AEW All Out 2022

AEW All Out Results
Sept. 4, 2022
Hoffman Estates, IL (NOW Arena)
Results by: Josh Boutwell of


Backstage, RJ City interviews Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti about their match tonight. Guevara taunts Chicago and says they know all they want to see is them make out, so they oblige. Someone interrupts them blowing the horn on a Go Cart. Ortiz and Ruby Soho chase and hit Sammy with it. Soho and Ortiz beat the AAA Mixed Tag Team Champs around the backstage area and then drag them to the ring.

AAA Mixed Tag Team Championships
Ortiz & Ruby Soho vs. Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo (c)

Ortiz and Soho double team Sammy with Soho hitting a Rana Driver on Sammy for a nearfall. Sammy manages to fight them off and blocks a Poison Rana attempt from Soho. As he hung Ruby upside down, Melo hits a Pump Kick to Soho. Melo and Guevara taunt Sammy until Soho nails Melo with a Backdrop Driver. Sammy and Ortiz tag in and trade offense. Ortiz hits a Snap Suplex and holds Sammy down as Ruby climbs up top.

Melo crotches Ruby and pokes Ortiz in the eyes. Sammy lifts Melo up into the air down into a Brazilian Destroyer on Ortiz! Sammy dives off Soho’s back with a Swanton Bomb for two. Soho hits a Missile Dropkick on Melo and lands on Sammy with a Senton. Anna Jay sneaks down to the ring and pulls Soho out as Melo distracts the referee. Soho cuts her off and throws Jay into the steps but then walks into an attempt at the Tay KO from Melo. Soho reverses it as Ortiz reverses a TKO attempt from Sammy. They both get nearfalls and then Ortiz knocks Sammy to the floor.

Soho goes for a dive off the top but Melo cuts her off and Superplexes her onto Ortiz on the floor! Melo throws Ruby back in the ring and goes for a Pump Kick but Soho catches her leg and hits a Flying Knee. Jay trips Soho from the floor and Melo hits a Buckle Bomb followed by the TayKO for the pin.

Winners & STILL Mixed Tag Champs: Guevara & Melo via pinfall (TayKO)

A video package highlights the feud between Bryan Danielson and Chris Jericho.

FTW Championship
HOOK (c) vs. “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker w/Matt Menard

Rapper Action Bronson, whose music HOOK comes out to, is sitting ringside. HOOK and Parker chain wrestle in the early going but Parker distracts the referee allowing Menard to poke HOOK in the eyes from the outside. Parker jumps on HOOK and beats him down in the corner to take control. Parker hits a Leg Lariat and taunts HOOK as he continues to beat him down. HOOK headbutts Parker but Menard trips him as the referee checks on Parker. HOOK stomps Menard’s hands and starts Judo throwing Parker all over the ring.

HOOK hits a Hookplex but then eats a stiff kick to the face from Parker. HOOK fights back with body shots but Parker elbows him in the face. Parker walks into a T-Bone Hookplex but Parker leapfrogs him and goes for a Brainbuster. HOOK escapes and locks in Redrum for the submission!

Winner & STILL FTW Champ: HOOK via submission (Redrum)

Menard attacks HOOK from behind but Action Bronson comes in the ring and tosses both of them. They start to go after Bronson but HOOK gets up and they retreat. Bronson is a pretty noted wrestling fan, so I’m sure that was cool for him.

A video package highlights the Punk-Moxley feud.

AEW All-Atlantic Championship
“The Bastard” PAC (c) vs. Kip Sabian

This is Sabian’s first match in AEW since a shoulder injury in early 2021 and just his second match in general since then. Sabian takes control early and beats PAC down in the corner before hitting a Flying Dropkick. Sabian taunts the crowd and, as a result, PAC comes back with a slam. PAC goes to the top but Sabian crotches him and attempts a Superplex. PAC shoves Sabian back but Sabian lands on his feet. PAC dives at him but Sabian sidesteps him and hits a Springboard Enziguri knocking PAC to the floor. Sabian goes for a dive but PAC moves and Sabian actually lands on his feet on the apron. Sabian dares PAC to get back in the ring and when he does he tosses PAC to the floor on the outside and then hits a Split Legged Moonsault onto PAC.

In the ring, Sabian goes for a springboard move but PAC rolls back to the floor on the other side. Sabian chases him and knees PAC in the face. Sabian tries to Suplex Sabian on the floor but PAC blocks it and counters into a Brainbsuter! PAC throws Sabian into the barricade before rolling him back in the ring. PAC hits a Basement Dropkick for a nearfall and then dares Sabian to trade blows with them. After exchanging some strikes, Sabian hits a Pop-Up Knee Strike followed by a Dragon Suplex. Sabian charges at PAC but he moves and hits a Snap German and both men are down.

PAC goes to the top for Black Arrow but Sabian rolls to the other side of the ring. An annoyed PAC chases him but walks into a Springboard Swinging DDT and then a Slingshot Brianbuster from Sabian for a nearfall. Sabian hits a Cradle Michinoku Driver for another nearfall. Sabian looks at his weird box and asks it what to do. He then turns around and picks PAC up but PAC rakes his eyes and hits a Forearm Smash. PAC puts the boots to Sabian as Sabian smiles at him. PAC hits the Black Arrow for the pin.

