AEW Dynamite 09 28 2022

AEW Dynamite Results
September 28, 2022
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (The Liacouras Center)
Results by: Chris Gerics of

It’s Wednesday Night, you know what that means! The commentators welcome us to the Liacouras Center as we kick off with The Pinnacle of Sports Entertainers!

JUDAS HITS! The crowd has a mixed reaction as the entire JAS come out in matching velour purple suits and Jericho is going by “The Ocho” on his ROH nameplate. There’s balloons and pizza set up as it looks like the JAS pulled out all the stops for Jericho! The crowd is absolutely loving it now. Angelo Parker starts off saying “Appreciate Us” “We know Philly is the City of Losers! The JAS is here to give you the gift of celebrating an actual championship win as we celebrate The OCHO!” Daddy Magic now with a special guest LUIGI PRIMO! “He’s a gotta the pizza from a New York City!” No pizza for anybody! screams Daddy Magic. Now Anna JAS has the mic but the crowd drowns her out with “We Want Pizza!” She’s absolutely furious, but says we do get to see the greatest ROH champ of all time referring to Jericho; now Jericho has the mic and asks if they want pizza but says they can’t have any but “what they can have is the most important ROH champion in history, Chris Jericho, the most honorable man in AEW. In one week more people have seen me with this belt than any other because no one knows about it! I’m going to change ROH and it’s the era of Ring of Jericho and it starts tonight against Bandido! and sports entertainers beat wrestlers every single time!” Jericho introduces Garcia and says he think he is an amazing champion and sports entertainer and has a gift for him. He opens it up and it’s a purple bucket hat. Garcia looks completely unenthused, and Garcia slowly takes it off and throws it down and knocks out Luigi Primo! He says this is enough, it’s not what I got into this business for and I’ve had enough and I wanna tell you something: “Chris, I think it’s time for me to–” and Jericho stops him. He says “I want you to think about this, this is a crossroads and make the right decision, make the wrong one I’ll take you out.” He asks him if he’s a sports entertainer or a pro wrestler; Garcia stares back at Jericho as the crowd is chanting “You’re a wrestler!”

DANIELSON’S MUSIC HITS! He comes down to the ring with William Regal and the crowd is chanting YES! throughout. Danielson has a mic and says Chris it seems to me you’re trying to tell Garcia what he’s supposed to be. Garcia I respect you, you can do whatever you want. You can stay with the JAS, if you wanna come to the BCC you can come with us!” Jericho tells him to shut his mouth, and how he’s trying to poach Garcia and he owns him. Daniel steps up to him now and says “I don’t belong to you, and I don’t gotta do nothing that you tell me to do. We supposed to be entertaining; what if I picked up this pizza and threw it on the ground? Is that entertaining? Or toss dough with Luigi? Or tag with Justin Roberts? Do you think it would be entertaining if I teamed with Danielson?” The crowd comes unglued. He says Me and Bryan vs Sammy and Jericho!

Daddy Magic interrupts and says “We are sick of this, you had nothing and we took you in and now you wanna spit in our face? I oughta knock you out right now.” Bryan says “You wanna punch me, in Philadelphia? Well I have good news, I was told I can come out and have a match with anyone wanting to fight me, and you said that so….the entertainer Daddy Magic vs the heart of Pro Wrestling Bryan Danielson right here, right now!”

“Daddy Magic” Matt Menard vs. “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson

Regal is on commentary for this match and I will always love the relationship between him and Excalibur.

Menard gets Bryan in the corner but gets reversed and takes a bunch of vicious kicks and chops and gets shoulder blocked down into an armbar. Bryan stomps on the arm and gets Menard into the corner; Daddy Magic now with a series of chops but Bryan with an uppercut to defend. Bryan up top now but Menard knocks him off to the outside!

–Commercial Break–

Back from the break Menard is in control with a clothesline to Bryan, and another standing lariat for a two count. Menard with stomps but Bryan fights through it and powers up! HUGE chops now from Bryan into the side kicks! Moonsault out of the corner and flying forearm! Menard in the corner and Bryan hits a running dropkick trifecta! Now the YES kicks just pounding the chest but Angelo pulls him out before the final one but Danielson wipes out Menard and tries to follow up but gets run into the corner after a distraction from Parker! Parker with a big DDT on the floor now to Bryan on the floor. Daddy Magic with a powerbomb 1…2…NO!

