AEW Dynamite 10 10 2023

AEW “Title Tuesday” Dynamite Results
October 10, 2023
Independence, Missouri (Cable Dahmer Arena)
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

Title Tuesday Buy-In Quick Results:

  • ROH World Championship and NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship: Eddie Kingston def. Minoru Suzuki to retain both titles
  • Tony Khan announces at the very end of the Buy-In that Jon Moxley has not been medically cleared to compete for the AEW International Championship…but the arrival of Orange Cassidy and Hook leads to Cassidy receiving a shot at the title instead!

For you, it was a night where two companies go head-to-head one more time for cable television supremacy…for me, it was Tuesday.

We kick off with Christian Cage in the production area, giving words of caution to Swerve Strickland and Bryan Danielson ahead of their match to determine a #1 Contender to his TNT Championship before turning his attention to Adam Copeland and warning him of what’s ahead. Cage takes credit for the first 30 minutes of Dynamite being commercial-free before telling the truck to start the show proper!

Over at ringside, we get pyro kicking us off for a special Title Tuesday edition of AEW Dynamite as Bryan Danielson’s music hits! The American Dragon makes his way to the ring for our opening contest as we get a replay from WrestleDream and Collision. Out next is Swerve Strickland, flanked by the Mogul Embassy on the stage as he heads down the ramp while we get footage of his battle at WrestleDream against Hangman Page.

Swerve gets to the ring, looking to earn his shot at the TNT Championship against a very game Danielson as the match gets underway!

No. 1 Contender’s Match to the TNT Championship: Bryan Danielson vs. Swerve Strickland

Both men take a moment before locking up, with Bryan down for just a moment before taking Swerve to the canvas. Danielson with a pin here but only gets a nearfall as Strickland gets to his feet, starting to wear Bryan down as he gets him to the canvas now! Danielson kicks out of it, and the hold is broken leading to a standstill.

Swerve starts to mock Danielson before they lock up again, both men getting to their feet before they end up on the ropes to break the hold. Swerve smacks Danielson and gets a slap to the face for his troubles!

Bryan going for another hold here but gets cradled by Swerve, leading to an exchange of nearfalls between both men before breaking it up to stop things. They lock back up before hitting the ropes, before Swerve looks for a suplex that Bryan escapes…and both men end up on the apron, laying into each other with chops!

Danielson kicks the arm of Swerve off the top rope…but is sent back-first into the ring post by Swerve, who then drops him onto the apron! Danielson is down on the floor as Swerve steps back, before bringing the Dragon back into the ring…and Swerve climbs up top, dropping down hard on Danielson!

Swerve with the cover, but Danielson kicks out…only for Swerve to bring him back up, sending him into the corner for some more offense. Swerve stays on the attack, hitting a powerslam on Danielson followed by a brainbuster. Strickland with the cover here…BUT BRYAN KICKS OUT AGAIN!

The fight ends up back in the corner, with Swerve sending Danielson down with a single leg takedown before climbing up top again…but his 450 is met with a pair of knees to the back! Swerve rolls out of the ring for a breather…but doesn’t get it for long as Bryan rushes at him off the apron with a knee strike!

Danielson sends him back into the ring before climbing up top. Swerve gets to his feet, only to be sent right back down with a missile dropkick by Danielson! Swerve gets to his knees but is met with a series of kicks by Danielson, who goes for the cover…BUT THIS TIME IT’S SWERVE WHO KICKS OUT!

Danielson back to his feet, running the ropes…but he’s met with a kick by Swerve that forces him to the outside. Strickland goes for a dive here, only to stop Danielson trying to intercept it! Swerve gets Bryan in the tree of woe before climbing up top for a Swerve Stomp that sends the Dragon to the apron and then the floor outside!

Swerve quickly brings Bryan back in the ring before climbing up for another Swerve Stomp…but Danielson evades, locking in a single leg crab! Swerve crawls toward the ropes, only for Bryan to transition into a heel hook…before Swerve grabs the ropes to force a break of the hold! Danielson goes up top but is met by Swerve on the turnbuckle, the two trading holds until Bryan can slip behind for a back superplex!

