is next…White says not if, it is when…White says they will get a lot more of the bang bang gang…MJF runs in and attacks White on the interview set…he then takes White into the hall only to be attacked by Juice Robinson…Robison toss MJF into a room backstage…MJF a TV monitor and tosses it White as Juice is on the floor bleeding…in the arena, MJF takes down White as The Gunns come in, but MJF takes out The Gunns and then stomps on White as the fans go nuts! MJF picks up the World Title belt…MJF is ready to nail White, but The Gunns come in from behind and take out MJF as White tries to grab the belt…The Gunns stomp harder on MJF as White grabs the belt…As White goes to hit MJF, Samoa Joe’s music hits as runs down to the ring to make the save…BCG take off with the title belt. Joe walks over to MJF and gets in the face of MJF and puts his hand out at MJF…as MJF shakes Joe’s hand…Joe will be MJF’s partner for the ROH World Tag Team Title Match…the commentary team hype up the signing and run through the card for Full Gear as MJF jaws at BCG…the show goes off the air…