Here comes Claudio to even up the odds and runs over Parker! He’s now literally just carrying him on his shoulders out of the arena! Danielson hits the Buisaiku Knee and locks in the Labell lock and Menard has to tap!

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

Danielson celebrates after as the commentators run down the rest of the card for the evening including Moxley vs. Juice Robinson!

A promo video recaps Moxley winning the title last week and the story of Moxley’s journey and his match against Juice, also MJF speaks next!

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Promo video recapping the MJF/Wheeler Yuta promo segment from last week including the assault on Tony Schiavone.

Wheeler Yuta storms down and calls out MJF. “We have a problem, and it isn’t your army or try and cheap shot me with the ring because I’ve been hit by harder and better men; but you have the audacity to put your hands on Tony who’s done more than you ever will! What better punishment then to come down and fight me in my city! But we all know he likes to hide behind all his groups; even the microphone and Max knows when the bell rings he can’t hang with me.” Wheeler goes on about random Philly stuff until…

MJF’s music hits! He cuts the music off and calls Phllly he place you live if you can’t afford New York! He runs down Tony and gives a bit of praise to Yuta about their time on the independents…”HOWEVER you made a mistake going toe to toe with Daddy and Daddy had to spank you. You say I don’t care but you’re taking time away from the biggest draw in AEW. You have as much charisma as Joe Frazier who is dead by the way.” “It’s almost like at 26 years of age, I don’t care because I make more money than anyone here, anyone at home because” Wheeler interrupts and says he doesn’t care he just wants to leave him in a pool of blood on Broad Street! “Bad things happen in Philadelphia and tonight is no exception.” He goes after MJF and the Gunn Club come out; he pretends to wanna wrestle Yuta, and says he won’t face him until next week. “I’m going to the press box, watch Moxley be a horrible wrestler and maybe cash in on the Blackpool Cuckold Club.” and walks off. The Gunn Club finish his catchphrase as they walk out.

Up next is Moxley vs. Juice Robinson!

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Recap video of Darby Allin and hypes up Lethal vs. Allin and it’ll be Lethal on his own with no help it looks like.

AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament Match: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Juice Robinson

Juice Robinson’s music hits! Nice to see him getting a shot, though the crowd is a bit quiet for him. WILD THING! Moxley makes his way out through the crowd and soaks in the adulation, and slips while trying to celebrate in the crowd and was not pleased; he continues to celebrate with the crowd and makes his way slowly down to the ring. Robinson takes him out from behind!

Juice throws Moxley into the barricade and the bell hasn’t even rung yet. Robinson now with a couple of headbutts and throws him into the ring and we are finally under way.

Moxley immediately clotheslines him over the ropes to the outside and now throws him into the barricade. Snap suplex by Moxley onto the floor and slides in to break the count. We see a shot of MJF booing as Juice is thrown over a table now. Mox locks fingers with Juice and drags him into the ring; both men exchange heavy forearm shots and Juice has the short advantage before Mox kicks his ribs in. Juice is back up and is now biting Mox’s head! Clotheslines by Juice in the corner and proceeds to run into a big lariat by Mox! Juice avoids a Death Rider by pushing Moxley out of the ring and drives him hard into the barricade again!

–Commercial Break–

Back from commercial and Juice is busted open at the mouth and eye and Moxley is gushing blood now too; both men are back on the outside again as Juice just pounds away at Mox’s head (this is just a straight up fight at this point); Snap suplex by Juice on the outside and breaks the count. Mox is sitting on a chair on the outside as Juice is just headbutting Moxley over and over. Juice with a flip senton that Mox avoids and Juice wipes out; Moxley with a suicide dive and both men are back in now. Mox and Juice exchange King Kong lariats but Moxley with a big cutter! 1…2..NO! Moxley transitions into an ankle lock as Juice scrambles to the ropes in time.

Mox up top with ten punches but Juice digs his fingers into the open wound then sends Mox with a HUGE powerbomb! Two count! Juice to the top rope and gets countered with a kick; Juice hits Pulp Fiction out of nowhere! 1…2…NO! 2.9 COUNT! Juice can’t believe it! He signals for the Whirlwind but Mox hits the Regal Knee! Stomps by Mox and and cross armbreaker by Mox and Juice immediately taps!