Both men come crashing to the canvas, with Swerve nearly out and Danielson not doing tons better as he gets to his feet. He calls to kick Swerve’s head in, grabbing the hands of Strickland before stomping away…and transitioning to a knee strike! Danielson switches gears and locks in the LeBelle Lock, bending the hands back…but Swerve’s foot gets the ropes for the break!

Danielson heads to the corner for a couple big knee strikes, but collapses on the third attempt…which gives Swerve an opening for the House Call! Strickland follows with a Swerve Stomp and the cover…BUT BRYAN KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Swerve doesn’t let up here, going after the Dragon some more before covering him again…ONLY DANIELSON KICKS OUT ONCE MORE!

Nana distracts the ref as Swerve grabs the crown, looking to use it…but Adam Page shows up at ringside to pull it away! Danielson gets a nearfall off of this, followed by the Busaiku Knee for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Bryan Danielson

With the win, Danielson faces Christian Cage for the TNT Championship this Saturday on Collision!

Video Package: Samoa Joe is focused and determined to take what he believes is his!

Back at ringside, Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring for our next contest! The crowd sings along to “Judas” as the Ocho gets to the ring, before Powerhouse Hobbs makes his way to the ring alongside Don Callis. Hobbs enters the ring and this match is underway!

Chris Jericho vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

Jericho goes on the offense early, laying in some punches on the Powerhouse…who responds with a display of power leading to a big slam for a nearfall! The crowd shows their displeasure at Hobbs’s alliance with Callis as the Powerhouse continues to wear the Ocho down, driving Jericho down hard with a spinebuster!

Hobbs follows up with another one…and another for good measure! The crowd are not thrilled about this, but Hobbs pays them little mind as he tells Jericho to give up before knocking him down with a headbutt! Hobbs brings the former World Champion back up, but only to keep on the attack as Callis tells him to hurt Jericho some more.

Hobbs drives his boot into Jericho, holding the ropes for leverage before being forced to break it up…and he follows with another big drop for Jericho! Hobbs brings him back to his feet, and Jericho sees his chance to fight back with some strikes…before Hobbs throws him into the corner! Hobbs charges, but Jericho evades…and hits a Codebreaker for the cover!


Hobbs stays on the attack with some kicks and punches, much to the crowd’s chagrin before driving Jericho into the canvas AGAIN with a spinebuster! Hobbs yells at Jericho to quit before hitting another boot to the body of the Ocho. Hobbs finally brings Jericho back to his feet once more, lifting him up…but Jericho escapes, and starts fighting back! He sends Hobbs to the canvas before looking for the Walls of Jericho, turning the big man onto his stomach to cinch the hold in!

Hobbs is struggling now, but soon finds a way to power out of it…getting back to his feet for a front slam on the Ocho! Hobbs with the cover…AND JERICHO WITH THE KICKOUT!

Hobbs hits another front slam, and it looks like Jericho is out now as Hobbs puts his knee on the face of the Ocho for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Powerhouse Hobbs

Hobbs and Callis celebrate the win with Jericho still down…before Hobbs brings him back up for yet another front slam!

Video Package: Roderick Strong still needs help from Adam Cole, this time mowing his lawn before continuing to hang out with Strong and the Kingdom. Cole starts to leave to go to his surgery, but Strong says he needs “just one more thing” from the ROH World Tag Team Champion!

Back at ringside, Orange Cassidy makes his way to the ring for our first title match of the evening! Cassidy enters the ring as the champion Rey Fenix makes his way to the ring next, ready to defend the AEW International Championship against the man who had a lengthy run with the belt before this match gets underway!

AEW International Championship Match: Rey Fenix defends against Orange Cassidy

The two men start off trading strikes, with each showing off agility in a move to counter back and forth. Eventually, Fenix catches Cassidy with a kick from the ropes for a nearfall, immediately going up top for a frog splash! Fenix with another cover, and Cassidy kicks out again! Fenix lifts Cassidy onto his shoulders but Cassidy escapes, sending Fenix out of the ring before giving chase…and sending him into the barricade twice over!

