AEW Rampage 06 09 2023

AEW Rampage Results
June 9, 2023
Colorado Springs, Colorado (Broadmoor World Arena)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We are welcomed to the arena by Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur.

Bandido and The Lucha Brothers vs. Big Bill, Lee Moriarty and Ethan Page

The bell rings and we are underway as the Fenix and Page start things off. Fenix takes down Page, but he counters with his own take down. Fenix then hits page with a huge drop kick. Fenix tags in Bandido as Page tags in Moriarty who shoves Bandido as both men exchange blows. Bandido spins Moriarty around as Bandido continues the take down of Moriarty with great body control. Bandido tags in Penta. Big Bill is tagged in. Bill stares down Penta. Big grabs Penta and attempts a choke slam, but is met with a thrust kick by Penta as Bandido comes in, but Bill is sent to the outside by Penta as he in alone in the ring. Penta attempts to leap through the ropes onto Bill but is met with a huge fist to the face. The action is on the outside with all six men. Bill tosses Penta back in the ring as Page is back up on the ring apron and jaws at the fans. Bill has Penta in the corner and is choking him.

Picture-In-Picture: Bill continues the offense on Bill in the corner with boots to the chest. Bill put the boots to Penta’s throat as the ref attempts to break it up with a five count. Bill continues the offense as the ref checks on Penta. Bill then hits Penta with a huge right hand and then charges after him.

Back from the break, Bandido is finally tagged in but Bill is too much and catches Bandido with a huge kick on the chin. Moriarty is tagged in but then tags in Page who drops Bandido with a powerslam and goes for the cover, but Bandido kicks out. Bandido then tags in Fenix who is met by Page, but Fenix is able to kick Page who falls out of the ring. Lucha Bros then double team Big Bill who comes in. Penta then tosses Bandido onto Bill who is on the outside. Penta takes down Page and covers him for only a two count. The Lucha team triple teams Bill. Fenix hits Moriarty with a huge cutter. Fenix is on the top rope who hits Bill and Moriarty. The Hardys then come out an interrupt the match talking to Ethan Page who says they will fine him if he doesn’t extend the Jeff Hardy arm gear he had folded. As Bandido has his back turned he is nailed by Bandido for the 1, 2, 3.

WINNERS: Bandido and The Lucha Brothers

We go to QTV with QT Marshall saying that QTV needs to be edgier as Collision is coming. One of Marshalls students was cut off by QT saying this is not 1997, as she was going to say something attitude era like. QTV’s gang talks about buying everyone ice cream and then talk about making an announcement. QTV then says the champ needs to go out on Rampage and show the fans what Collision is all about.


Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Caleb Crush

Powerhouse comes out with the QTV crew. The bell rings and Crush locks up on Hobbs. But Hobbs is too much and hits Crush with a huge lariat. Hobbs picks up Crush and sets him up on the top rope and is knocked back in the ring. Crush tries to come back, but Hobbs is way too much and drops him with a spine buster for the win.

WINNER: Powerhouse Hobbs

We backstage with Arn Anderson and Wardlow being interviewed by Renee Paquette. My Sling App crashed at the beginning of the interview. It came back with Wardlow talking about an open challenge with Jake Hager on this Wednesday’s Dynamite.

The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn vs. Serpentico, Angelico and Luther

The Acclaimed comes out to a big ovation. Bowens and Angelico star things off. Angelico hits Bowens with thumb to the eye. Angelico is met with a huge drop kick by Bowens. Serptentico is tagged and then Bowens tags in Caster who is sent to the floor. The Acclaimed then double team Angelico with a scissor me timbers. The Acclaimed and Gunn is in the ring with Serpentico. Gunn then slaps Serptentico with a huge right hand. Luther comes in the ring as Gunn nails him with right hands.

Picture-In-Picture: Gunn tags in Caster who is met by Luther. Serpentico is tagged in and continues the offense on Caster. Angelico is then tagged in and works on Caster as he tossed to the outside.