WINNER: Jon Moxley (c)

Hangman Page’s music hits as he comes down and goes toe to toe with Moxley! They talk trash and Hangman wants to fight now! MJF interrupts and says “Ladies settle down, you aren’t fighting each other; you’re fighting to lose to me and I will be the new AEW champion because I am a generational talent!” YUTA IS BEHIND HIM!! Yuta with a big right hand and just beats the crap out of MJF. Security comes out but Yuta fights them off! They eventually drag him away as MJF is laid out in the fans.

The commentators run down the main event and introduce a Bandido video package showcasing a highlight reel and a bit of history about Bandido and ROH.

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Recap of Saraya’s debut last week at Grand Slam Dynamite; we’re going to hear from her next!

Saraya comes out to a massive pop! She’s decked out in a bedazzled jacket and looks absolutely pumped to be here! “I got chills coming out cause of you guys. I’m baaaaaack.” The crowd chants “Welcome back” and Saraya goes “So you missed me? It’s fantastic to be back and I’m damaged but not broken. The reason why I am here it because I will create change in this division because I am the revolution!” Saraya says she’s nervous but “AEW is officially My. House. and I’ll leave the ring when I’m ready.” She introduces all the females of the women’s division led by Toni Storm, Athena, Willow Nightengale, Skye Blue and Madison Rayne and asks for a round of applause for them. She says she’s going to make a change; firstly she introduces Storm and says she is finally “being used to her potential and the best champion AEW has seen, and I am honored to be in the ring with you.”

“Well, well, we’ve got a shiny new toy here.” Britt Baker interrupts and says “I don’t know if you know but I am the face of the division. I put my blood, sweat, tears and even my neck and unlike yours mine can handle it.” “You run this place but half the people can’t pronounce your name.” Saraya says “That’s cute, but your name rhymes with (it was bleeped out I couldn’t figure it out.)” Baker runs down Storm and says she’s a victim because last week Storm and Athena broke her nose; but that’s not why we are here. She praises Deeb and Hayter and says “One misstep from you Toni, we’re going to hear and new!”

Serena Deeb’s music hits and she stands tall with the other women. Saraya says “I have eyes and I have ears. So I talked to Tony Khan and we are having a lumberjack match instead for the championship!” Saraya leaves the ring to join commentary and the match is happening now!

AEW Women’s World Championship Lumberjack Match: “The Professor” Serena Deeb vs. Toni Storm (c)

Deeb and Storm start off with some chain wrestling transitioned into some nice mat work and Storm with the quick two count into a front facelock. Deeb with a headlock on Storm now but Toni powers out and knocks Deeb out! The Lumberjacks throw her back in immediately.

Both women in the corner exchanging machine gun chops but Storm has the advantage now; has Deeb up top looking for a back suplex but Deeb rolls into a crossbody! 1..2..NO! Deeb tosses Storm to the outside and the face and heel women stare off!

–Commercial Break–

Back from commercial, Storm is up top now with a nice crossbody on Deeb! 1..2..NO! Athena throws her in and Storm hits a big release German! Misses a hip attack in the corner and Deeb with a rollup for 2! Both women exchange rollups, but Deeb now with a Motorcycle Stretch on Storm! Storm rolls through but Deeb keeps it locked in! Deeb has to break the hold after a series of pins; Storm back to the advantage but Jamie Hayter takes out Storm and wipes out Skye Blue! Willow and Jamie fight to the back as back in the ring Deeb has the Serenity Lock in! Storm crawling to the ropes as Deeb wrenches back on the leg. Britt Baker pulled the rope away from Storm initially but she eventually gets there. Deeb setting up for the Queen’s Suplex but Storm reverses and hits another crossbody but Deeb rolls through into another Serenity Lock! Storm center of the ring, rolls out and kicks off Deeb and hits the hip attack in the corner! Sneaky jackknife pin by Deeb! Two count! Storm Zero! 1…2….NO!!!! DEEB KICKED OUT!!

Both women are staggered in the corner and Serena with a Dragon Screw on Toni; Toni counters a top rope attempt into a SECOND ROPE PILEDRIVER!!!! HOLY SMOKES!!! 1…2…3!