The battle ends up spilling out to the crowd for a moment, before they come back toward the ring in the midst of the ref’s count. Cassidy rolls into the ring to break the count, sending Fenix back into the ring…but Fenix strikes back with a kick!

Cassidy responds by dropping Fenix even harder, forcing the champ to fall down to the floor! Fenix ends up back in the ring as Cassidy climbs back up top…where Fenix intercepts him! Fenix looking for a muscle buster on the challenger, but Cassidy kicks him away before driving the champ into the canvas with a diving DDT…and hits the ropes for another one and the cover! BUT FENIX KICKS OUT!

Cassidy looking for an Orange Punch…but it’s kicked away! Fenix goes off on him but is stopped because of the pain, allowing Cassidy to hit the champ with a Beach Break! Fenix kicks out of this, but is met with an Orange Punch before Cassidy stacks him up for the pin and the win to become the new champion!

Winner via pinfall and new AEW International Champion: Orange Cassidy

“Timeless” Toni Storm is ready for her close-up as we are presented with Lover’s Lament…an apparently silent picture since we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: I just wanna say, I hope this little number gets put on YouTube in case there IS audio…but Storm is doing a really good job with the almost pantomime style…unfortunately, the TBS feed cuts to a full commercial break from here (at least on my end, sorry folks!)

-Commercial Break-

Back at ringside, Wardlow heads to the ring to make an example out of Matt Sydal. The bell rings and this match gets underway!

Wardlow vs. Matt Sydal

One beatdown and four powerbombs later, the ref calls for the bell to end this match!

Winner via ref stoppage: Wardlow

Backstage, Renee checks in with Chris Jericho as Daniel Garcia shows up to check on him as well…only to be admonished by Matt Menard for doing so!

Back at ringside, Hangman Adam Page makes his way to the ring for our next match. Out next is Jay White, still in possession of the AEW World Championship he stole from MJF last week and accompanied by Bullet Club Gold as he heads to the ring. Switchblade enters the ring, and after a group pose this match gets underway!

Jay White vs. Hangman Page

White tells his pals to hang around and they oblige before he engages with Hangman, telling him the title is never going to be his again before slapping Page across the face! White leaves the ring to refocus, entering back in for a lock up with Page before slapping the Hangman and escaping…only for Page to dive onto him on the outside! Page argues with the Bang Bang Gang before going after Jay again as we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The control that Page has in this match quickly slips away as Jay goes after him, only for Page to counter and start fighting back. Page ends up firmly back in control as he sends White into the corner, only to be sent back with a kick by the Switchblade…as the TBS feed once again cuts to a full commercial break.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, Jay White is now back in control of the match as he looks for a suplex…but Page fights back once more, this time hitting a fireman’s carry slam! Jay gets to his feet as Page lays into him with a chop. Switchblade starts to fight back, but is sent down with a fall away slam as Page goes for the cover…BUT JAY KICKS OUT!

The action heads to the outside as White looks for a breather. Hangman makes a slip that Switchblade tries to exploit…only to be driven into the apron with a powerbomb by Page! Page brings Jay back into the ring, and drops him down again for another cover…but the Switchblade still breathes as he kicks out!

The crowd is cheering Page on as he looks for a Dead Eye on Jay…but the Switchblade escapes, dropping Page down to the canvas instead! Jay and Page are back on the apron now and drops Hangman onto the apron kneefirst! Page is hurt, and Jay exploits this as we go to…no, not another picture-in-picture, please anything but–

Picture-in-Picture: Jay White still firmly in control of the match as he gets a nearfall, following up by going after the clearly-injured leg of the Hangman. White with a leglock back in the ring now, but Hangman manages to get the ropes for the break! Jay continues the attack as he sends Page to the corner, propping him up on the corner and the top turnbuckle as we come back to the action!

