AEW Dynamite 10 05 2022

AEW Dynamite Results
October 5, 2022
Washington, D.C. (Entertainment & Sports Arena)
Results by: Chris Gerics of

It’s Wednesday Night, you know what that means! The commentators welcome us to the Entertainment and Sports Arena in Washington D.C. as the show kicks off the 3rd year of Dynamite…

MJF vs. Wheeler Yuta

MJF’s MUSIC HITS! He comes out to a chorus of boos as he makes his way down to the ring and poses to the crowd. They mention it’s been 129 days since MJF last wrestled. Wheeler Yuta comes out next looking focused and pissed off and starts talking trash before playing to the crowd. The crowd is chanting Yuta as MJF avoids a strike and does the Jarrett strut! MJF shrugs to the crowd and they lock up. MJF in the corner now and Yuta with strikes, and follows up with a series of arm drags as MJF is surprised! Yuta comes back with a drop kick and a nice back suplex. Yuta up top now but MJF rolls to the opposite corner.

MJF distracts the referee and takes advantage with a series of stomps and Irish whips and flips Yuta into the corner and taunts the crowd. Chin lock now by MJF as the crowd is chanting for Wheeler; Yuta fights out and goes for a German but MJF reverses into a backbreaker/domination combination for a two count as we go to commercial.

–Commercial Break–

Back from commercial, MJF whips Yuta in the corner but he reverses and MJF goes hard into the turnbuckle! Referee starts counting and MJF is back to his feet first but Yuta with a roll up for 2! MJF blocks a German and Yuta gets sent to the ropes but comes back and hits the German! He keeps the grip locked in and hits quadruple Germans! Yuta up top again now but MJF rolls to the other corner again a la Orange Cassidy. MJF blocks a kick and hits a second rope axe handle to Yuta’s arm. Yuta again going for a German but gets sent into the ropes and gets hit with a powerbomb backbreaker! 1…2…NO! Only a two count! MJF now slapping Wheeler and he fires back! Chops and elbows but MJF with a thumb to the eye but Yuta comes back with a big enziguiri! Yuta sends MJF to the ropes and gets hit with a sunset flip, as both men trade roll ups for a series of one counts and end up in a bridge/backslide combo but MJF with a Tombstone and Yuta rolls through! Two count! MJF with a rollup for 2! Both men meet in the middle and are down!

Bryce Remsberg starts the 10 count! Referee gets to a 9 count as both men get up; Yuta avoids a strike and heads up top for a third time. MJF crotches him on the top turnbuckle and has Yuta set up for an Avalanche Tombstone but Yuta bites MJF! Yuta hits a crazy hurricanrana! Then follows up with a big tope to the outside. Yuta back to the top as MJF slowly rolls away and flips Yuta off but he hits it anyways!! 1…2…NO!! 2.9! He cleared 3/4 of the friggin’ ring! Crowd chanting “This is Awesome!” Hammer and Anvil by Yuta and goes for the Seatbelt but MJF rolls through for the Salt of the Earth! Yuta crawls to the ropes! MJF cranks back and Yuta taps!!


After the match both men stare each other down and Yuta extends his hand to MJF! Mjf contemplates it long and hard but out of nowhere Lee Moriarty attacks him! MJF is pissed! He says “I didn’t tell you to do that.” Stokely and Lee have Yuta up for MJF but Regal comes down with the BRASS KNUCKS!!!!! He gets in the ring with MJF alone now and squares up to him! Crowd chants “You fucked up!” MJF talks trash and walks slowly out of the ring and makes his way up the ramp. Regal sneers at him as the commentators run down the rest of the card.

Promo package for the Danielson/Garcia vs. Jericho/Guevara tag match that’s scheduled for the Main Event. It runs down the history of Jericho/Danielson and the Garcia custody battle.

Cut to the back with the JAS and Daddy Magic is just laying into Daniel Garcia. Jericho says “We taught you everything. I just hope you make the right decision buddy and Danielson I am going to desecrate Ring of Honor, beat you in Toronto and leave as Ring of Jericho champ.”

