AEW Dynamite 06 14 2023

AEW Dynamite Results
June 14, 2023
Washington, D.C. (Capital One Arena)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

It is Wednesday, my dudes…you know what that means.

Pyro kicks us off for another exciting week of Dynamite, back at the home of the first edition of the weekly program as Adam Cole’s music hits, marking his arrival to the ring for our opening match, a World Title Eliminator! Out next is the champion MJF, acting cocky as ever before this match gets underway!

AEW World Title Eliminator
Adam Cole vs. AEW World Champion MJF

The two men stare each other down to start things off, the crowd showing their excitement before a single move has been made. The staredown gets up close and personal between Cole and the champ, before they circle the canvas and lock up. Cole sends the champ to the ropes but gets taken down by MJF, who taunts Cole as he cuts the potential challenger off.

Cole runs the ropes, but MJF hits a leapfrog and backs off before Cole can hit him again. The champ escapes the ring, clearly not wanting to deal with Cole…and even goes to the crowd, mouthing off with fans before nearly knocking one’s glasses off! Eventually, the champ makes his way back to the ring, not wanting to be counted out to award Cole a victory here. The two men start to lock up again before MJF decries Cole for grabbing the champ’s hair, only to send Cole to the corner and follow up with a thumb to the eye and boots to the midsection!

MJF seems to be in control here as he taunts the crowd…but Cole is able to turn things around on the champ, sending him into the corner. Cole continues the beatdown on MJF, until the champ hits an arm wringer on Cole. This gets turned around on the champ, who gets sent to the outside…but he catches Cole by surprise, dropping Cole down hard before trapping him on the apron curtain! He goes after the hand of Cole now, stomping it against the steel steps before Cole is able to get back in the ring to escape.

MJF gets a sleeper hold in on Cole, but he escapes for just a moment before gets taken down by the champ, who goes right back to work on the hand and arm of Cole, who gets back to a vertical base…but the champ just takes him right back down! MJF catches Cole with a pumphandle driver, but only gets a two count!

MJF taunts the crowd as he stares Cole down, before going to the corner and emulating a certain Kid who breaks hearts…but any chance of some music to the chin gets cut off with a superkick by Adam Cole instead! MJF gets rocked with it, and goes to the corner to recover before going after Cole again…but Cole takes him right down again! Cole with an enziguri and a backstabber, but only gets a nearfall on the champ for his efforts.

Cole heads to the corner, looking for Panama Sunrise on the champ…but MJF takes him to the ropes, dropping the arm on the top! MJF looks for a Heatseeker but it gets countered, only for MJF to hit a shoulder breaker…but Cole reverses a second one for a nearfall! Cole looks to set up for the Boom but is cut off by the champ…who gets caught in a backbreaker by Cole for a nearfall! Cole and MJF end up on the apron after this, with Cole bringing the champ to his feet…but MJF reverses a German suplex, looking for a tombstone piledriver!

Cole narrowly escapes, heading to the top rope for a Panama Sunrise…only to be reversed into a tombstone piledriver by the champ right onto the apron! Both men are down on the floor outside, and both look worse for wear as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: We get a replay of the tombstone piledriver as Cole and MJF are seen trying to recover, the referee checking on both men until MJF makes it back to his feet. The champ brings Cole back to the ring, but is only to get a nearfall. This seems to frustrate MJF as he goes back on the attack, taking Cole to the corner before going after his arm once again. The champ alternates between this and driving a boot to the throat as we come back!

Cole gets to the middle of the ring but is taunted by the champ with more offense and remarks, before Cole starts to fight back. The two start trading blows until MJF gets the upper hand…only to take a pump kick by Cole! MJF stops a rolling elbow strike but takes a couple kicks to the face, only to take Cole down to the canvas with a lariat!

MJF manages to drape an arm over Cole, but the pin is reversed into a crossface by Cole! MJF rolls out of it, locking in Salt of the Earth but Cole escapes the armbar! Cole locks in an ankle lock on the champ now, but MJF is able to roll out before locking in a crossface of his own on Cole, who struggles to get to the ropes to escape. Cole is inches away from the ropes before MJF grabs the free arm, locking it…but he can’t grab the foot of Cole, which reaches the bottom rope to force a break!