Both men go at it on the top turnbuckle, high risk district as Page connects with a Blockbuster on the Switchblade, sending him to the canvas! Jay is down but it’s Hangman who is dealing with pain in the knee…something Jay looks to exploit as he gives the former World Champion a thumb to the eye and a uranage for a nearfall!

Page falls down but slowly gets back up, fighting back with some forearms before looking for the Buckshot Lariat…but his hesitation ends with White hitting a dragon screw driving Page’s leg into the rope! White brings the Hangman back to his feet, but Page shoves him away before climbing up top…but Jay intercepts!

Page fights him back again, once again looking for a Buckshot Lariat…but White takes advantage of the next pause with a German suplex for a nearfall! White follows up with some sleeper suplexes, until Page knocks him back with a haymaker. Page with another Buckshot attempt…into a Blade Runner! No! Page with the Dead Eye!

Bullet Club Gold intervene to stop the count, and Page ends up with a nearfall as a result. With the ref distracted after this, Nana comes running down with his crown and tries to lay Page out with it! Page fights it back but gets rolled up by Jay White for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Jay White

Page runs up the ramp to chase Nana while BC Gold celebrate with Jay in the ring…until MJF shows up on stage! MJF tells Jay White he’s got his match for Full Gear, demanding the Switchblade returns the Triple B!

Jay White responds by mocking the champ first, saying no one wants to hear MJF, they want to hear J-A-Y. The crowd boos, something White doesn’t take kindly to. Jay starts to ask if he should give the title back as the crowd taunts the Switchblade…so White says the answer’s no. MJF runs down the Switchblade now, talking about how much this crowd loves him before saying he cares about two things he cares about…his friend Adam Cole, and the AEW World Championship.

MJF says Jay is definitely a top-level talent and someone who will one day join the club of being a World Champion…but that day is not today. He tells White to give the title back and show some dignity, not for MJF but for the sport and for the sake of the title itself. White mocks MJF for this, saying he too has to earn the title…by facing Jay White at Full Gear for it. But, if he’s not patient, he can come grab the title now…but the odds are not in his favor.

If he can find 3 people that will tolerate MJF, he can take on the Bang Bang Gang and maybe win his title back ahead of time. Juice Robinson then talks about the battle royal for MJF’s ring before threatening to use a roll of quarters on Max…something that strikes a nerve with the champ, who tells Robinson what he’ll do if he approaches him with those quarters.

MJF storms off as Jay White says if anyone has a problem with all this, he has two words for them…Guns Up!

We go to picture-in-picture as Toni Storm presents the second act of Lover’s Lament!

Picture-in-Picture: Okay, now I get it…absolute gold from “Timeless” Toni Storm here. Once again hoping these get posted online because frankly, a recap can’t quite do this bit justice.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, Hikaru Shida makes her way to the ring for our next contest as she looks to regain the AEW Women’s World Championship. Out next is the champion herself as Saraya heads to the ring, and this match gets underway!

AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Saraya defends against Hikaru Shida

Saraya mocks Shida to start the match, to which Shida responds with some strikes before the champ fights back sending Shida to the corner. The challenger starts to fight back now, sending Saraya to the corner for some more strikes before dropping the champ with an enziguri! Saraya escapes the ring for a breather as the ref begins the count, Saraya mocking it as she walks around the ring before getting back in…where Shida lays into her with some strikes! The champ responds with some of her own, and it goes back and forth!

Shida ends up with the upper hand, lifting Saraya before dropping her to the canvas. Saraya escapes to the apron, only for Shida to lay in a kick to the head! Before she can follow up on this, Shida is stopped by someone in disguise looking to use spray paint…and Shida reveals it’s Ruby Soho, spraying the paint in her face instead! Soho tries to retaliate but is met with a shoe to the back by “Timeless” Toni Storm, as Saraya goes after Shida before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Saraya takes firm control of the situation here, wearing the challenger down at ringside before bringing her back into the ring to set Shida up on the ropes for a series of knees to the ribs! Shida falls back into the ring as Saraya continues the attack, pulling the hair before the ref admonishes her for it. Back on the ropes goes the challenger, Shida getting stretched out by the champion before Saraya drives a boot to the back as we come back from break!

