AEW Dynamite 06 10 2020

AEW Dynamite Results
June 10, 2020
Jacksonville, Florida (Daily’s Place)
Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Chris Jericho opens up Dynamite as he makes his way to the announce booth for some guest commentary.

The Butcher & The Blade (5-3) vs. #FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) (0-0)

This is FTR’s debut match in AEW and they are obviously the former Revival from WWE. They make their entrance in a pickup truck as they did on their debut in the company.

The Blade and Dax start the match off against one another and immediately stalemate as they lockup three consecutive times. Arn Anderson, Jake Roberts and Tully Blanchard are shown in the stands taking notes on FTR. Dax takes Blade down with a Side Headlock Takeover but Blade fights back up to his feet and kicks Dax in the gut.

Dax and Blade exchange strikes and then Dax runs over Blade with a series of shoulder blocks before rolling him up for a nearfall. Dax comes back with an Inside Cradle for another nearfall and then immediately takes Blade over with another Side Headlock. Cash tags in for the first time and dives off the top with an Axe Handle Drop to Blade as Dax held him.

Dax tags again and Cash slams Blade into Dax’s boot and then he holds Blade as Dax puts the boots to him. Dax hits a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall and follows up with an Armlock. Blade manages to back Dax into his corner and tag Butcher. Dax retreats away into his corner before Butcher could grab him and tags Cash.

Dax distracts Butcher and Cash tries to get a German Suplex but Butcher fights him off only for Cash to hit a series of Uppercuts and Forearms. Butcher goes for a Backdrop but Cash leapfrogs him only to eat a shoulder block. Cash sells an arm injury and as Butcher hesitates Cash rolls him up for a nearfall.

Butcher gets pissed and lays Cash out and then the heels double team Cash in their corner for several moments. Blade and Butcher take turns choking Cash in the ropes and then they take turns headbutting him. Blade gets FTR a taste of their own medicine as he puts Cash in a headlock on the mat.

Cash fights his way out of the hold with a Jawbreaker but Blade immediately grabs a Front Facelock. Cash shoves him into the ropes and then as Blade goes for a leapfrog Cash catches him in a Powerslam in midair. Dax tags in and hits a series of strikes capped off with a Back Suplex.

Dax dropkicks Butcher off the apron and then hits a Swinging Neckbreaker on Blade. Butcher comes in and eats a Dragon Screw Legwhip. Dax hits a Brainbuster on Blade and then lifts him up to the top rope. Butcher knocks Dax off the top but Cash grabs him and FTR hits a Double Hanging DDT on Butcher.

Dax goes back up top with Blade and hits a Superplex and Cash hits a Diving Splash from the other corner for a nearfall. Dax tags back in and Blade rolls him up for a nearfall as Butcher pulls Cash to the floor. Butcher and Blade hit an Assisted Black Hole Slam on Dax for a nearfall.

They go for Full Death but Cash shoves Blade and then they hit the Good Night Express on Butcher! Cash tags Dax and they connect with the Mind Breaker (Spike Piledriver) for the pin!

Winners: FTR via pinfall (Mind Breaker)

After the match, Schiavone interviews FTR in the ring. Dax says this is the pinnacle of tag team wrestling but before he can say anything else The Young Bucks make their way out. Nick says they want to congratulate them on a great match in their debut. Matt thanks them for helping out a few weeks ago when Butcher and Blade attacked them but says they seem to have failed to properly introduce themselves to them, though.

Matt introduces he and Nick to FTR and he says they have been carrying tag team wrestling on their backs for the past decade and they are the best tag team in AEW. They offer a handshake but Butcher and Blade attack them from behind. FTR jumps on them again but out comes Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc for another brawl. Omega and Page come out and the heels bail.

Page and Omega stare down FTR and then Page starts talking trash to them before all three sides back down.


Dasha interviews The Natural Nightmares backstage and announces that they will face Page and Omega for the tag titles. Before they can talk about that Brandi Rhodes gets pissed about Allie wearing their logo but Dustin stops them and says that he needs QT with him and his head in the game next week and not worrying about this nonsense. Dustin says Allie will not be ringside with them.

Penelope Ford (4-3) w/Kip Sabian & “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose (8-2) vs. Kris Statlander (5-6) & Hikaru Shida (12-3)

Rose and Ford attack Shida and Statlander before the bell and beat them down for several moments. Rose and Ford whip Statlander into the ropes but she ducks them and then kicks them before tossing Rose into Ford. Statlander hits a Sliding Dropkick on Rose for a quick nearfall.

Statlander tags Shida and the champ hits a series of strikes before tagging Statlander back in. The two make quick tags and connect with strikes. Statlander dives off the top but Rose moves out of the way and levels her with a Running Clothesline for a nearfall. Rose hits a Scoop Slam as we head to a break.


Rose takes Statlander down but Statlander comes right back with a Spinning Lariat. Rose and Statlander tag out at the same time and Shida backdrops Ford onto the top rope and connects with a Flying Knee that knocks Ford to the apron. Shida hits another Flying Knee as Ford was laying on the apron. Shida goes to the top and hits a Missile Dropkick followed by a Vertical Suplex for a nearfall.