MJF tries to go for a Heatseeker, but Cole escapes…but he cannot escape a second one from the champ, who gets a close nearfall as a result! We hear an announcement regarding time as MJF leaves the ring now, clearing off a nearby table with bad intentions as he grabs Cole to bring him to the outside. The champ lays Cole out on the table before climbing to the top turnbuckle, launching himself to drive Cole through the table on the outside!

Both men are once again down on the outside as the ref checks on both men…until MJF tells him to start the count, rushing back to the ring as he looks for a countout victory! The ref begins the count as the doctor checks on Cole, who is crawling toward the ring right up until the count of nine before managing to slide in! This shocks the champ, who looks nearly infuriated as Cole struggles to get back to his feet…before catching MJF with a superkick on the apron, followed by a straightjacket German suplex right onto the hardest part of the ring!

The ref checks on Cole again, but he is back to the corner and climbing up for a Panama Sunrise…only for the champ to drop to the canvas and roll away. Cole gives chase, and gets a double foot stomp to the back of Cole! MJF starts arguing with the ref about the ten count earlier, only to get rolled up by Cole for a nearfall until he gets shoved off right onto the ref!

With the ref down, MJF escapes to the outside to grab his World title, but as he sees the ref starting to get up he tosses it to Cole, looking to steal a DQ win as he drops to the canvas…but the ref falls again, meaning the ruse doesn’t get to work! Cole has a laugh about this before hitting MJF with the title, tossing it aside before hitting the Boom on the champ!

Cole goes for the cover as the ref makes the count…but MJF narrowly manages to kick out! Cole slowly gets to his feet, setting the champ up before looking to hit the Boom again…but MJF drops down to the canvas before he can do so! Cole goes back to him, bringing him up…but MJF distracts the ref enough to hit a low blow on Cole instead!

The ref goes back to check on Cole as MJF sneakily slips on his ring, looking for the final blow on Cole…but the ref catches him with it! This gives Cole an opening as he hits a superkick, followed by the Panama Sunrise AND the Boom! He brings the champ onto his back and makes the cover. The ref makes the count, but only gets to just after the two when the bell rings! It finally sets in as Justin Roberts makes the announcement that the time limit has expired, meaning this match has ended in a draw!

Result: Time Limit Draw

Cole is not thrilled about this, naturally, and grabs a microphone from ringside to make a demand to the champ: five more minutes! MJF just stares Cole down, a wicked smirk on his face as he escapes the ring with his championship and heads up the ramp.

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Video Package: CM Punk is ready and eager for his return to AEW for the debut episode of AEW Collision on June 17!

Back at ringside, Renee Paquette welcomes Sammy Guevara to the ring to speak in his first appearance since Double or Nothing. Sammy’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring to a big reaction from the crowd. Renee brings up Double or Nothing and the announcement of Taymelo’s pregnancy before asking what’s been going on.

Sammy thanks Renee for the time out here, bringing up the recent announcement that the young couple is having a baby girl, before talking up the possibility of having his family by his side and having the AEW World Championship. Sammy says before he can do all that, he has to make some tough decisions…but before he can elaborate, Darby Allin’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring.

Darby has a microphone of his own as he gets in the ring, congratulating Sammy on the baby girl before addressing what happened at Double or Nothing. He says it sounds like the people are starting to love Sammy again, to which the Washington crowd agrees…but Darby asks if Sammy is gonna stand on his own two feet, or if he’s gonna keep standing in the shadow of the J.A.S. He wants to ask Sammy this again, but he thinks he has the answer.

It seems as though Chris Jericho might have an answer, however, as his music hits, bringing the Ocho down to the ring next. Jericho is clearly not happy as he demands his music gets cut off, yelling at Darby to shut up and stop laughing before he stares down Guevara. He says Sammy hasn’t so much as asked for Jericho’s help going into Double or Nothing, and he would be AEW World Champion. Sammy responds by saying if Jericho had called him, maybe he wouldn’t have lost to Adam Cole…twice.