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal vs. Darby Allin

Jay Lethal makes his way out first looking as ready as I’ve ever seen. Darby’s music hits next and he comes out in a hooded brown coat. Both men circle each other and hit a standing switch to a stalemate. Both men exchange headlocks and hammerlocks in a nice little technical affair. Lethal sends Darby to the outside but they’re quickly back in and Darby hits an arm drag and sweeps the leg and both men in another stalemate. Darby extends his hand and Lethal kicks him instead and sends Allin into the corner. Darby avoids a strike but Lethal with a quick dropkick to the knee as Lethal starts to work over the limb with a soccer kick then a shin breaker. Darby crumbles when Lethal tries to Irish whip him. Lethal goes to attack but Darby with a quick guillotine! Lethal picks him up but Allin floats over and hits a Scorpion Death drop! 1…2..NO!

–Commercial Break–

Back from the break, Lethal is in control working on Darby’s leg; locking it in the corner and stomping it before whipping him across the ring by his leg! Lethal sets Darby up top for a superplex but Darby fights back with an elbow, but Lethal with a HUGE Avalanche Dragon Screw! Figure Four from Lethal! Darby is dead center of the ring and just swipes at Lethal but he ducks; Lethal drags him back to the middle as Darby tries to turn over; he does so and gets to the ropes. Darby with a nasty elbow and avoids a Lethal Injection and hits a Code Red! 1…2…NO! Lethal landed on his head after that Injection attempt. Sonjay and Singh are both out on the stage now as Lethal says to them to go to the back! Darby with a hurricanrana for 2! Darby rolls through in the Last Supper! 1…2…3!

WINNER: Darby Allin

Darby talks to Jay post match and offer his hand! Lethal shakes it!!!! He walks up the ramp as his lackeys follow him and Darby celebrates in the ring.

Video package showcasing The Embassy and Brian Cage who faces Wardlow next for the TNT Championship!

TNT Championship Match: “The Machine” Brian Cage vs. “Mr. Mayhem” Wardlow (c)

Brian Cage comes out to a nice reception as he is accompanied to the ring by Prince Nana, as we cut to the back to see Wardlow making his entrance in a very Goldberg-esque manner. He comes out to a nice ovation as these two massive meaty men are gonna beat the hell out of each other!

Both men size each other up as Cage strikes first and fires away with shoulders in the corner. Wardlow responds by chucking him in the corner and hits shoulders of his own! Both men run into each other like tree trunks! Now a slugfest breaks out as Wardlow springs off the ropes with a hurricanrana!! Cage trips up Wardlow in the ropes and goes for a 619 but Wardlow catches him!!! Wardlow slams him into the mat. Wardlow going for a powerbomb but Prince Nana on the apron as Cage comes back and hits a massive Sky High for a 2 count as we go to commercial!

–Commercial Break–

Back from commercial, Cage has Wardlow in the corner as Wardlow punches back; Cage whips him but Wardlow hops to the top and hits a WHISPER IN THE WIND!!!! Wardlow with a belly-to-belly and now heads up to the top rope as Cage catches him; Cage suplexes Wardlow from the apron into the ring!!! Two count!!! That was incredibly impressive WOW! Cage sets Wardlow up for Drill Claw but Wardlow counters with a HUGE Spinebuster! 1…2…NO! Wardlow misses a lariat and Cage hits an F5! Two count! Cage has Wardlow in a powerbomb position but gets smacked with two headbutts and a wind up lariat!!!! Straps down! Wardlow has Cage up and Powerbomb Symphony! Crowd chants for more and Wardlow obliges! A second one to Cage as Wardlow is PUMPED! Wardlow signals to the crowd for 4! Holy smokes! 1…2…3!


Post match the Gates of Agony blindside Wardlow but out comes SAMOA JOE!!! Lightning punches by Joe but the number games are too much for Joe and Wardlow as The Embassy takes control but FTR’S MUSIC HITS!!!! The Embassy scurry to the outside as Joe, Wardlow and FTR stand tall; the Gates of Agony then stare down FTR as we go to commercial.