Shida’s back in it with a right hand, eventually wearing the champ down…but Saraya hits a toe kick to get back on top! Only she takes a knee strike by Shida, who sends her to the corner for some mounted punches! Saraya escapes but Shida is up on the most dangerous rope for a missile dropkick!

Saraya starts fighting back again however, looking for a suplex off the top turnbuckle…but settling for pulling Shida out to the floor instead! Saraya shouts at the ref before getting caugth by Shida, who hits a stalling German suplex that drops the champ to the apron! Following this is a Meteora on the outside, bringing the champ back in the ring for a running knee strike for the cover…BUT SARAYA KICKS OUT!

Shida looks for a Kitana but the evades, locking a hold in…but Shida breaks out! Shida up top again now, but gets caught with the Knight Cap by Saraya for the cover…BUT SHIDA KICKS OUT THIS TIME!

Saraya has had enough of this, grabbing a kendo stick and the spray paint. The ref catches her with the stick and takes that away, but doesn’t see the spray paint that the champ uses on Shida! Knight Cap and the cover…BUT THE CHALLENGER KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Saraya goes after the challenger again…BUT SHIDA HITS A FALCON ARROW! Shida with the cover, but Saraya reverses…only for Shida to reverse…which the champion also reverses…until Shida reverses it one more time, this time keeping Saraya down for the pin and the win to become a 3-time Women’s World Champion!

Winner via pinfall and new AEW Women’s World Champion: Hikaru Shida

We receive an update from commentary that due to injuries courtesy of Powerhouse Hobbs, Chris Jericho is being checked on at a local hospital. We then get an announcement about toys being donated to charity for Christmas this year, a nice bit of good news to counter the bad, before getting a rundown of what’s to come on Rampage, Collision, and next week on Dynamite as well as our main event tonight as Adam Copeland takes on Luchasaurus!

Backstage, Don Callis gets mad for not getting ten minutes to speak his mind, but promises he has a backup plan as he pulls a Sammy Guevara with some signs before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: Callis uses this gimmick to talk about how Hobbs destroyed Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho, and how the Family looks to continue dominating!

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, Renee tries to talk to MJF about what happened earlier but all the champ wants to do is call his boy Adam Cole. He gets on the phone with Cole, who can barely hear because of the bad reception when he’s interrupted by The Acclaimed. Max Caster offers to help MJF out but the champ storms off, leaving Billy Gunn to ask why Caster is being so friendly with MJF. Caster talks about the two coming up in the business, and jokes about MJF playing hard to get which just annoys his friends.

Back at ringside, Christian Cage comes down with Luchasaurus ahead of our main event…but the TNT Champion has a microphone in hand, ready to conduct some business. He tells Kansas City they should be honored to have a champion they can be proud of…because unlike their Chiefs, he doesn’t need any extra help to win.

He then addresses what happened last week and what Adam Copeland said about Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne turning on him. He says that despite their similar experiences, he didn’t dress these men up like it’s Halloween and try to convince them they’re tough. He doesn’t try to be their leader, because he is not their leader…he is their father.

Cage addresses Copeland wanting to get a tag team back together, wanting to know where those aspirations were a few years ago when Copeland was being pushed to the moon while Cage was being deliberately held back. Cage says Copeland he needs him for this tag team, but Cage does not need him.

He then starts telling Adam’s wife Beth and their daughters to get ready for their new father to come home…and this brings Copeland running down the ramp! Nick Wayne trips him up as Luchasaurus rocks him hard, forcing Copeland to head to the corner to recover.

Eventually, Copeland tells the ref to call for the bell, and this match gets underway!

Adam Copeland vs. Luchasaurus

Luchasaurus charges at Copeland in the corner with a splash, wearing him down hard before dropping him with a Tombstone piledriver for the cover…but Copeland gets a shoulder up! Luchasaurus makes him pay for this as he goes back on the attack, bringing Copeland back to his feet only to continue the assault until Copeland is back down in the corner once again. Luchasaurus stands him up again, sending Copeland into the corner before pulling him back to his feet for a big body slam.