Winner & STILL All-Atlantic Champ: PAC via pinfall (Black Arrow)

Tony Schiavone interviews PAC on the stage but Orange Cassidy walks out and interrupts him. PAC yells “no” at him and says they’ve been here before and he remembers how that ended. He says that Orange Cassidy isn’t a wrestler, he’s a joke. He tells OC to get to the back of the line and walks away. Sabian is shown screaming at the box now.

A video package hypes up Eddie Kingston vs. Ishii.

“The Mad King” Eddie Kingston vs. “The Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii

This is a rematch from their match in NJPW earlier this year and Kingston’s first match since his recent suspension for bitch slapping Guevara backstage. Ishii and Kingston start the match with a nasty chop exchange that lasted literally like two minutes, leading to a standing ovation from the fans. Kingston’s chest is already welting up. Kingston manages to take Ishii down with a Double Knife Edge Chop and then looks down at his chest in disgust. Ishii fights back and lays Kingston down with some more nasty chops. The camera zooms in on welts or blisters that have formed on Ishii’s chest, as well.

Ishii drops Kingston with a Forearm Smash and a Vertical Suplex. Kingston sidesteps a charging Ishii and hits a rapid-fire series of chops followed by a Snap Suplex. Kingston hits a DDT and a Sliding Lariat for two. Kingston kicks Ishii in the face but Ishii fires up and shrugs it off. He dares Kingston to hit him again and Kingston starts chopping him only for Ishii to just nod his head. Ishii runs Kingston over with a Running Charge. He goes for a Backdrop Driver but Kingston fights out and attempts a Lariat only for Ishii to duck and hit the Backdrop Driver for two.

Ishii starts kicking Kingston in the back and Kingston gets fired up now and starts slapping Ishii. They exchange ridiculous slaps until Ishii goes for a move and drops Kingston. It was clearly a botch but Kingston sells it like his shoulder was injured. Ishii goes for a Lariat but Kingston blocks it and hits a T-Bone Suplex. They exchange suplexes until Ishii hits a King Kong Lariat. Kinston and Ishii clothesline each other at the same time and both men fall down.

They clothesline each other again and Ishii drops him with a Forearm. Ishii charges at Kingston but eats a Baba Lariat and a Powerbomb for two. Kingston goes for a Half Nelson Suplex but Ishii lands on his feet and runs right into a Lariat from Kingston! 1…2…NO Ishii kicks out! Kingston goes for the Backfist to the Future but Ishii blocks it and hits a Running Lariat for a nearfall. Ishii hits a Sliding Lariat for another nearfall and then a Brainbuster, but Kingston blocks it and hits the Backfist to the Future! 1…2…NO Ishii kicks out!

Ishii headbutts Kingston but Kingston hits another Backfist to the Future and a Northern Lights Bomb for the pin!

Winner: Kingston via pinfall (Northern Lights Bomb)

Kingston tries to show Ishii respect after the match but Ishii refuses it and acts pissed at the loss, nice touch.


Casino Ladder Match
Wheeler Yuta vs. Rey Fenix vs. Penta el Zero M vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Dante Martin vs. RUSH vs. Andrade el Idolo

Fenix and Yuta start the match off, there will be staggered entrances. Fenix attempts a Cutter off the top onto a ladder but Yuta blocks it and shoves Fenix onto it. Yuta then hits a Tope Suicida sending Fenix crashing into the ladder again. The next entrant in the match is RUSH.

As RUSH makes his entrance Yuta tries to climb a ladder only for Fenix to pull him off. Yuta tosses Fenix back to the floor and climbs the ladder again but RUSH pulls him down and throws him into the ladder. RUSH headbutts Fenix as he tried to get back in the ring and then hits a Somersault Plancha! RUSH throws Fenix into the barricade and chokes him with a cable. Andrade enters the match and as he comes down, Rush sets a ladder up and starts climbing.

Andrade gets in the ring and they fist bump as Rush comes back down. They set a ladder up like a bridge between the first ladder and the ropes. They take a giant ladder and set it up like a bridge between the apron and the guardrail, too. RUSH throws Fenix into the ladder and Andrade starts climbing as Rush stands on the bridge. Yuta pulls him off and climbs the other side. They fight on the top of the ladder until Andrade hits an insane Sunset Flip Bomb on Yuta onto the other ladder!

Claudio Castagnoli is out next and climbs the ladder but Andrade climbs the other side. Claudio gets down and tips the ladder over but because the bridged one is there it makes it sort of hanging to the side. Claudio tips it over anyway and dumps Andrade to the floor. Dante Martin is the next man out.

Martin comes in and leaps over Claudio trying to hit him with the ladder. He knocks Fenix and Cluadio to the floor and goes for a dive but Yuta sets up another ladder nd starts climbing. Martin springboards onto the ladder and starts climbing but Yuta pulls him off. Claudio tries to Pres Slam Martin but he lands on the ladder and climbs again. Claudio stops, so Martin hits a Diving Rana onto Claudio sending them both to the floor.

Penta enters the match and hits a Mexican Destroyer on Martin on the floor and hits a Sling Blade on RUSH on the floor. He Superkicks Yuta’s head off and hits a Springboard Backstabber on Claudio! Andrade cuts Penta off and tries to DVD him onto a ladder at ringside but Penta blocks it and goes for the Penta Driver. RUSH tries to stop him but Fenix walks the ropes and kicks him in the face! Penta hits Mexican Destroyer on Andrade THROUGH the ladder and Fenix hits a Frog Splash on RUSH through a table!