Tony Schiavone is in the back with The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn “YOUR AEW TAG CHAMPS HAVE ARRIVED!” Next week is National Scissor Day so bring your shirts, your signs and your scissors! On Friday, we have an open contract to defend these titles!” Keith Lee walks up and says “You boys got carried, good luck.” Billy Gunn has “Two words for Swerve….SCISSOR ME!” Lee walks off and they laugh.

–Commercial Break–

Back from the break we see AFO arguing with Private Party; telling them to “Shape up or get out.” They all storm off as Matt Hardy comes up and tells them to “Quit your deal and I’ll be waiting here. Big Money Matt won’t let you down.”

“The Revolution is Televised!” Ricky Starks’ music hits and he gets a great ovation from the Philadelphia crowd!

“Absolute” Ricky Starks vs. Eli Isom

Ricky immediately hits a big spear! Ricky with a Roshambo…and that’s all folks.

WINNER: “Absolute” Ricky Starks

The commentators hype up Rampage for this Friday and we cut right to a Jungle Boy/Christian Cage recap.

ROH World Championship Match: Bandido vs. “The Ocho” Chris Jericho (c)

Bandido comes out to a pretty good ovation! Ian Riccaboni is on commentary for this match, and they run down how Bandido didn’t lose the belt on his first run but needed to vacate it. Jericho instead offered the rematch for tonight. Judas hits again as Jericho makes his way down to the ring; bat in hand. Jericho soaks up the crowd reaction as both men are center of the ring. Aubrey Edwards is your official for this match

Both men go for the Code but Jericho flips him off and eats a punch. Jericho responds with a clothesline and chops Bandido into the corner; Irish whip by Jericho flipped out by Bandido, Jericho to the outside and gets hit with a big Sasuke Special! Bandido celebrates as we go to break.

–Commercial Break–

Back from commercial, Jericho is up top but gets caught with a thrust kick! Bandido with a beautiful stalling vertical suplex one handed! He gets the crowd to chant with him and STILL has him up. It’s been over a minute! This is such an awesome display of strength and FINALLY Bandido drops him. Jericho is completely beet red as Bandido heads to the top rope; hits the Eddie Guerrero shimmy and frog splash!!! 1…2..NO! Only a two count as the crowd chats “Eddie! Eddie!” Bandido with forearms but Jericho reverses with a cheap shot and a nasty knee strike. Chops in the corner by Jericho followed by a lariat and sets Bandido on the top looking for a Frankensteiner but Bandido reverses yet flies right into a Code Breaker! 1…2…NO! Both men now set up on the apron as Jericho clubs at Bandido in the back of his head but he fights out of it. Both men exchange forearms but Bandido hits a crazy hurricanrana on the apron to Jericho!! Both men are wiped out as we go to commercial.

–Commercial Break–

Back from the break and Bandido with a big superkick that staggers Jericho and Bandido is busted open. Jericho tries for a top rope maneuver but Bandido with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb! 1…2..NO!! They speculate he may have broken his nose. Jericho reverses and hits a Lionsault! Only a two count though, Jericho with a knee to Bandido’s face; goes for something but Bandido reverses into a Crucifix Bomb! 1…2..NO! Bandido sets Jericho up for the X Knee but Jericho catches him in the Walls of Jericho! Bandido is dead center of the ring! Bandido is struggling to get to the ropes and barely gets there. Jericho celebrates thinking he won, then goes back to stomping on Bandido. Jericho with a rope assisted suplex and goes up top; Bandido with a big enziguiri though! Both men up top and Bandido hits and INSANE MOONSAULT FALLAWAY SLAM!!!! Bandido struggles for the cover; 1…2….NO!!!! 2.9!! Jericho barely gets his arm up. Bandido hits the Springboard German!!! 1….2….NO!! Jericho kicks out. He then pokes Bandido in the eyes but gets hit with an inside cradle. Jericho sweeps the leg and gets the Walls locked in! Bandido can’t see and has no choice but to tap! Another dishonorable win for Chris Jericho.


Jericho is in the ring with Bobby Cruise, and he says I am going to destroy ROH, desecrate it, beat every Ring of Jericho title holder. October 12, Danielson in Toronto. You; me; ROH World Title. I am going to destroy every ROH commentator, ring announcer and wrestler.” THEN ATTACKS BOBBY CRUISE! He holds up the title as the show goes off the air.