Jericho says he’ll give Sammy another chance, telling him to apologize right now….but Sammy refuses. Jericho says maybe Sammy needs to remember the dynamic and hierarchy of the JAS, and maybe Le Sex Gods needs to reform so Sammy understands who the boss is. Darby says Jericho calls himself the Wizard, but when he gets in the ring the magic is gone. Jericho challenges Darby to a 2-on-1 match with Sammy, but Darby says he’s not really alone…which brings out STIIIIIIIIIING to a big pop from the crowd.

Sting arrives with a bat of his own as he heads to the ring, countering the one Jericho has in his hand as the Icon gets into the ring. Sting and Jericho stare each other down for a moment, until Jericho points a bat right at the throat of the Icon…to which Sting responds in kind! Jericho and Sting knock each other’s bats out of the way before Jericho escapes the ring, with Sammy just watching on as Jericho heads up the ramp.

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Video Package: IWGP World Heavyweight Champion SANADA issues an open challenge for the title at Forbidden Door!

Back at ringside, Sting and Darby are still in the ring and the Mogul Embassy are at ringside as Keith Lee makes his way down the ramp, followed by the AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy…and this match gets underway in chaos!

Sting, Darby Allin, Orange Cassidy & Keith Lee vs. Mogul Embassy (Swerve Strickland, Brian Cage, Kaun & Toa Liona)

We start off with Swerve and Sting in the ring before Sting tags in Darby, and mentor and mentee double-team Swerve until the Embassy bring Sting to the outside as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Swerve makes the tag to Kaun who gets some damage done on Darby before tagging in Liona, who quickly attacks and tags in Brian Cage…who takes Darby down hard before taunting the crowd. The Embassy continue to wear Darby down with hard offense and quick tags to keep him away from his tag partners. Swerve is in next, going after the arm of Darby as we come back!

Swerve is still in control as he continues on the arm, before taking Darby back to the Embassy in the corner…and they clear off OC’s friends on the apron! Cage gets a tag and makes the cover for a nearfall as we see Daniel Garcia watching on backstage. Things continue with Swerve tagging back in, going after Darby until he gets a nearfall on Swerve!

Darby goes for a tag but is cut off by Swerve…only to get taken down before Darby makes the tag to Keith Lee! Lee goes after Cage who comes in, focusing on the Gates of Agony before taking Cage back down. Swerve goes after his former tag partner, but is cut off by Keith until the Embassy get involved again…and all four men take Keith down with a corner powerbomb! Swerve with the cover but Darby and Cassidy make the save!

Cassidy stops Swerve with a diving DDT, but cannot do the same against Brian Cage…who gets sent out of the ring by Darby! The chaos continues until Sting takes down Liona, who catches the Icon before sending him in the corner. Keith Lee sends Liona and Kaun out of the ring before dropping Swerve down, and Swerve escapes to the outside…only to get dropped by Darby with a Coffin Drop!

Sting gets a tag as he and Keith go after Brian Cage now, and Cage gets Sting up on his shoulders…only to take an Orange Punch by Cassidy, which opens the doors for Sting to get the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Sting, Darby Allin, Orange Cassidy & Keith Lee

Backstage, Renee talks to The Gunns about what happened last week and what is going on with them and Bullet Club Gold…but the Gunns are focused on going after the Hardys, challenging them to a match next week on Dynamite!

Back at ringside, Wardlow makes his way to the ring for our next match but is cut off by Jake Hager, who sends the champ to the ring with force to get this match underway!

TNT Championship Match
Jake Hager vs. TNT Champion Wardlow

Hager looks to use the early advantage here, but is taken down by Wardlow as he gets control of this title match back in his favor. Wardlow sends Hager to the outside, continuing the attack as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Wardlow firmly in control now as he keeps beating down on the challenger, eventually sending Hager back to the ring. Wardlow charges at Hager, sending him hard into the opposite side before going to the back with some hard knee strikes and gets a nearfall as a result. Hager sent back to the corner now as Wardlow continues to dominate. Hager gets to his feet in the corner, but Wardlow refuses to let up as he goes right after the challenger…who dodges a shoulder tackle to turn things around! Now it’s Hager in control as he goes after the knee of Wardlow, wearing the champ down before locking in an ankle lock that forces Wardlow to scramble for an escape as we come back!