Claudio and Yuta climb up a ladder in the ring at the same time but Martin springboards onto Claudio’s back and reaches the top only for Yuta to stop him. Someone in a mask enters the ring and shoves the ladder over. There are a bunch of guys in masks, actually. They start beating everyone down and one of them climbs the ladder and pulls the casino chip down. He pulls his mask off revealing its Stokley Hathaway and all of the other guys are the wrestlers he’s been recruiting.

THE JOKER enters the match wearing a demon mask. Hathaway hands him the chip and the joker wins. He starts to pull his mask off but stops and they all leave to a ton of boos.

Winner: The Joker

AEW World Trios Championships
The Elite vs. The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) & “Hangman” Adam Page

Omega no longer has the brace, the compression shirt or the medical tape on. Hangman and Nick Jackson chain wrestle to start off and then they speed things up and both men go for Spin Kicks but both duck. They fist bump each other and Matt and Reynolds tag in. They chain wrestle and Reynolds offers a handshake but Matt spits in his face. Reynolds takes Matt down and hits a bunch of rights and lefts. The referee pulls Reynolds off and he tags in Silver. Silver and Reynolds stomp Matt down but Hangman pulls them off and tells them to wrestle.

Hangman tags in and Matt shoves him and tags Kenny. Omega and Hangman stare each other down for the first time since Page beat him for the title last year. The fans chant “Cowboy shit” to Omega’s annoyance and they lockup into a stalemate. Silver tags in and attacks Omega’s shoulder. Reynolds and Silver quick tag and work over Omega’s arm. They hit Double Basement Dropkicks and Silver hits an Armbreaker. The Bucks break out a bunch of dives of the Dark Order after some more dissension between the Dark Order and Hangman.

Matt hits a Flying Elbow Drop on Hangman for two. The Bucks continue to double team Hangman and Omega tags in and they pull off some awesome triple team action, including Omega hitting a Leg Lariat on Hangman sending him crashing down on Matt’s knee followed by Nick doing similar. Omega goes for a Rolling Fireman’s Carry but Hangman escapes and hits a DVD! Silver and Matt tag in at the same time, Jackson attempts a springboard move but Silver kicks him. Silver hits a Somersault Plancha onto Omega and then starts kicking the entourage until Nick kcisk him in the face. Nick hits a Springboard X-Factor on Hangman and then goes for a Moonsault onto Silver on the outside but he catches him. Reynolds dives onto Nick as Silver hits a Suplex at the same time on the outside.

In the ring, Silver hits a Spin Doctor on Matt for a nearfall until Omega breaks it up. The Dark Order attempts a Double Suplex but Jackson reverses it and Matt sells the back. Omega gets the hot tag and hits a Flying Cross Body on Silver and a Snap Dragon to Reynolds. Hangman eats a Snap Dragon and he goes for one on Silver but he counters with an Armdrag. Silver hits a series of kicks and goes for a Brainbuster but Omega counters into the Snap Dragon!

The Elite sandwich Silver with Elbows in the corner but Omega missed his. Hangman Page runs in with a Lariat on Omega. The Dark Order hit Running Elbows o Omega and then a series of strikes followed by a Stunner and a German Suplex into a Jackknife from Reynolds for a nearfall! The Dark Order go for a Triple Bomb but the Bucks pull Reynolds out. Superkick Party for Hangman and Silver. Omega hits a V-Trigger on Silver knocking him to the floor. Omega does the Terminator Plancha onto Hangman and Dark Order as the Bucks held them.

In the ring, Omega tags Matt and The Bucks go for the Buckle Bomb/Enziguri but Reynolds Ranas him into the kicks from his own partners. Hangman hits a Golden Moonsault onto Nick on the floor and Silver pulls Omega out. Dark Order hits a Triple Bomb on Matt for a nearfall but Nick breaks it up with a Somersault Senton. The Beaver Boys and Bucks exchange Superkicks until they all hit kicks at the same time and lay each other out.

Omega and Hangman are the last men standing and they start to go at it but the referee reminds them they aren’t legal. Omega and Hangman drag their partners to their corners and tag in and you could literally see eh entire crowd raise to their feet. Omega and Hangman exchange strikes until Page hits a Cowboy Kick. Omega answers with one of his own and then a V-Trigger! Omega drops Hangman with the Tiger Driver! 1…2…NO Hangman kicks out! Omega goes to the top but Hangman takes his legs out. Hangman goes up and hits a Fall Away Spanish Fly for two! Hangman hits the Buckshot Lariat to the back and goes for another one but Matt Jackson grabs his foot. Hangman pulls him off and Hangman goes for it again, but Omega falls down. Nick hits Hangman with the Buckshot Lariat and the Elite hit the BTE Trigger! 1…2…NO Reynolds breaks it up!

Omega goes for another V-Trigger but Hangman falls down allowing Silver to kick him in the face. Silver rolls Omega up, 1…2..NO Omega kicks out! Silver goes for the Roaring Elbow but eats a V-Trigger from Omega! He goes for the One Winged Angel but Silver rolls him up, 1…2…NO! Holy shit, that nearfall was amazing! Silver holds Omega and Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Omega ducks causing Hangman to hit his partner! The Bucks hold Hangman down as Omega pins Silver! 1

Winners & NEW Trios Champs: The Elite via pinfall (Buckshot Lariat)

The promo between Jade Cargill and Athena from Friday is shown.