–Commercial Break–

We cut to a Dr. Britt Baker promo from earlier. She says as the face of AEW she is morally obligated to answer that “Saraya has not medically cleared her so let’s ship her off again; so that officially makes it my house. Yours truly, Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.”

Trios Match: Athena, Willow Nightingale and Toni Storm (c) vs. Jamie Hayter, Serena Deeb and Penelope Ford

Penelope comes out first accompanied by Kip Sabian, followed by Deeb and Hayter who comes out to a really big pop! She’s accompanied by Rebel and Baker as Hayter is getting a babyface reaction.

Saraya’s music hits! She’s managing the trio of faces tonight; out first is Willow who is quite possibly the happiest wrestler in the world; followed by Athena looking awesome as always and finally Toni Storm comes out to a fairly big pop! The women make their way to the ring as it looks like we are starting off with Hayter and Willow but Hayter quickly tags out to Ford. Athena tags in now as both women exchange arm drags and flips and Athena follows with a dropkick. Ford counters an Irish Whip but gets caught in a powerslam by Athena! 1..2..No! Athena dragged into the corner after a poke by Ford and Deeb tags in. Crowd is behind Deeb as Athena hits a cross body and tags in Storm. Storm after Deeb now and just clubbing at the back of Deeb’s neck. Storm whips Serena in the corner as the faces hit a trio of offensive attacks including a hip attack by Storm! Hayter distracts Storm now as Deeb takes out the knee of Storm and we go to commercial!

–Commercial Break–

Back from the break Deeb is in control with Storm in a chin lock but Storm rolls out but Deeb catches her with a snap dragon screw. Deeb has Storm in an Indian Deathlock and suplexes Athena! Hayter with one on Willow! Deeb again on the leg but Storm fights off and tags in Willow! House of fire now as Hayter is in and Willow with a bug spinebuster! Two count! Deeb breaks it up and tags herself in; she gets Willow on the ropes choking her as it looks like Rebel is gonna use the crutches until Saraya stops her! Willow rolls through Deeb with an inside cradle and hits a huge slam! Ford with a big kick on Willow as Athena in now as the finisher sprint starts; Hayter with a big backbreaker to Athena and Willow with a superkick to Ford but Ford hits one of her own!! 1…2…NO!!! Willow barely gets the arm up; Willow sets up Ford for a Doctor Bomb and hits it!! 1…2…3!!!

WINNERS: Toni Storm, Willow Nightingale and Athena

Post Match, Britt Baker is in the ring arguing with Saraya and they start slugging!!!! Saraya sends Baker to the outside as the faces clear house but Rebel is trapped! Saraya rocks Rebel as Baker looks shocked!

RUSH promo from earlier today with Jose, Private Party and RUSH. Jose shows last week’s highlights regarding Private Party and the contract tampering. They tell Private Party to do the right thing.

National Scissoring Day Celebration

YO! LISTEN! Acclaimed come out to a MASSIVE pop! They talk about being homegrown stars as they hype up National Scissoring Day. The crowd chants “Oh Scissor Me Daddy Ass” to a soccer chant and Daddy obliges! Bowens welcomes us to the first ever National Scissoring Day! It’s brought to you by the most popular team in wrestling, the winningest team, the best damn homegrown team in AEW, The Acclaimed! The Scissor Me Daddy shirt is the #1 seller for merch which is no surprise. AEW now stands for Acclaimed Every Wednesday! Bowens says it’s time to celebrate and he knows a thing or two about scissoring and “Bowens is the Sultan of Scissor”. While a few people may be new he’s gonna break it down. He goes through the lore including it being a sign of a real team not just a thrown together team like Sneaky Swerve and Keith Lee. He says they think they may be popular but “EVERYONE LOVES THE ACCLAIMED”. Billy Gunn gets a big pop as he says “This is Daddy Asses House!” He does the millions and millions schtick from DX; he says he went to City Hall and he presents them with a “Key” to the city (Giant Scissors). Billy says “No running with scissors please” as Bowens was running. Caster says to offer a scissor to your neighbor as the crowd naturally obliges. Caster says he wants to talk about greatness; and about 30 years ago when Washington won Super Bowl 17 because his dad was on that team and his ring is his pride and joy; and Caster says he is going to “wear this with pride and bring DC together and everyone hold up your scissors! Everyone looks good in pink, we are the peoples choice, we are the people’s voice and we are doing the first bi-partisan scissor to bring people together!”