Back from the break Caster is back in the ring and tags to Gunn who hits Luther with a fall away slam. Angelico caught Gunn who drops to the mat as Bowens tags in. Bowens drops Luther as he tags in Caster who then lands on Luther with a huge mic drop to score the win for his team.

WINNERS: The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn

We go to an interview on entrance ramp area with Renee Paquette talking to Jeff and Karen Jarrett, Satnam Singh, Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt. Karen calls out referee Aubrey Edwards, but Mark Briscoe’s music hits as Mark and Aubrey come out. Aubrey says that AEW will not sanction a match between herself and Karen because she is a referee. Aubrey says that it is due to out of respect that she is a referee. Aubrey then said that if she sees Karen anywher in the back, she will kick Karen’s a– as the fans go crazy and start to chant Aubrey. Mark then tells Aubrey he has had conversations with important men in high places and will not sanction a match between Karen and Aubrey, but will sanction mixed trios tag team action. Sonjay then tells Jay he is tagging with Jeff and Karen. Dutt then says he isn’t from Delaware and can count. He says to Mark, “there is only two of you and one of them” and asked where is their third man. Mark then says the third man is Papa Briscoe, to a huge ovation.


Back from the break, Mark Henry hypes up the main event with pre-taped segments from the contenders.

Four-Way Match: Skye Blue vs. Nyla Rose vs. Britt Baker vs. Mercedes Martinez. The winner challenges Toni Storm for the AEW Women’s World Championship on Wednesday’s Dynamite.

The bell rings as Martinez and Baker our on the outside and Rose and Blue are in the ring. Rose tosses Blue into the ropes. Rose and Baker go to the outside as Blue takes down Martinez. Baker comes back in and works on Blue. Rose is back in and works on Baker in the corner with a big boot to the throat. Marina Shafir comes in and has Baker in a rear naked choke, but Hikura Shida comes in and hits Shafir from behind with the kendo stick.

Picture-In-Picture: Rose attempts a pin on Blue, but it is broken up by Martinez. Martinez takes down Rose and then has Rose in a choke hold like move as Rose falls to the outside. Baker then hits Rose with a series of right hands. In the ring Martinez nails Blue and covers her, but only gets a two count. Martinez then picks up Blue and tosses her to the outside as the camera pans to Rose working on Baker with a choke hold on the outside. Rose picks up Baker and slams her head on the ring apron. Rose gets in the ring as Martinez chops Rose.

Back from the break, Martinez is hanging on the ropes as Rose climbs to the top rope. Baker pushes Rose to the floor and hits Martinez with a sling blade and cover her but Martinez kicks out at two. Blue comes back in and hits Baker with a thrust kick and covers Baker, but the pin is broken up by Martinez. Baker attempts a lock jaw on Martinez and Blue then attempts a submission on Baker, but Rose kicks Blue in the side of the head. Rose kicks Blue and Baker. Martinez kicks Rose in the face as Baker comes in and stomps Rose. Baker then drags Martinez to the outside. Blue then comes in hits Rose with her finisher – the Code Blue and pins Rose. The fans looked stunned and cheer Blue. We go to backstage as Toni Storm and Ruby Soho watch on. Blue will now go onto challenge Toni Storm on Wednesday’s Dynamite for the Women’s Title. Storm spray paints the TV as we go back the ring where Blue is almost in tears as the show goes off the air.

WINNER: Skye Blue

Jerome’s thoughts: You can certainly tell that Bryan Danielson had his creative influence on this show. The action was great and the segments, minus that stupid QTV nonsense was also great. Skye Blue winning was a nice surprise (even though I knew Wednesday night she won). The fans seemed surprised Blue won. It will be interesting to see what kind of an ovation she gets in Washington, DC on Wednesday night.

A trios match with Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett and Jay Lethal vs. Aubrey Edwards, Mark and Papa Briscoe will be certainly a lot of fun. The fans love Aubrey and Mark. The heels certainly know how to get heat. I am looking forward to this match, which will be very entertaining if Bryan Danielson has booking influence on it.