TBS Championship
Jade Cargill (c) w/The Baddies vs. “The Fallen Goddess” Athena

Jade gets a special entrance where she busts through a “brick wall” and is dressed as She-Hulk, complete with green paint on her body. Athena strings together offense right off the bat with kicks and a Meteora. She goes to the top and hits the O-Face! 1…2..NO Jade kicks out and the Baddies pull her to the floor. Athena Shotgun Dropkicks Leyla into the barricade and Kiera Hogan runs away. Athena goes for a Code Red on Jade but she blocks it and hits a Pop-Up Samoan Drop. Athena nips up and eats a Spear from Jade for a nearfall.

Jade throws Athena across the ring after lighting her up with strikes. Jade goes for a Tiger Driver but Athena counters into a Bridging pin for two. Jade fights back up but eats a Springboard Flying Cross Body for a nearfall. Athena goes for the O-Face again but Jade blocks it and goes for Jaded. Athena blocks it and hits a Superkick. She hits a Stunner for two and goes to the outside. Athena kicks Kiera and sidesteps a Pump Kick from Jade. Athena rolls her up for two and then goes for the Springboard Cross Body again but eats a Pump Kick in midair followed by Jaded for the pin.

Winner & STILL TBS Champ: Jade via pinfall (Jaded)

Alex Marvez interviews CM Punk as he arrives to the building and asks if he’s 100 percent. Punk admits he’s not but says he’s never been 100 percent going into a fight and says that Moxley isn’t just facing him, he’s facing all of Chicago.

Trios Match
Wardlow & FTR vs. Jay Lethal & Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) w/Satnam Singh & Sonjay Dutt

This is the Machine Guns’ in-ring debut in AEW. Wardlow and Jay Lethal start the match off and Lethal spits on Wardlow. Wardlow goes after Lethal but he uses his speed to avoid all of his offense. Lethal goes for a Jackknife Rollup but Wardlow rolls through and goes for the Powerbomb. The Guns try to stop it but retreat when Wardlow goes after him. Lethal tags in Sabin and Wardlow tags Dax. They lockup and pull off the kind of beautiful chain sequences you would expect. The Machine Guns and FTR tease going at it 2-on-2 but the referee gets between them and simmers things back down.

Dax runs Sabin over and hits a big Lariat. Dax goes after Sonjay Dutt – who is wearing a shirt mocking Dax’s daughter –but walks into a Cutter from Sabin. Shelley tags in and the Machine Guns wishbone Dax’s legs. Cash tags in and FTR hit an Assisted Leg Drop on him for a nearfall. Shelley catches Cash with a Jawbreaker but eats a pair of uppercuts from Cash. Wardlow tags in and catches a diving Sabin and attempts a Double Chokeslam on the Guns only for them to counter out of it. They go for a Double Suplex but Wardlow reverses it and tags Dax.

Dax puts Shelley in a Sharpshooter but Lethal breaks it up with a Lethal Injection attempt only for Dax to block it. The Guns kill Dax with kicks and Shelley rolls him up for two. The Guns pull out of some of that double team offense they’ve been known for their whole careers and Sabin gets a nearfall on Dax. Lethal tags in and trades strikes with Dax until the Guns and Lethal triple team Dax in their corner. Dax avoids some double team offense and kicks the Guns into each other before tagging Cash.

Cash rocks Shelley with uppercuts and knee lifts before connecting with a Running Back Elbow and a Shortarm Lariat. Cash goes for a Fireman’s Carry but Shelley escapes and goes for Sliced Bread. Cash counters into a Gory Bomb for two. Shelley takes out Cash’s knee and Lethal drags it out and slams it into the ring post repeatedly. Lethal and The Guns continue to work over Cash’s leg in their corner. Lethal puts him in a Figure Four but Cash manages to roll over and grab the rope to break the hold. The Machine Guns continue to work over the knee until Cash manages to catch a charging Sabin with a Backbreaker. That hurt Cash’s knee but he manages to get the hot tag to Wardlow.

Wardlow lays everyone out with Spinebusters and he hits the F10 on Lethal for two. Wardlow goes for a tag but the Guns pull FTR off the apron and Superkick them. Singh hits Wardlow as Dutt distracted the referee allowing Lethal to roll him up for two. Sabin dives onto FTR through the legs of Shelley. Shelley and Lethal hang Wardlow up in the corner and hit sliding dropkicks capped off with the Hesitation Dropkick from Sabin. Lethal hits the Flying Elbow Drop for two.

Lethal and The Guns trade kicks on Wardlow but FTR cut them off. Dax hits a Slingshot Liger Bomb on Sabin and FTR hits the Big Rig on Shelley! Lethal hits the Lethal Injection on FTR but walks into a big Lariat from Wardlow. Wardlow hits the Powerbomb Symphony on Lethal for the pin.

Winners: Wardlow & FTR via pinfall (Powerbomb Symphony)

The heels go to attack the babyfaces again but Samoa Joe makes his AEW return and cleans house. Dax’s daughter runs out and breaks Sonjay’s pencil before FTR lays him out. She then pins him.

A video package highlights the feud between Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs.