Wardlow manages to roll to his back, but is brought right back to the stomach before kicking Hager away to break the hold. Wardlow back to his feet, catching Hager with a spinebuster before looking for a powerbomb until JAS comes to the ring, only for Arn and Brock Anderson to cut Daddy Magic and Cool Hand Ang off as Hager catches the champ with a nearfall back in the ring!

Hager looking for a big splash from the corner but is met with a foot to the face, before being sent out of the ring by the champ! Wardlow brings Hager back into the ring before hitting a senton bomb…and follows it with a Powerbomb Symphony for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and STILL TNT Champion: Wardlow

Wardlow starts to celebrate until a video shows on the screen, some audio issues cutting off bits of it but we catch enough to know that Christian Cage has answered Wardlow’s challenge to Luchasaurus for the title…a match that is set for the debut of AEW Collision, but what will happen if Wardlow’s “new daddy” isn’t there to help him? This reveals a beaten-up Arn Anderson, which angers the champ as he heads up the ramp!

Video Package: The Ace of New Japan, Hiroshi Tanahashi, calls out AEW World Champion MJF for a match at Forbidden Door!

Backstage, MJF addresses this challenge with Renee by…refusing it, saying no chance he’s taking that booking.

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Back from commercial, Renee is chatting with Orange Cassidy about what the future holds for him when Zack Sabre Jr. shows up, looking to challenge Cassidy for the title at Forbidden Door. This brings out Daniel Garcia, who addresses Cassidy before looking to challenge Shibata to a rematch for the ROH Pure Championship. This leads to a very Orange Cassidy approach to booking, as the AEW International Champion challenges ZSJ and Garcia to a tag match next week against Cassidy and Shibata before he walks off.

Back at ringside, Skye Blue makes her way to the ring for a Women’s World Championship match she earned last Friday on Rampage. Out next is the champion Toni Storm and this match is underway!

AEW Women’s World Championship
Skye Blue vs. AEW Women’s World Champion Toni Storm

Blue takes the fight to the champ at the jump, going as hard as she can to put Toni away until the champ turns things around on the challenger. Things quickly get chaotic as Toni leaves the ring to confront Skye’s mom, before Ruby Soho hits her in the face with spray paint! This strikes the nerve of Skye as she goes back on the attack, but the champ fends her off as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Storm continues the beatdown on the challenger, who manages to fight back as much as she can despite being thrown around with ease by the champion. Toni takes Skye to the corner, driving a boot to the throat as Ruby taunts her at ringside. Toni continues to go to work on the challenger, cinching in a submission hold before driving her to the canvas for a nearfall. Toni with a big vertical suplex on Skye now, before bringing the challenger to the ropes and distracting the ref so Ruby can get a shot in as we come back!

Skye is back on her feet now, fighting back until Toni sends her to the ropes…only for Skye to take the champ down to the canvas instead! Skye catches her with a kick to the face, but is sent into the ropes by Toni who takes a breather before going back on the offense. She sends Skye back into the ring, and is handed a can of spray paint as Ruby distracts the ref…but Skye takes the paint and catches the champ with a thrust kick instead! Skye goes for the cover but Ruby distracts the ref, allowing Toni to get back to her feet!

Toni catches the challenger with a Storm Zero…but Skye kicks out at two! Storm has had enough, locking in a Texas Cloverleaf that forces the challenger to tap out!

Winner via submission and STILL AEW Women’s World Champion: Toni Storm

Toni and Ruby go on the attack on Skye after the match, until Willow Nightingale rushes to the ring to even things out! The Outcasts escape the ring, heading up the ramp as Willow checks on Skye Blue.

Backstage, JungleHOOK is standing by as Jack Perry accepts SANADA’s open challenge for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship and gets HOOK to be in his corner!

Video Package: Forbidden Door has big matches in the works, and the week in AEW is gearing up for a wild time as we get ready for the debut of AEW Collision!