Statlander tags in and the babyfaces hit a Double BackBreaker followed by a Flying Knee from Shida and then a Standing Moonsault from Statlander for another nearfall. She goes for a Suplex but Ford knees her in the head and connects with a DDT for a nearfall of her own.

Rose tags in and goes for a DVD but Statlander fights out with elbows and then a Roundhouse Kick. Ford runs in and Matrixes away from a clothesline attempt and connects with a Stunner. Shida runs in and hits a Forearm Smash on Ford and then cuts Rose off as she climbs to the top. Shida hits a Superplex and Statlander follows up with an Axe Kick for another nearfall.

Shida tags in and she goes for a Brainbuster but Rose blocks it and hangs Shida up in the ropes. Statlander comes in and Rose hangs her up on the top rope, as well. Rose attempts the Guillotine Knee Drop to both of them! Ford tags in and then lifts Shida up for some double team move, but Statlander pulls Ford off the apron and Shida hits a Rana followed by a Flying Knee. Ford comes in and eats a Falcon’s Arrow for a nearfall.

Shida goes for the Flying Knee again but Sabian trips her and Statlander hits a Tope Suicida onto Sabian on the outside! Rose tosses the title belt to Ford and she hits Shida with it before hitting a Bridging Fisherman’s Suplex for the pin.

Winner: Ford and Rose via pinfall (Fisherman’s Suplex)

A vignette is shown of Darby Allin doing insane stunts at Tony Hawk’s house.

Another rehab recap from Dr. Britt Baker airs. She says she’s tired of Big Swole and says that all Big Swole talks about is her “struggles,” while Baker is the one that is really overcoming struggles. She says that the roster needs a role model and she is happy to do it but she needs the respect for doing it, too.


Trios Match
The Inner Circle (Santana, Ortiz & Jake Hager) (1-0 trios) vs. The Best Friends (0-1 trios)

Inner Circle attack Best Friends as they enter the ring. Hager throws Orange Cassidy onto the stage and then beats him up the stage. Ortiz throws Chuck Taylor into the barricade as Santana beats Trentylocks down in the ring. Trent sidesteps a charging Santana in the corner and lights him up with a series of chops.

Trent goes for a Tornado DDT but Trent blocks it only to eat a Cartel Kick. As Santana goes to tag out Trent grabs him and hits a Back Suplex. Ortiz tags in and Taylor tags in at the same time. Best Friends hit Ortiz with the Sole Food/Half-And-Half and then Trent hits a Tope Suicida onto Hager on the floor. Taylor hits a Somersault Plancha onto PNP on the other side of the ring.

Taylor tosses Ortiz into a Spear from Trent on the outside. Back in the ring, Best Friends go to hug but Hager blindsides them. PNP hit a Powerbomb/Round Kick combo followed by a Hager Bomb for a nearfall.


Back from the break, Trent sends Hager to the floor and catches Ortiz with a Tornado DDT out of the corner. OC tags in at the same time Hager tags in, as well. OC does his lazy kicks deal and it just pisses Hager off so he tosses him into the corner. OC trips Hager causing him to crash to the floor. PNP run in and eat a Double Rana from OC. OC hits a Tope Suicida onto Hager on the floor and then hits a Flying Cross Body on Ortiz!

OC hits a Satellite DDT on Santana! OC goes to the top and goes for a Splash but Hager catches him in midair and hits a Spinebuster for a nearfall. Trent shoves Hager into a Flying Knee and then Trent goes for a Flying Knee of his own but Hager catches him in midair and tosses him to the floor. Hager tags Ortiz and Santana dives off Ortiz’s back into a Somersault Cannonball onto OC.

PNP goes for the Streetsweeper but Taylor knocks Santana off the top onto Hager on the floor. OC rolls Ortiz up for the pin!

Winners: Best Friends via pinfall (rollup)

Inner Circle attacks Best Friends after the match and Jericho runs down with his bat to help out. Jericho pulls out a bag of oranges and hits OC with it.


MJF is pissed off that Jungle Boy got a title shot before he did. He says that the favoritism in AEW is egregious and he gets tons of dirty looks in AEW because they are all jealous of him. He says that he is a Great White Shark in a sea full of minnows. Billy Gunn cuts him off and says he’s looking at a great white. MJF says he’s surprised Gunn isn’t busy trying to get another one of his “scumbag talentless sons” a job.

The drama with Colt Cabana and his offer from The Dark Order is shown.

“The Spanish God” Sammy Guevara (6-6) vs. Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana (4-4)

Cabana takes Guevara down and then lights him up with chops. Cabana hits a Spinning Headscissors Takeover and locks Guevara in an Armbar. Cabana transitions into a Top Wristlock but Guevara gets to the ropes and then tosses Cabana to the floor. Guevara follows up with a Tornillo onto Cabana on the floor.