“Absolute” Ricky Starks vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

Starks hits the ring and lays into Hobbs with rights and lefts until Hobbs runs him over with a Shoulder Block. Hobbs puts the boots to Starks and hits a Snap Suplex before throwing a charging Starks into the ring post through the turnbuckles. Hobbs throws Starks into the barricade before tossing him back in the ring and laying him across the top rope. Hobbs hammers Starks repeatedly and pulls him back onto his shoulder and goes for a Powerslam only for Starks to escape just to eat a Big Boot for a nearfall.

Hobbs continues to beat on Starks but misses a Splash in the corner allowing Starks to hit a Tornado DDT for two. Hobbs goes for a Powerbomb but Starks flips on his feet and then runs into a Spinebuster for the pin.

Winner: Hobbs via pinfall (Spinebuster)

The promo between The Acclaimed and Swerve in Our Glory from Rampage is shown.

AEW World Tag Team Championships
The Acclaimed w/Billy Gunn vs. Swerve In Our Glory (c)

Swerve and Bowens mat wrestle and trade some nearfalls. Swerve hits a Headstand Headscissors Takeover and tags Keith Lee leading to Bowens tagging in Caster. Lee goes for a Hip Toss but Caster lands on his feet and then Lee leapfrogs him and speeds things up until Caster puts on the brakes and retreats. Caster strings together some strikes but Lee grabs him and tosses him into the corner. Caster kicks a charging Lee and dives off the top with a Diving Rana. Caster dropkicks Lee and Swerve tags him only to eat dropkicks from The Acclaimed.

The Acclaimed dropkick Lee to the floor and do the “scissor me” hand signal thing to a huge ovation. Lee starts punching Caster repeatedly as he went for a handshake. Lee hits a Cross Body Block to a kneeling Caster for two. Swerve tags in and starts mocking The Acclaimed’s scissor thing before he and Lee start working Caster over in their corner. Lee lifts Caster up to the top but Caster elbows him off and hits a Diving Cutter on Lee. Bowens and Swerve tag in and Bowens is a house afire with strikes followed by a Flying Neckbreaker.

Bowens goes for a Lariat but Swerve ducks and goes for one of his own only to eat an elbow followed by a Brainbuster for two. Bowens dives off the top but slips and he sells like his knee gave out. Swerve tries to after the knee but Bowens kicks him and hits a Leg Lariat. Bowens grabs the knee and the referee starts checking on him. Bowens tries to kick Swerve but he catches it and tosses Bowens over the top onto the apron where he hits his knee again. Gunn checks on Bowens but Swerve hits a Diving Dropkick to Bowens knocking him into the barricade.

Swerve rips Bowens’ knee pad off and starts kicking it before rolling him in the ring and covering him for a nearfall. Swerve puts Bowens in a Kneebar and tags Lee, who then hits an Assisted Kneebreaker on Bowens. Lee Splashes Bowens’ knee and covers him for a nearfall. Lee Splashes Bowens in the corner and kills him with some Big Show like chops. Lee tosses Bowens across the ring and stares at Billy Gunn. Bowens tries to fire up and elbow Lee repeatedly and then hit the Blockbuster off the middle rope. He makes the hot tag to Caster, who goes nuts on both Swerve and Lee. He clotheslines Swerve over the top and hits a Plancha. Caster hits a Flying Cross Body off the top on Lee for two. Bowens and Caster hit Elbows on Lee but Bowens’ knee gives out of him again.

Caster goes for a Fireman’s Carry but Lee blocks it and goes for the Pounce only to hit Swerve as Caster moves. Bowens hits a Shining Wizard and Caster covers him for a close two. The Acclaimed go for a double team move but Lee fights them off and tosses Caster to the floor. Bowens goes for a Superkick but his knee gives out and Lee kicks it. Lee goes up top but Caster cuts him off and Bowens climbs up with him. The Acclaimed hit a Double Superplex but Swerve tagged him as they did it. Swerve hits a Swerve Stomp for two and then Swerve Stomps the leg and puts him in a Half Crab! Swerve kicks him in the head repeatedly but Caster breaks up the Crab with a Missile Dropkick!

Caster tags in but Swerve rolls him up and hits a Flying Back Kick for two. Swerve goes for a springboard move but Bowens pulls him off and slams him into the apron. He hangs Swerve off the apron and Caster hits an Assisted Mic Drop on the floor! in the ring, The Acclaimed get run over by Lee. Gunn gets on the apron and argues with Lee but eventually backs down. Caster Superkicks Lee and lifts Lee up into an FU! Bowens tags in and hits a Sidewalk Slam followed by the Mic Drop from Caster! 1…2…NO Lee breaks it up!

Caster goes for something on the apron but Swerve counters into a DVD! Bowens pulls Swerve into the ring but Swerve hits his knee repeatedly. Swerve hits a Cradle Backbreaker and Lee blind tags him. Bowens elbows both Swerve and Lee repeatedly but walks into a Fireman’s Carry. They go for an Assisted Roundhouse Kick but Bowens moves and Swerve kicks Lee! He rolls up Lee and gets another CLOSE neafall. The crowd is going absolutely nuts for this match. Bowens goes for a Poison Rana but Lee blocks it and turns him around into the Swerve in our Glory for the pin to a chorus of boos.

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: Swerve in Our Glory via pinfall (Swerve In Our Glory)

Lee and Gunn do the scissoring thing after the match.