SWERVE STRICKLAND interrupts and says this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. He says congrats on the merch, congrats on being such “good role models”. Those titles should be on Billy because without him you wouldn’t have won. We get back to business next week in Toronto and threatens Billy but Mark Sterling sprints out saying “Rock beats paper.” Mark Sterling now interrupts and says Paper beats Rock. Sterling makes a claim the Acclaimed need him and we can join together and I can represent you against Swerve and seal the deal tonight with a scissor! They all attack him and Bowens with a scissor leg drop. Gunn grabs a mic and says I accept for next week gladly. “You can leave now, we have one more thing to do.” All three scissor and the crowd ERUPTS!

Promo package for Death Triangle vs. Dark Order for the Trios Championships on Friday!

–Commercial Break–

Interview with Madison Rayne and Skye Blue. Rayne talks about upcoming stars including Blue but Anna JAS and Tay Conti interrupt. Blue says they can help with promos and she can help them with wrestling. They go back and forth and Rayne mocks “ennerTAINment.”

“El Toro Blanco” RUSH vs. “Hangman” Adam Page

RUSH storms his way down to the ring exactly as his name suggests; Hangman comes out to a big pop! The crowd still loves them some cowboy shiznit. He pumps up the crowd as both men sprint at each other and exchange strikes and chops! Thunderous from both men as RUSH avoids a clothesline and Hangman to the apron but RUSH avoids but Jose grabs Hangman and RUSH with a big elbow to Hangman; RUSH working on the outside as RUSH as camera cables whipping Page as Jose distracts the referee and is now choking Page! RUSH admires his work and sends Page into the barricade as we go to commercial.

–Commercial Break–

Back from commercial RUSH has Page down in the ring but Page fights back with some punches and catches RUSH in a fallaway slam! Hangman kips up but RUSH immediately cuts him off. We see MJF in the back; RUSH sends Page into the corner but Page floats over and hits a clothesline followed by a plancha! Hangman rolls him back into the ring, RUSH tries for a knee but a Death Valley Driver by Page! Two count! RUSH seated in the corner as Page slaps at him as RUSH welcomes the punishment and RUSH hits a massive forearm and machine stomps in the corner. RUSH standing on Page but Page powers up and Alabama Slam and jackknifes him! 1….2…NO! Very close count there; Page on the apron now and Jose again holds his leg. RUSH counters with a knee and a huge piledriver! Two count! RUSH is busted open as RUSH sets up for Bull’s Horns but Hangman with a big clothesline and a Buckshot Lariat! 1….2….3!!!! Page wins!

WINNER: Hangman Adam Page

Post match, Private Party confront Page but Moxley comes out! Mox and Page have a stare down as Mox says “I’ve waited for three years. 3 years of watching you, studying you, I knew this was coming. Between the two of us, we’ve beaten everyone except each other. On October 18th, in Ohio, at the arena I smoked and drank under the bridge and there will be one last man standing in AEW. I’m going to show up and break your face. Choke you until you turn blue. You’re in the way of me being the one true top guy. I am the best in the world! I respect you, I admire you as a person but when that bell rings I ain’t got any goddamn respect for anything.” Page says “If you’ve been waiting, where the hell you going?” Mox and Page circle each other and Mox says “You’re a sweet kid, but your pussy mouth gets you in trouble. This is your final warning. 13 days. Watch your damn mouth.”

Backstage Tony is with Willow Nightingale and says she wants to challenge for the TBS Championship at Battle of the Belts. Jade and the Baddies come up mocking Willow; but she coldly states “I’m going to the be 1 in 38-1”

Luchasaurus (w. Christian Cage) vs. Fuego Del Sol

Luchasaurus immediately hits a chokeslam and a Burning Hammer. It’s over.