Back at ringside, Bryan Danielson is at commentary as the BCC trio of Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta, and Claudio Castagnoli make their way to the ring for our main event!

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Back from commercial, The Elite make their way to the ring before this match gets underway!

The Elite (Hangman Page & The Young Bucks) vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta)

We start off with chaos in the ring as BCC and The Elite go right at each other, until the Bucks and Page send BCC out of the ring! The BCC head around the ring but are caught with a dive by Nick Jackson and Page, who follows up with a shooting star press off the apron onto Wheeler Yuta! Things finally settle as we come into the ring with Mox and Page, who tags in Matt Jackson…only for the Young Buck to get taken down hard by Mox!

Mox beats him up in the corner until Matt turns things around, getting a tag to Nick who keeps the BCC at bay before going after Mox. Nick turns his focus to Claudio and this turns out to be a mistake as he’s sent down to the floor…but Page catches him with a lariat! Things start to break down again until Matt Jackson leaps off the top turnbuckle onto the BCC on the outside!

Matt looks to follow up but is caught by Yuta, as Mox gets Nick with a piledriver for a nearfall as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Tag to Claudio as the BCC are now in control of the situation, with Nick being sent to the corner hard as Claudio goes to work on the former AEW tag champ. Tag to Yuta as he and Claudio keep on the attack, and Yuta goes to work on the legs of Nick before tagging Claudio back in, and the ROH World Champion goes after the head and neck in his offense against Nick before tagging in Mox…who takes a much more brutal approach, hitting a chop before sending Nick hard into the corner. Mox taunts the crowd as he continues the beatdown, dropping Nick with a suplex for a nearfall. Nick starts to fight back as we return!

Nick escapes the BCC on the outside before rushing back in, looking for a tag that he gets as Mox tags out! Page is in now as he takes out Claudio and Yuta with a flurry of offense, before climbing to the top turnbuckle for a lariat that gets a nearfall! Page lands a corner powerbomb right into a double enziguri by the Bucks, and Matt tags in for a locomotion Northern Lights suplex on Yuta…before he gets to add Mox to the mix!

Yuta sent to the corner, but Claudio rushes in as things get crazy yet again, before Yuta hits a bridging German suplex for a nearfall on Matt Jackson! Yuta and Matt are both down, but Yuta is able to get a tag to Mox who immediately goes after Page on the outside…before hitting a Doomsday Device with the assist by Yuta, but only gets a nearfall on Matt Jackson! Mox goes for the hammer and elbow strikes and locks in the choke, but Nick Jackson makes the save for his brother! Tag to Claudio, who catches a superkick before hitting a chokeslam and a tag to Yuta! Rocket Launcher by the duo…but it’s stopped!

Young Bucks with a superkick party on the BCC before Page hits a pop-up powerbomb on Yuta! BTE Trigger by the Bucks, followed by a big ol’ Buckshot Lariat by Page for the pin and the win in our main event!

Winners via pinfall: The Elite (Hangman Page & The Young Bucks)

The celebration is cut short as BCC rush back into the ring, going after the Bucks and Page…until Eddie Kingston hits the ramp, making a beeline for the ROH World Champion! Kingston and Claudio go at it until the champ is sent over the top to the outside by Kingston, who turns around to face Mox who has bad intentions…until the Bucks cut him off!

Kingston and Mox have a staredown and shouting contest over what Mox has been up to lately, until Takeshita runs down to blindside the Elite and Kingston! Takeshita is all alone in the ring until Kenny Omega runs down to intercept, leading a big brawl as BCC, The Elite, and more end up going at it in the ring. We’re left with Kenny Omega and Takeshita, as Kenny goes for the V-Trigger on Takeshita…but is then cut off by Will Ospreay!

Ospreay rushes the Best Bout Machine, letting his intentions be known ahead of their IWGP United States Championship bout at Forbidden Door as he hits the Storm Breaker on Omega! Ospreay is left standing tall, getting a round of applause from Don Callis and Bryan Danielson on the outside as we get one final rundown of matches announced for Forbidden Door as we’re left with a very smug Ospreay hitting a Hidden Blade on Omega for good measure before the show comes to a close.