A video package highlights the women’s 4-Way.

Interim AEW World Women’s Championship
4-Way Match
Hikaru Shida vs. Dr. Britt Baker w/Rebel vs. Toni Storm vs. Jamie Hayter

All four women square off right off the bat until it boils down to Hayter and Storm in the ring. Storm hits a Basement Dropkick to Hayter but Baker trips her and pulls her to the floor. Shida rolls into the ring and hits a Flying Knee on Hayter only for Baker to cut her off. Shida rolls Hayter up but Storm breaks it up with a rollup of her own. Baker Crucifix’s Storm for a nearfall and then they all start trading more and more rollups in a cool sequence. Finally, Hayter puts Shida in a Half Crab and Baker puts her in the Lockjaw at the same time only for Strom to stomp Baker and toss her to the floor. Storm puts Hayter in a Hanging Armbar until Baker breaks it up with a Superkick.

Baker goes for the Lockjaw again but Shida rolls through and goes for the Katana only for Baker to move and hit the Slingblade. Baker goes for a Swinging Neckbreaker on Storm but Storm counters and Baker hits the Slindblade. Baker walks into a Backbreaker from Shida but then she turns around into a Roaring Elbow from Hayter. Hayter hits a series of Running Elbows on Storm and Shida and then a Double Suplex. Hayter hits a Double Sliding Lariat and the fans start chanting for her.

Hayter charges at Storm but she moves and Hayter spills to the floor and eats a Tope Suicida from Storm. Baker nails Storm with a Slingblade but Shida dives off the steps with a Flying Dropkick. Shida throws Baker into the barricade and Storm tosses Hayter into one, as well. Shida and Storm square off in the ring and counter each other repeatedly in another cool sequence. Storm and Shida run over each other but they both nip up and start trading elbows. Rebel gets in the ring only to eat a Double Headbutt from Shida and Storm. Baker and Hayter attack them from behind and toss Baker to the floor.

Baker and Hayter double team Storm in the ring but then roll to the floor and beat Shida down, as well. Hayter drags Shida up the ramp and slams her onto the stage. Baker Curb Stomps Shida on the stage and the doctor comes out to check on her. Hayter and Baker start double teaming Storm again as JR whines about the referee. Storm manages to fight out with a Cross Body but the numbers game gets the better of her again. She tries to fight them both off again but they Double Suplex her but Shida comes back out as doctors try to stop her.

Shida lays into Baker and Hayter with kendo shots followed by Suplexing Baker on top of Hayter. Shida hits a Superplex on Hayter off the top for a nearfall. She goes for the Katana but Hayter blocks it only to walk into the Question Mark Kick. Baker Superkicks Shida and Storm kicks her only to eat a Backbreaker from Hayter. Hayter and Baker both roll Shida up in a cradle and almost get a double pin until Storm breaks it up. Hayter is selling an elbow injury as all four women start fighting again. Hayter and Shida take out Baker and Storm and then Shida hits a Springboard Enziguri on Shida followed by the Falcon Arrow for a nearfall. Storm pulls her off and hits a German Suplex.

Baker eats a German Suplex from Storm and gets a nearfall but Hayter pulls her into a Tombstone for two! Shida hits a Meteora on Hayter and gets a nearfall but Baker breaks it up and hits a Swinging Neckbreaker and a Curb Stomp for two. Baker goes for the Lockjaw but Baker tosses her to the floor. Hayter knocks Storm to the floor and hits a Ripcord Lariat on Shida! 1…2…NO Baker pulls the referee out! Hayter gets pissed at Baker but Storm drops her with Storm Zero! Baker knocks Storm out of the ring and covers Hayter, 1…2…NO Hayter kicks out! Storm spikes Baker with a DDT and then drops Hayter with one for the pin.

Winner & NEW interim Women’s Champ: Storm via pinfall (Spike DDT)

Full Gear is announced for Newark, NJ on Nov. 19.

“The Instant Classic” Christian Cage vs. “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

Christian approaches Jungle Boy’s family at ringside and his mom slaps Christian. Luchasaurus appears behind Jungle Boy and Chokeslams him on the stage! Luchasaurus Powerbombs Jungle Boy through a table and then tosses him into the ring. The referee checks on Jungle Boy and wants to call the match off but Perry refuses. The bell rings and Christian Spears him! 1…2…NO Perry kicks out and Christian immediately drops him with the Unprettier for the pin.

Winner: Christian via pinfall (Unprettier)

Death Triangle and Best Friends are beefing backstage.

“Lionheart” Chris Jericho vs. “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson

The guy that performs Danielson’s entrance music, Elliot Taylor, performed the song as he came to the ring and he was shirtless for some reason. Jericho wants to mat wrestle early but Danielson decides to just stomp him in the face repeatedly causing a frustrated Jericho to leave the ring and start throwing a chair around like he used to do as a heel in WCW. Jericho slaps Danielson and chops and then Danielson takes him down and puts him in a Waistlock. Jericho escapes and chops Danielson again. Another lockup leads to Danielson putting Jericho in a Wristlock but Jericho rolls through it and reverses it. They show off their mat prowess with some nice chain sequences but Danielson gets the better of each sequence.