WINNER: Luchasaurus (w. Christian Cage)

Post match Jungle Boy attacks both men with a chair! Luchasaurus stumbles and Cage has to hold him back. Jungle Boy says “You were my best friend, and everything we’ve been through you chose him and broke my heart. But now I am going to break your fingers, your nose, your arm, you piece by miserable piece until I break you. Pick the time and place, I’ll be ready.” Cage says “We could leave you in your own piss and blood, I told you not to come this week. We are in Washington D.C. and being the only honest person in Washington it will not be happening in front of these losers. Time is next week in my hometown Toronto!”

The commentators run down the card for Rampage on Friday and Battle of the Belts.

Video package for PAC and Trent? who will face off for the AEW All-Atlantic Championship at Battle of the Belts, as the commentators talk about next week’s Dynamite.

–Commercial Break–

Main Event: Bryan Danielson & Daniel Garcia vs. “The Ocho” Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara

“The epitome of Sports….EnnerTAINers.” Judas hits as the crowd sings along as Jericho and Sammy make their way to the ring; Jericho revels in the reaction as we see highlights from Bandido/Jericho last week for the ROH title. I genuinely don’t know how Jericho looks 15 years younger; it’s incredible. Garcia is out next as Jericho applauds him coming out and then Danielson comes out to a huge pop! Garcia came out of the face tunnel and Bryan the heel interestingly enough.

It looks like we’re starting off with Sammy and Garcia but Sammy quickly tags out to Jericho. Jericho offers his hand and they exchange the Code of Honor. Jericho with an arm drag and celebrates. Garcia counters with some mat wrestling just taking control and now paint-brushing Jericho. Chop battle between the two men with Garcia getting the upper hand but Sammy trips him up from outside. Sammy tags in and unloads on Garcia and taunts Bryan. Garcia reverses a suplex and takes out Sammy’s knee and tags in Bryan! House of fire as he takes out Jericho and goes to work on Sammy with the chops! Bryan moonsault out of the corner and suicide dive onto Jericho. Bryan elbows Sammy who tries the same as we go to commercial!

–Commercial Break–

Back from commercial Bryan is up top but Jericho distracts him and Sammy has Bryan up top now and hits the Spanish Fly on Bryan!!! 1…2…NO! Bryan gets the shoulder up. Sammy punching away at Bryan now and tags in Jericho; they double team Bryan and pose after a la Maximum Male Models. Jericho and Sammy do quick tags, as Sammy and Bryan collide in the center of the ring! Hot tags to Jericho and Garcia as they stare down and feel it out as Garcia whomps Sammy away as they both start with a hockey fight! Garcia with rapid stomps in the corner as Garcia is pumped and a huge belly to back suplex on Jericho, followed with a PK by Garcia. Goes for another and Jericho catches in the Walls but Garcia rolls through into the Dragon Slayer!! Sammy with a superkick and then a big Fosbury Flop to Bryan! Jericho with a cover for a two count! Jericho with a chop as Garcia just takes it and has a few of his own. Jericho avoids a drop kick but Garcia counters Jericho! Sammy tags in and Garcia catches him as he went for a cutter! Garcia and Bryan have Jericho and Sammy in dual Hammer and Anvil elbows!!! The crowd is going nuts! Bryan and Garcia have Sammy up top for a double suplex but Sammy flips through and hits a standing Spanish Fly to Bryan and a kick to Garcia! 1…2….NO! Garcia just kicks out. Sammy has Garcia now for the GTH but Garcia blocks it into a sick piledriver! 1…2…Jericho pulls him out, but Bryan flies through with a knee! Sammy and Garcia start fighting exchanging kicks as both men are down. Outside Jericho slams Bryan into a table then SUPLEXES HIM THROUGH IT!

Back in the ring, Sammy with a high knee and the GTH!!! Sammy doesn’t cover him and instead taunts Garcia. Sammy up top now going for a Shooting Star but Garcia with the knees up! Dragon Slayer to Sammy!! Center of the ring, Garcia has it locked deep but Jericho hits him with the ROH belt! Ref didn’t see it as Sammy covers…1….2…3!

WINNERS: “The Ocho” Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara

Jericho stares at Garcia post match as he looks upset that he had to cheat but then quickly leaves the ring to celebrate with the JAS as we go off the air.