Standing him back up once again, Luchasaurus rocks him with a right hand…and Copeland hits one of his own, before sending him to the corner! Copeland starts to fight back, but this only angers Luchasaurus even more as he wails on the Rated R Superstar. Luchasaurus hits a massive vertical suplex, standing him up for a right hand after.

Luchasaurus stays on top of this with some hard shots before slamming Copeland face-first into the canvas. Copeland ends up back on his feet once again, finally getting an edge on Luchasaurus…who sends him out of the ring before we go to picture-in-picture!

Picture-in-Picture: The action continues on the outside with Luchasaurus beating Copeland down against the barricade, eventually bringing him back inside for more damage with a big slam! Luchasaurus turns his attention to the head of Copeland, trying to squeeze it like a grape before finally stepping away long enough to deliver a big kick. Luchasaurus sets him up against the ropes now, driving his throat in with his knee as we come back from break!

Copeland ends up out of the ring where Nick Wayne sends him into the barricade, while Luchasaurus sets up the steel steps at ringside. Copeland gets back to the ring where Luchasaurus looks for a chokeslam from the apron…but Copeland fights back, eventually hitting Luchasaurus with a diving DDT off the apron!

Luchasaurus eventually gets back in the ring as Copeland gets to the top turnbuckle, hitting a cross body from behind to keep Luchasaurus down! Copeland with a series of strikes, but runs right into a shoulder tackle from Luchasaurus who goes for a chokeslam…but Copeland gets him with the Impaler! Cover by Copeland…BUT LUCHASAURUS KICKS OUT!

Copeland goes back up top, but Luchasaurus is back on his feet and kicks him off with a big boot! Copeland’s on the apron still, but Luchasaurus looks to send him into the steps with a suplex…but Copeland fights out of it! Mounted punches by the Rated R Superstar on the top now…and Copeland hits a MASSIVE superplex, sending him and Luchasaurus to the canvas!

Ref starts the standing count as Copeland slowly sits up, finally getting to a kneeling position as Luchasaurus starts to stir. Cage gets to ringside to intervene as Nick sets up a chair in the corner. Copeland goes for a spear on Luchasaurus, who leapfrogs as Copeland runs into the chair! Luchasaurus with a chokeslam and the cover…BUT COPELAND KICKS OUT ONCE AGAIN!

Copeland manages to evade Extinction now, fighting Luchasaurus on the apron before going to the ropes…only for Luchasaurus to catch him by the goozle! No! Copeland drops him down to the apron! Luchasaurus back on his feet…but gets caught with a spear by Copeland off the steel steps!

Both men are down on the outside as Copeland slowly gets to his feet, bringing Luchasaurus back into the ring as he looks for another spear! Nick intervenes as Cage tries to nail Copeland with the TNT Championship…but Copeland grabs the title while the ref is distracted with Nick, and hits Luchasaurus with the title instead!

Copeland tosses the title back to Cage as the ref sees him with the title, asking if he just hit Luchasaurus with the title while Copeland heads to the corner. Luchasaurus stares at Cage as well, as if wondering the same thing…until he gets hit with a spear by Copeland, who gets the pin and the win in our main event!

Winner via pinfall: Adam Copeland

There is little time for celebration as Nick Wayne takes Copeland down, leading to a beatdown on the Rated R Superstar until Bryan Danielson runs down to make the save! He goes after the group, including the man he faces on Saturday for the TNT Championship…and as the group go after Danielson, the BCC come rushing down to even the odds! This draws out the Mogul Embassy, which naturally brings out Hangman Page to go after Swerve Strickland!

In the midst of all this chaos, Danielson traps Cage in the middle of the ring with a LeBelle Lock, forcing the TNT Champion to tap out as a possible sign of what’s to come at Collision as this Title Tuesday draws to a close!