Danielson escapes a headscissors and puts Jericho in a Kneebar but Jericho reverses it into a Guillotine only for Dragon to escape and elbow Jericho repeatedly and then put him in a Cross Armbreaker. Jericho rolls over and elbows Dragon in the head to break it before hitting a Russian Leg Sweep. Jericho transitions into a kind of Octopus but Danielson rolls him over into a Stretch Muffler. He transitions into a Death Loc. He rolls Jericho over into a nearfall but a pissed off Jericho lights him up with chops.

Danielson and Jericho exchange strikes and then Jericho finishes it off with a Butterfly Backbreaker. Jericho hits a Back Suplex and does the one-foot pin for one. Jericho slaps Jericho repeatedly and taunts him, which results in Danielson tripping him and lighting him up with uppercuts. He hits the ropes but runs into a shoulder block. Jericho hits a Springboard dropkick knocking Danielson to the floor. Jericho goes for a Slingshot Plancha but Danielson kicks him in midair and then hits a Flying Knee off the apron.

In the ring, Danielson hits a Missile Dropkick followed by the Yes Kicks. He goes for the Buzzsaw Kick but Jericho ducks and rolls him and goes for the Liontamer. Danielson uses his legs to push Jericho off and then sidesteps a charging Jericho. Danielson kicks him repeatedly and lifts Jericho up to the top rope. Danielson goes for a Frankensteiner but Jericho blocks it and drops down into the Walls of Jericho in a sequence that he did with Rey Misterio Jr. about 25 years ago.

Danielson rolls over and rolls Jericho up for two. Jericho charges at Danielson but he moves and Jericho goes flying over the top rope to the floor. Danielson hits a Tope Suicda onto Jericho on the floor. Danielson goes up top but Jericho crotches him and goes up top with him. Dragon headbutts Jericho knocking him back to the mat and goes for the Flying Headbutt, but Jericho moves and goes for the Lionsault. Danielson gets his knees up and locks in the LaBell Lock!

Jericho rolls Danielson over and into a catapult sending Dragon over the top. Danielson skins the cat back into the ring and goes for a Tombstone but Jericho reverses into one of his own followed by a Lionsault! 1…2…NO Dragon kicks out! Jericho punts Danielson in the face and goes for the Judas Effect but Danielson hits a Roundhouse Kick followed by the Buzzsaw Kick! Danielson screams that he’s about to kick Jericho’s fucking head in and then starts to stomp him in the face repeatedly before putting him in the LaBell Lock. Jericho manages to crawl to the ropes but Danielson rolls him over back to the center of the ring. Danielson screams at Jericho to tap but Jericho manages to roll over and elbow Dragon repeatedly. He puts Danielson in the Walls of Jericho again but Danielson rolls back over and kicks Jericho and pulls him into a Triangle. He elbows Jericho at the same time but Jericho manages to roll forward into the ropes. He then catapults Dragon into the ropes guillotining him on the bottom rope.

Danielson rains down kicks and slaps and then goes for the Flying Knee but Jericho catches him with the Codebreaker in midair for a nearfall. Jericho puts Danielson in the Liontamer but Danielson gets to the ropes to break the hold. Jericho screams at Danielson to just stay down and hits a Release German Suplex followed by a series of elbows. Jericho goes for another German Suplex but Danielson lands on his feet and hits the Flying Knee! 1…2…NO Jericho kicks out and Danielson puts him in the Cattle Mutilation! Jericho rolls over and Danielson elbows him until locking the Mutilation back in.

Jericho manages to use his feet to drag himself to the ropes and break the hold. Danielson kicks Jericho over and over in the ropes but as the referee pulls him away Jericho rolls him up for two. Danielson hits a Roaring Elbow and connects with a bunch of elbows again. He goes for a Dragon Sleeper but Jericho low blows him where the referee couldn’t see. Jericho hits the Judas Effect for the pin.

Winner: Jericho via pinfall (Judas Effect)

A video package highlights the House of Black drama.

The House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Matthews) w/Julia Hart vs. “The Redeemer” Miro, Darby Allin & “The Icon” Sting

Miro beats Black down in the corner to start things off and is really going nuts on him until Brody pulls him off. The House of Black triple team Miro in their corner and Black lays into him with kicks and strikes. Buddy dives off the top but Miro catches him and Suplexes him across the ring. Darby wants to tag in but Miro refuses and throws Buddy into the corner. Buddy dives off the top but Miro catches him and hits a Side Slam. He refuses to tag out again and Buddy hits him with a Jawbreaker. He falls back into his corner where Darby blind tags him.

Darby goes for a Springboard Coffin Drop but Buddy catches him only for Darby to roll him up for two. Buddy hits a series of strikes but Darby answers with a series of his own. He goes for a Code Red but eats a Roundhouse Kick from Black. Black tags Buddy and beats Allin down in the corner. Black hits a Punt Kick for two and tags King. Brody tosses Allin into the turnbuckles repeatedly and sits him on the top rope before chopping him sending him crashing to the floor. Brody throws Allin into the barricade multiple times before rolling him back in the ring.

The House of Black isolates Allin in their corner for several minutes. Buddy hits a Pop-Up Roundhouse Kick on Allin as he was trying to get to his corner to make a hot tag. Allin finally tags Miro but the referee was distracted by Hart. House of Black goes back to work on Allin in their corner but Allin manages to escape and tags Sting! Sting goes to work on everybody with Stinger Splashes and then he trips Brody as he charged at him sending King crashing into Buddy.