Guevara goes for a DVD but Cabana rolls him up and then connects with a big elbow. Cabana charges at Guevara but eats a boot. Cabana comes back with a series of jabs and then the Bionic Elbow followed by the Flying Apple in the corner. Cabana hits a Splash for a nearfall.

Guevara hits an Enziguri and then goes to the top but Cabana catches him and Press Slams him. Cabana hits a beautiful Diving Moonsault off the top for another nearfall. Cabana hangs Guevara up on the top rope and then climbs up and lifts him up for the Chicago Skyline but he slips and Guevara comes back with the GTH for the pin!

Winner: Guevara via pifnall (GTH)

Evil Uno and Stu Grayson come out for the first time in months followed by the rest of the Dark Order and Brodie Lee. Lee walks up to Cabana and helps him up before simply walking out.

As Guevara starts bragging about how great he is Matt Hardy comes out and says he doesn’t have any issues with Guevara and says that he respects him. Hardy says that Guevara reminds him of the Hardyz and he is the future of AEW. Hardy offers some advice to him and says that he has to get away from Chris Jericho to ever reach his potential.

Guevara says he tried to kill him not once but twice. Guevara says that he doesn’t know if Hardy is “dumb, stupid or broken.” Matt breaks out into his “Broken” character and gets in the ring with Guevara and says he will mash him and eat him.

A vignette highlighting Joey Janela is shown with him talking about what happened to him over the last few months and how he’s lost his direction. Sonny Kiss pulls up to Janela as he comes out of a bar and offers him a ride. “To be continued.”


Dasha approaches Colt Cabana but he ignores her and walks into the Dark Order’s locker room.

Alex Marvez catches up to Jon Moxley as he arrives backstage but Moxley stops him and says he’s ina real bad mood. He says he’s in a bad mood because he has little to no patience or time for people that run their mouth when they have no idea what they are talking about. He says Taz has been running his mouth all week about how Cage is going to beat him and if he was trying to get under his skin it worked. Moxley says he can’t wait for Fyter Fest so he can pop Cage’s head like a pimple and shut Taz up. He says he is one miserable son of a bitch and the fact that Cage and Taz or anyone else thinks they could beat him pisses him off and makes him more violent.

Moxley says that Taz is one of the great trash talkers of all time but then Taz walks up and gets in Moxley’s face. He says all Moxley does is run his mouth and at Fyter Fest Cage will put him out. Cage attacks Moxley from behind.

Moxley grabs a pipe nearby and swings it at Cage but he moves and Cage knocks out the window of a car. Cage then slams Moxley into a wall and then onto the car. Cage was about to Powerbomb Moxley on the concrete but Taz stops him only for Cage to still pick Moxley up and slam him into the back window of the car.


Main Event
AEW TNT Championship
“American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (c) (11-1) w/Arn Anderson vs. Marq Quen (0-0) w/Isaiah Kassidy & Matt Hardy

This is Quen’s very first singles match in AEW. Cody and Quen mat wrestle for a few minutes but Quen speeds things up and connects with a Standing Moonsault for an early nearfall. Cody comes back with a Falling Uppercut and then goes for the Disaster Kick only to fall right into a dropkick in midair from Quen for a nearfall. Cody puts Quen in a Mexican Surfboard and transitions into a Dragon Sleeper at the same time.


Cody hits a Kneebreaker and then lifts Quen up to the top rope. Cody climbs up with Quen and hits a Reverse Suplex. As Quen lands he immediately grabs his ankle and Cody spent pretty much the entire break working on that ankle and knee. Quen attempts a Moonsault but his ankle gives way again. Quen still manages to hit a Standing Shooting Star Press for a nearfall.

Quen hits a wild Corkscrew Reverse DDT for another nearfall. Cody rolls to the floor to get away but Quen hits a Plancha over the top onto Cody on the floor and starts limping after. Quen hits a Somersault Plancha over the top and grabs his ankle again. Quen rolls back in the ring and tries to do another high spot but falls down and sells the ankle.

Cody charges at Quen but Quen tosses him away and then hits a Fosburry Flop onto Cody on the floor. Quen rolls Cody back in the ring and gets a nearfall. Quen goes to the top again but it took him forever because of the ankle allowing Cody to roll out onto the ramp. Quen hits an insane 450 Splash onto Cody on the ramp!

Quen rolls Cody back in the ring and then climbs to the top for a Shooting Star Press but Cody catches his leg in midair and puts him in an Ankle Lock! Cody grapevines the leg and almost puts him in a death lock forcing Quen to tap.

Winner & STILL TNT Champ: Cody via submission (Ankle Lock)

Cody helps Quen up after the match and hugs him. Jake Hager walks out and immediately grabs Arn Anderson by the throat! Hager elbows Cody and then tosses him across the ring before hitting a Spinebuster! Private Party and Matt Hardy come back out with chairs and chase Hager off.

PNP and Guevara come out and a huge brawl erupts! Cody says that if Hager wants a TNT Title shot at Fyter Fest then he’s got it!