Sting hits a Jawbreaker on King over the top rope and tosses Buddy into his own corner to tag Black. Black and Sting come face-to-face and the whole crowd rises. They exchange punches and slaps until Sting trips him and locks in the Scorpion Death Lock! It looks like Black’s eye caught a live one during that sequence, too, and is busted open. King and Buddy try to break up the Scorpion but Sting refuses to let go until Black reverses it into a Kneebar.

King tags in and House of Black isolate Sting where they go for Dante’s Inferno but Sting escapes and shoves them into each other. He tags Darby and hits the Stinger Death Drop on King! Allin hits the Cofifn Drop, 1…2…NO Buddy breaks it up! Miro comes in and hits Thrust Kicks to Buddy and Black knocking them to the outside. Miro charges at Buddy but he hits him with Sting’s bat. Allin catches Buddy with a Flipping Stunner and then a Tope Suicida!

In the ring, Black goes for the Black Mass but Sting spits mist in his face and Allin puts him in the Last Supper for the pin!

Winners: Miro, Sting & Allin via pinfall (Last Supper)

Garcia tells Jericho that he let him down for cheating tonight but Jericho says Garcia let him down, too. Garcia gets a shot at the ROH Pure Title next week but Jericho says he has to do it without JAS in his corner.

Main Event
AEW World Heavyweight Championship
“Death Rider” Jon Moxley (c) vs. “The Best in the World” CM Punk

Punk is wearing white long tights for this match. Moxley and Punk try to play mind games early. Punk offers his injured foot to Moxley but Moxley sits down Indian style like Punk does and flips him off. They finally lockup and Punk throws a series of knees at Moxley and lights him up with chops. Moxley reverses it and hits a series of elbows and Moxley walks into the Roundhouse Kick. Punk sells the foot again but this time gets backup and hits a Flying Knee followed by a second one and then a Shortarm Lariat.

Punk hits a series of elbows and drops Moxley with Go To Sleep! 1…2…NO Moxley kicks out! Moxley rolls to the floor and the fans are losing their minds. Punk hits a Tope Suicida and Moxley falls into the crowd. Moxley and Punk brawl in the crowd and Punk keeps grabbing at his elbow like he may have landed on it on that dive. Back at ringside, Punk slams Moxley into the ring steps and then starts doing pushups as the fans chant for both men. Punk goes for a GTS on the outside but Moxley shoves him into the ring post.

Punk’s head is busted open and Moxley starts punching him in the head over and over. Moxley licks the blood off his hand because he’s a lunatic. Punk rolls back in the ring and they trade slaps and kicks. Moxley beats Punk down in the corner and whips him into the corner. Moxley hits a Kneebreaker and starts attacking the ankle with an Ankle Lock and stomping on it. Moxley goes for a Single Crab but Punk kicks him with his other leg until Moxley hits a Double Stomp. Moxley locks in the Half Crab and then transitions into an STF and then into another Ankle Lock. Punk rakes Moxley’s eyes but Moxley again goes after the foot. He hangs it up in the ropes and dropkicks it.

Moxley hits a Dragon Screw Leg Whip and puts him in a Figure Four but Punk flips him off. Moxley releases the hold and hits a Spike Piledriver for a nearfall. Moxley drags Punk onto the apron and goes for another Piledriver but Punk manages to hit an Armbreaker. Punk slams Punk into the ring post and starts stomping Moxley’s face in before putting him in an Anaconda Vice! Moxley rolls over and bites Punk’s face to break the hold. Moxley stomps Punk in the face goes for the King Kong Lariat but Punk ducks and hits a Back Heel Kick.

Punk hits a Scoop Slam and goes up top for the Flying Elbow Drop but Moxley catches him in midair in a Rear Naked Choke! Moxley tries to transition into the Bulldog Choke but Punk rolls him over and locks in a Cross Armbreaker. Moxley rolls over and reverses it into the Bulldog Choke. Punk kicks Moxley in the face but Moxley catches the foot and locks in the Ankle Lock. Punk gets to the ropes but Moxley German Suplexes him and flips off the crowd. He walks right into a Roundhouse Kick but Moxley answers with a King Kong Lariat and both men are down!

Punk goes for the GTS but Moxley counters out only to eat a Roaring Elbow from Punk. Punk and Moxley exchange strikes until Punk hits a Swinging Neckbreaker. He goes for the GTS again but Moxley blocks it and kicks Punk’s foot. He hits the Death Rider, 1…2…NO Punk kicks out! Moxley immediately locks in the Bulldog Choke and then starts elbowing Punk in the face before going back to the choke. Punk fights to his feet and lifts Moxley up for the GTS only for Moxley to escape into the Choke again. Punk rolls through and hits the GTS again! Moxley falls into the ropes and then bounces onto Punk’s back and looks like he’s out. Punk picks Moxley up again and hits a second GTS for the pin!

Winner & NEW World Champ: Punk via pinfall (GTS)

The lights go out and a voicemail is played of Tony Khan giving someone “one final chance” to come back from their “repeated absences” if they will come to All Out, Khan will give them an extension, raise and a spot in the Ladder Match. Footage of CM Punk’s ROH “devil himself” promo is shown (which MJF did a call back to during their promo) and MJF pulls off the mask to reveal he won the Ladder Match. MJF comes onto the stage to a huge ovation and motions for the World Title and flips off the fans.